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In just a few months, Upper Deck will issue the 25th consecutive release of Upper Deck NHL® trading cards. To help celebrate this historic milestone, Upper Deck has a variety of promotions in store for collectors, but we wanted to work with our old friend Tim Carroll to create something special for fans to check out that commemorates this achievement.

While we absolutely hate the idea of anyone defacing or intentionally damaging Upper Deck trading cards, Tim Carroll does it in a way to create a bigger picture and something really amazing. We commissioned Tim to create a mosaic of the famous 1990-91 Upper Deck Wayne Gretzky card from our first NHL® set to help celebrate the anniversary.


To make things even more interesting, Tim Carroll only used cards from the 1990-91 Upper Deck NHL® release along with 99 Upper Deck Wayne Gretzky Los Angeles Kings cards. Now I have to be honest, I had some reservations about how this would turn out when Tim sent me a preliminary image of where he was at with the piece.


However, like the true professional he is, he came through with flying colors. Check out the completed piece!


You can view this piece, his 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. mosaic and watch him work on a new piece for LeBron James at the Upper Deck booth in Cleveland for the 2014 National Sports Collectors Convention on Friday, August 1 and Saturday, August 2. Come see him transform regular Upper Deck trading cards into incredible art LIVE!

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Recently Upper Deck announced the company would be issuing the debut of Exquisite Collection Golf cards for 2014 featuring rookie content of standout stars like Michelle Wie, Cheyenne Woods, Graeme McDowell and exclusive Upper Deck spokesman, Rory McIlroy.

Over the last several weeks, Upper Deck has been working to track down golf stars for signing sessions on these cards to secure as much hard-signed content to appear live in the product as possible. All of the players have been very impressed with the quality of the cards, but perhaps none more so than Natalie Gulbis who grew up collecting cards and was blown away by the look of the 2014 Exquisite Collection Golf product. Take a look:

Check out some imagery of Natalie’s cards she signed for inclusion in the set.


Natalie wasn’t able to convince us to let her keep this card. It will be out in packs for one lucky collector to discover!







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When 2014-15 NHL® Upper Deck Series One hits shelves in early November, it will mark the 25th consecutive release of this fan favorite set. Collectors have widely hailed Upper Deck’s Young Guns cards as the most collectible rookie cards in the market and with their long history and always stunning photography, it is easy to see why.

Today we are happy to share the first images of the base set from 2014-15 NHL® Upper Deck Series One:


More importantly we are excited to share some first images of the Young Guns cards that can be found in the product. Dozens of highly sought after draft picks and prospects will be added to the set as they skate in official NHL games this fall.



Stay tuned for more details on this highly anticipated release!

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The NHL Draft® is an extremely busy time for UD staffers behind the scenes at “The Gauntlet.” Prospect after prospect pour through and we realized to be able to stay on top of what was happening, we needed to come up with a living draft board so we know which players were going to each of the teams.

Last year the board really came together and we had the draft picks add their autographs to it as they came through. This year we put a little more time in it and had the picks on Velcro tabs we could easily move in the event of trade. We also included a better area for their signatures and they got a kick out of seeing where their friends were drafted as they moved through “The Gauntlet.”




Here’s a preview of what the autographs look like for the top four picks!

The real kick for us however was when NHL® Commissioner Gary Bettman dropped by and lent his autograph to the draft board.



The board will remain on display at Upper Deck headquarters as one of the unique collectibles we have on site to share with visitors and guests.


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Upper Deck is continually trying to innovate the football card market and we got inspiration to create a new type of trading card from triptych art, which is a type of art divided into three sections. Upper Deck added 36 very rare three-panel booklet cards to 2013 Exquisite Collection Football which were painted by hand to immortalize a legendary college football player. Then Upper Deck had these paintings hard-signed by the athletes depicted and they look absolutely stunning. Check out some of the work.


The outside of the card features actual photography and imagery along with legal copy.


The inside of the card folds out to show three hand-painted panels of art along with the athlete’s signature!






Now any time you try to do something new, even the athletes are a little taken back by it. So you have an instance where Barry Sanders actually signed his Triptych card twice. We are pretty sure no collectors will be complaining about that!



Barry Sanders actually signed this card twice! 3 panels of art + 2 panels of autographs = 1 happy collector!

Here is the checklist for players featured in the set (each limited to 2 total copies of the same image):

TS-BJ Bo Jackson
TS-BS Barry Sanders
TS-DB Drew Brees
TS-DF Doug Flutie
TS-DM Dan Marino
TS-EG Eddie George
TS-EM EJ Manuel
TS-GS Geno Smith
TS-HW Herschel Walker
TS-JE John Elway
TS-JM Joe Montana
TS-JN Joe Namath
TS-JR Jerry Rice
TS-LT Lawrence Taylor
TS-MB Matt Barkley
TS-MT Manti Te’o
TS-SY Steve Young
TS-TA Tavon Austin

Don’t miss 2013 Exquisite Collection Football when it releases on June 11, 2014.

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