When 2014-15 NHL® Upper Deck Series One hits shelves in early November, it will mark the 25th consecutive release of this fan favorite set. Collectors have widely hailed Upper Deck’s Young Guns cards as the most collectible rookie cards in the market and with their long history and always stunning photography, it is easy to see why.

Today we are happy to share the first images of the base set from 2014-15 NHL® Upper Deck Series One:


More importantly we are excited to share some first images of the Young Guns cards that can be found in the product. Dozens of highly sought after draft picks and prospects will be added to the set as they skate in official NHL games this fall.



Stay tuned for more details on this highly anticipated release!

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Upper Deck would like to thank all the families who took time to recognize their dads during our annual Father of the Year promotion. We received an incredible amount of submissions this year with so many different worthy candidates. These stories demonstrated the power of collecting together as a family, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Upper Deck is proud to play a small role in making these special memories that bring fans closer to the game, but more importantly, closer to each other.


Given how many worthy candidates we heard from in 2013, we expanded the promotion this year to recognize deserving dads in the United States and Canada.

In the United States we would like to recognize Nathan Goleman as winner of Father of the Year. Here was the submission we received for him:

“Nathan is a proud father of two children, Sarinna (age 5) and Ryan (age 1), and has taken a great interest in teaching them about the excitement of collecting! Nathan was an avid collector during his teenage years, and bought dozens of boxes of Upper Deck and Fleer products.”


“Nathan is a fan of Upper Deck, especially with their 25th Anniversary Random Act of Kindness program, to which he has contributed several successful nominations. His favorite Upper Deck experiences include pulling a Russell Wilson patch autograph card from 2012 Exquisite Football, and assisting his favorite card shop owner in listing and selling a 1-of-1 Michael Jordan buyback autograph. Nathan constantly strives to give back to collectors he knows on Twitter, and has taught our son and daughter the importance of taking care of, not only cards, but other collectors with whom they will interact.”

In Canada we would like to recognize Mike Bodnar as our Father of the Year winner. Mike was nominated by his daughter, who told us why her dad was deserving of this honor.


“I grew up in my dad’s card shops as this is where he spends ALL of his time. Collecting is not only a hobby or career, but a passion which has been carried on through generations. My dad works all day and night on keeping our sports card shop the best it can be! His main objective is to get as many people (especially kids) to enjoy the hobby as much as he does. He is a proud sponsor of our local OHL team and also provides packs of cards to all every kid who plays hockey in our CYO league. I look forward to every holiday as I know our tradition is to bust a box together regardless of what is pulled the company and memories will always last a lifetime.”

These deserving dads will be receiving a variety of special collectibles from Upper Deck along with a special trophy. Thanks to all the dads who take the time to share this hobby with their children, the next generation of collectors.

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My father has collected Upper Deck products exclusively for well more than a decade. During that time he has assembled some of the most amazing sets the Company has ever produced. Most notably was his completion of the 2009-10 Exquisite Rookie Flashback set. He has a loyalty and appreciation for Upper Deck cards and as his son, it has been a lot of fun to learn about the hobby from him.

Recently my dad learned of a set of cards that Upper Deck produced exclusively for partners at the Las Vegas Industry Summit. The Summit is an event held annually that brings hobby shop owners together with the distributors, leagues, supply companies, card manufacturers and other key partners to look at ways to make the business better. While attendees receive a variety of gifts during the event, one of the most anticipated came from Upper Deck in the form of black boxes which contained 1 of 17 different autographed cards (some multi-signed) commemorating the 25th Anniversary of Upper Deck. Some of the sets highlights include autographs of Wayne Gretzky, Tiger Woods, LeBron James, Ken Griffey Jr. and Michael Jordan. The set also included several multi-signed cards with two cards limited to just three total copies in the Tiger Woods/Rory McIlroy dual autograph card and the amazing quad autograph card with autographs from Wayne Gretzky, Ken Griffey Jr., Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods.


My dad thought it would be an incredible set to put together, but given how rare some of the cards were and how high in demand they would be, he felt like it would be an impossible, or at least, very expensive set to put together. As he talked about the set with some friends, one of his close buddies challenged him to try to complete it, and my father just loves a good challenge. So he began the hunt and like most stories of putting together a set, it started off pretty easily, but then things started to dry up and it got much more difficult.


