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Most collectors know Upper Deck’s mascot Coach Cardman, but every October he transforms into, “Coach Cardcula!” The Coach was an instrumental force in helping Upper Deck remain at the forefront of charity efforts in the sports card & collectibles category over the last week! Our efforts are also designed to engage kids and cultivate the next generation of collectors.


Upper Deck staff accompanied Coach Cardcula to Rady Children’s Hospital to bring some smiles to kids and their families. We were escorted by a very friendly nurse from room to room where Coach entertained the kids and shared ample amounts of their favorite Upper Deck packs with them. It was awesome to bring see the excitement on the kid’s faces as they opened packs or played Upper Deck Marvel games.


Two good witches from Upper Deck cast good spells at Rady Children’s Hospital making Upper Deck packs appear for kids!


Coach Cardcula was excited to give packs out to the kids!


Rady staff helped UD delivers tons of packs to excited kids while Coach Cardcula entertained them!

Next up was Upper Deck’s always popular Trick or Trade event where the company donated thousands of packs of cards to local law enforcement. Police departments from all over San Diego County converged on Upper Deck to pick up complimentary packs to share with youth during the Halloween weekend. Officers shared that this type of outreach helps build trust within the communities they work in so Upper Deck is very proud to help them out there.


Trick or Trade is a great event where UD shares thousands of packs with local law enforcement.







Everything was going great until Coach Cardcula, who was so thirsty from handing out so many packs, tried to grab a drink from one of the officers. And then this happened!



Enjoy the Halloween season fans! Be safe and remember, TRICK OR TRADE!

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Collecting cards was a family affair for my family as my brothers all did it and my father was definitely involved too. I have so many precious memories of collecting cards as a kid. Now working for the Upper Deck, it is awesome to hear the stories of so many other families totally engaged in the hobby. We surprised three sets of fathers and sons with the opportunity to attend the NHLPA Rookie Showcase and spoiled them a little bit with some new trading card product they could bond over.

I asked them why they collect together and this is what they told me.

“It’s something we share. There are not many things we can do together, but this is a great one. I get the old guys, he gets the new guys and I teach him about the game we love. He doesn’t really like to read a lot, but he will read the back of a hockey card.” – Thomas Vallesi


Thomas Vallesi and his son celebrate a big pull!

“To me, the satisfaction of putting a smile on my son’s face by opening a pack together is priceless.” – David DeMarchi


David DeMarchi enjoys seeing his son’s eyes light up when they open packs together.

“It started as something as something to do with my dad. It brought us closer to the game, but it brought us closer together too.” – Brett Straus


Brett has been collecting with his dad for a long time. It has given them something tangible to bond over.

At Upper Deck, we often say we work to bring fans “closer to the game,” but what we really love hearing is how we can bring families closer together. When is the last time you opened a pack with your dad or your kids? We are guessing it has probably been too long. Share a pack today and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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Upper Deck has gone to the Dogs!

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Recently Upper Deck shared a story about a young man who lost his dog and how we helped keep the memory alive of his best friend.  And today the trading card leader in customer engagement did something nice for another young man and his dog.

Veren Bistline has Cerebral Palsy and his life can be a challenge, but his mom Verlene is right by his side to help him throughout the course of the day. She is going to get some help though through Canine Companions for Independence, a charity based right here in San Diego, California. Veren is visiting the area to pick up his new service dog Cherokee and as luck would have it, Veren is a sports fan.



We invited his family and his new best friend Cherokee in for a tour today. Given the competitive nature of our business, normally Upper Deck doesn’t offer tours, but we made an exception for Veren, Verlene and Cherokee. He was excited to see everything that goes into making Upper Deck trading cards, memorabilia and games as he visited today, but by far, the biggest thrill came when we surprised him with his very own trading card with his mom and Cherokee!


We printed up some copies for them to enjoy and remember their visit by. It was just another fun Upper Deck Random Acts of Kindness moment that helps us show our appreciation to fans and a great cause in Canine Companions for Independence.

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In the hobby of sports trading cards, much of the revenue is driven from high-end hobby releases that focus on serious collectors. Many collectors these days ask, “What is being done to cultivate the next generation of collectors?” For the last few years, Upper Deck has worked hard to make kids a top priority at trade shows and events.

