Upper Deck’s NHL® Ultimate Collection is always a favorite with serious collectors and the 2013-14 version will definitely have fans fired up. We have so many cool elements of the product to show, we are going to have to do it in chunks. Today the focus is on the legendary players and you got a taste of what Ultimate Collection would be like when Jeremy Roenick visited UD headquarters for a signing session. Now we wanted to show some of the other awesome cards in the set from other legendary hockey stars. Check out these live images from the product pack-out!












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There’s no athlete hotter right now than LeBron James so when Mike Tyson found himself at the largest sports collectibles show recently, he wanted to get a gift for his kids. He asked show promoters to help him find a LeBron James jersey and after finding a few items that seemed a little suspect, they came right to the source at Upper Deck as we have an exclusive agreement with LeBron.


We worked to identify something very unique his kids would enjoy and came up with the LeBron James signed & inscribed “King James” jersey. And as you can see from “Iron” Mike’s reaction, it looks like we scored him the perfect piece! We hope his children enjoy!

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Early on in the career of Tiger Woods, media began reporting on, “The Tiger Effect.” They talked about how Tiger was not only doing great things for himself, but increasing interest in the game, increasing tournament purses, increasing sales of golf equipment, increasing the amount of training professionals put into their game and encouraging a whole new generation of kids to pick up the clubs and play.

And just as Tiger Woods has done for golf, so has Landon Donovan done for the sport of soccer in the United States. He has been America’s shining star and our opportunity to tell the world, “We can play this game and we can win!” With Landon playing for the stars and stripes, you always felt like the USA had a chance. With that he gave us the kind of moments that give you goosebumps and make you proud to be an American. Thank you Landon.

Thank you for showing Europe that American players can succeed in places like Everton.


Thank you Landon for the MLS Cup victories.


Thank you Landon for the World Cup goals.


Thank you Landon for being the best U.S. soccer player of all-time.


Thank you Landon for making fans feel like this.

Thank you Landon for your feet and their incredible ability to put the ball in the net!


Thank you Landon for the goal against Algeria.

Thank you Landon for the grace in which you handled Jurgen Kiinsmann’s decision on the 2014 World Cup.


Thank you Landon for making us feel like this.

Thank you Landon, we will not forget you. How could we when we have so much to remember you by!



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As part of Upper Deck’s 25th Anniversary, we are running a social experiment where we are taking packs to the people to show everyday folks what it is like to open up new packs of Upper Deck trading cards. The experience is exponentially different and more exciting than it was when Upper Deck first came on the scene back in 1989. In our first videos, we saw the fun that a youth hockey league and a softball team had opening up packs, but how would a bikers react to trading cards?


We sent our intrepid host Andrew Long up to Cooks Corner in Trabuco Canyon, California for an annual fundraiser where thousands of bikers and motorcycle clubs were on hand to party and enjoy the day. What they didn’t expect was to get the opportunity to open new Upper Deck trading card packs. How would they react? See for yourself!

We want to keep the positive fun of “Packs to the People” going and we encourage fans to share packs with people who haven’t opened trading cards in awhile. Share your experiences with us via email, on Facebook or on Twitter and who knows, you might just get a special Upper Deck Random Acts of Kindness Mail Day for your efforts! And be sure to follow Packs to the People on Twitter (@Packs2daPeople) to see what we have planned next and to also score some prizes!

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In the hobby of sports trading cards, much of the revenue is driven from high-end hobby releases that focus on serious collectors. Many collectors these days ask, “What is being done to cultivate the next generation of collectors?” For the last few years, Upper Deck has worked hard to make kids a top priority at trade shows and events.

Parents who brought their children with them to the National Sports Collectors Convention found refuge at the Upper Deck booth as we continued our kid-focused marketing efforts by having an extensive Kids Zone set up. Here in the Kids Zone, youngsters could take part in all sorts of fun entertainment designed specifically for them.


It felt like Upper Deck was focused on kids right from the moment they walked in the show!

Draw Your Own Trading Cards – Kids could sit down with markers and blank card to create their very own trading cards. Upper Deck rewarded creative kids with trading cards for their efforts!

Games – We had air hockey, foosball, pop-a-shot basketball, sports video games and more. What do those have to do with trading cards? Admittedly not much, but what they did do was give parents a breather, allow kids to do something they enjoy and give us the opportunity to talk to them about the hobby and share cards with them.


UD brought in a variety of games kids could enjoy throughout the show like pop-a-shot basketball!

Upper Deck Puzzle Game – Throughout the day we had kids compete in a fun 25th Anniversary puzzle game where groups of kids competed against each other to put together puzzle versions of blow-up cards. It was a lot of fun to see their smiles as they raced to be the first to finish the puzzle correctly. We heard repeatedly, “Let’s play again!” Kids could win t-shirts and other prizes for their efforts.



FREE Cards – We strategically placed the case breaker promotion near the Kids Zone so that we could encourage these larger customers to share the hobby with the next generation of collectors. And they certainly did donating an estimated 5,000 cards to kids during the show.

Personalized Cards – What kid doesn’t dream of being on a trading card when they grow up? We made that dream a reality for thousands over the weekend including a LOT of kids. One father pulled a Johnny Manziel autograph card, but to him, the card of his son was clearly his favorite from the show!


Breaks with Parents – Attending a show together is so very special as families forge memories that will last a lifetime. There were dozens of great stories this week about kids and parents collecting together, finding something incredible during a wrapper redemption promotion or being invited to join our Exquisite case break. Collecting truly is a hobby for the family and we will continue to work to come up with engaging programs for them!


This father & son case cracking tandem were beyond excited when they pulled a Jordan autograph!

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