Limited-edition promotional sets can be some of the most difficult to put together.

The chase was all consuming and involved scouring message boards, eBay and contacting anyone he thought may have attended the Summit. He was able to acquire the cards through traditional methods of either paying for them, trading for them or a combination of the two. He was able to score the two super rare cards limited to just three copies, but it then became some of the single signed cards that were difficult to track down.

Finally it came down to just one missing card of boxing great Oscar De La Hoya to complete the set. At the height of his frustration, my father noticed that Upper Deck posted a Cinco de Mayo giveaway on the company’s blog and ironically enough, the prize was the missing De La Hoya card.

With the taste of completion in the air my father left work and raced to the local costume shop where he got a traditional Mexican bandito costume. All he needed now was to pair the costume with an Upper Deck card featuring a Hispanic athlete, take a photograph and hope for the best. As luck would have it, my father won the contest and his set was complete.


I guess the hardest part about starting a set is making the decision to chase it and getting that first card to signal the chase is underway. I am very proud of my father for the tenacity he shows in going after sets he wants. He has always shown me, either through card collecting or in his business endeavors, that if you want to accomplish something, you need to do is set a goal, make a plan and go for it. And when unexpected situations come along (like having to dress up to get the last card you need to complete your set), roll with the punches and give it your all. I’ll always think about the lengths my dad went to in order to put together this set and it is hard to think about it without a big smile.


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Collectors opening packs of 2014 Goodwin Champions are discovering some frightening creatures inside packs, and we are not talking about athletes with bad haircuts! It is the new MONSTERS! insert set that can be found in the latest iteration of the popular Goodwin Champions product featuring original art and storylines on a 3-dimensional lenticular substrate. Check out this video to find out more!

Scans are a little tricky with these cards given the 3-dimensional effect of the cards, but check out this card of Cyclops!


Terrifying new MONSTERS! cards in 2014 Goodwin Champions are sure to be a hit with fans of the horror genre!

Upper Deck had a lot of fun with the statistics and stories on the backs of the cards, take a look at this one of the dreaded Momo!


UD took a lot of liberties creating storylines for these characters and in particular coming up with statistics about them!

Rare autograph versions can also be found from the artists!


Rare signed proofs show the art off in it’s full glory along with the signature of the artist responsible for bringing these terrible creatures to life!

There are different rarity levels in this 60-card set broken down below:

Classic Creatures (Cards M1-M30) – Fall 1:100 hobby packs
The Giants (Cards M31-M45) – Fall 1:360 hobby packs
Bizarre Beasts (Cards M46-M55) – Fall 1:1,428 hobby packs
Alien Menaces (Cards M56-M60) – Fall 1:4,283 hobby packs

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This summer season The Hockey Hall-of-Fame is rewarding hockey fans all over and encouraging them to celebrate their favorite teams with NHL® TEAM FAN DAYS! The event will span over 30 days (through July and August) and for each special day a different team will be in the spotlight! As part of Upper Deck’s exclusive deal with the Hockey Hall-of-Fame and the NHL®, the trading card giant wanted to create something special for fans who visit these hallowed halls!

The first 1,000 guests with paid admission to the Hockey Hall-of-Fame each day will receive a FREE Upper Deck exclusive game-worn jersey card of that day’s featured team’s goalie! These cards were produced exclusively for the Hockey Hall-of-Fame and cannot be found in packs. The completed set will feature the top 30 goalies for each of the 30 NHL® teams including players like Carey Price, Corey Crawford, Henrik Lundqvist, Jonathan Quick, Martin Brodeur and more!

Hockey fans love their goalies so to be able to chase an entire set exclusively of goalie cards is a pretty unique opportunity for collectors. We encourage you to not only attend on the day your favorite team’s celebration, but we challenge you to try and collect the entire set! The Hockey Hall-of-Fame is also running a Twitter promotion where you can score an entire set of all 30 cards! Check it out!

Below is the schedule of days and the NHL® team that will be spotlighted on those days:


The horizontal design of the cards really allowed Upper Deck to show some awesome imagery of the goalies in action. Check out some images of the cards:





And see some fans enjoying the opportunity to grab them from the first weekend of Team Fan Days at The Hockey Hall-of-Fame!



Visit www.hhof.com for more details on this promotion and other happenings at the Hall-of-Fame!

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