Parents who brought their children with them to the National Sports Collectors Convention found refuge at the Upper Deck booth as we continued our kid-focused marketing efforts by having an extensive Kids Zone set up. Here in the Kids Zone, youngsters could take part in all sorts of fun entertainment designed specifically for them.


It felt like Upper Deck was focused on kids right from the moment they walked in the show!

Draw Your Own Trading Cards – Kids could sit down with markers and blank card to create their very own trading cards. Upper Deck rewarded creative kids with trading cards for their efforts!

Games – We had air hockey, foosball, pop-a-shot basketball, sports video games and more. What do those have to do with trading cards? Admittedly not much, but what they did do was give parents a breather, allow kids to do something they enjoy and give us the opportunity to talk to them about the hobby and share cards with them.


UD brought in a variety of games kids could enjoy throughout the show like pop-a-shot basketball!

Upper Deck Puzzle Game – Throughout the day we had kids compete in a fun 25th Anniversary puzzle game where groups of kids competed against each other to put together puzzle versions of blow-up cards. It was a lot of fun to see their smiles as they raced to be the first to finish the puzzle correctly. We heard repeatedly, “Let’s play again!” Kids could win t-shirts and other prizes for their efforts.



FREE Cards – We strategically placed the case breaker promotion near the Kids Zone so that we could encourage these larger customers to share the hobby with the next generation of collectors. And they certainly did donating an estimated 5,000 cards to kids during the show.

Personalized Cards – What kid doesn’t dream of being on a trading card when they grow up? We made that dream a reality for thousands over the weekend including a LOT of kids. One father pulled a Johnny Manziel autograph card, but to him, the card of his son was clearly his favorite from the show!


Breaks with Parents – Attending a show together is so very special as families forge memories that will last a lifetime. There were dozens of great stories this week about kids and parents collecting together, finding something incredible during a wrapper redemption promotion or being invited to join our Exquisite case break. Collecting truly is a hobby for the family and we will continue to work to come up with engaging programs for them!


This father & son case cracking tandem were beyond excited when they pulled a Jordan autograph!

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Quality. Innovation. Authenticity. Value. These are the core tenants Upper Deck was founded upon and the company works to make sure collectors find the athletes they love and get the value they expect when opening the company’s trading card products. To thank customers for 25 amazing years, Upper Deck put together a variety of pack and case breaker promotions to engage fans of every level at the National Sports Collectors Convention.

For pack breakers, they could secure a special set of different cards each day by opening five packs of new UD products at the booth. Randomly inserted into some of these packs were limited-edition autograph cards and fans who were lucky enough to pull them were beyond excited.


Another youngster grabbed an awesome LeBron autograph!


Grabbing a Jordan autograph card from the packs was pretty special for this fan!

Also at the show was Upper Deck’s case breaker promotion where fans could score wrapper redemption packs and a special case breaker bonus item at the show. The display of incredible cards up for grabs at the start of the show had fans lined up to crack cases in hopes of scoring one of these special items.


With an incredible selection of limited-edition cards available, fans were breaking UD cases all weekend long at the National!


This Cleveland fan was thrilled to pull a LeBron James autograph card!


Out of his 20 wrapper redemption packs, this fan defied the odds and scored three incredible autograph cards!


Here is a close-up look at the major haul!


Case breakers jumped all over UD’s promo when the show started on Wednesday night!

At the start of the show Saturday most of the cards had been claimed, but there were still quite a few Jordan autographs that had collectors busting cases until the end of the show!


With a few Jordan autograph still available, fans delighted in the opportunity to score one!


Die-hard collectors kept cracking cases throughout the weekend!

And while all this was happening, fans happened upon some pretty incredible cards. Take a look at just some of the BIG HITS found during the week from new Upper Deck products!




LeBron James autograph and a Precious Metal Gem!


This collector from San Antonio was fired up to find a David Robinson autograph 1-of-1 buyback card!


These two collectors were cracking 2014 SP Authentic Golf and happened upon Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy autographs!


A dual Jordan and Bird hard-signed autograph had this fan all smiles!




This collector felt the need to sit down after pulling a Jordan autograph.


An original art card of Da Vinci from Goodwin Champions created quite a buzz at the UD booth!


Big hits, big hits, BIG HITS!