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Fans at the 2014 Fall Sportscard & Memorabilia Expo had a ball with all the different giveaways that Upper Deck had going on. One of the more unique card sets Upper Deck created was the Young Guns Tribute cards of standout players who never had a Young Guns rookie card. The cool thing about the cards is that it showed the athletes in their rookie seasons and with ten different versions to collect, it was exciting for collectors to try to put together the set or capture their favorite player’s card. These cards will also be available through Upper Deck Authorized Internet Retailers and Authorized Group Breakers in the future.

There will be fifteen more cards released as well that fans should be on the lookout for bringing the total amount of cards in the set to 25. Below is a breakdown on all the cards that will be in the set and how you can get them!


Jonathan Quick was a late season call-up so he never had a Young Guns rookie card, until now!


Martin Brodeur fans love the idea of being able to score a Young Guns rookie card like this!


We worked hard with our photo teams to get the players from when they were new to the league!


It’s fun to see where many of these iconic players got their start.


You’ll find a few Hall-of-Famers in the set as well!

The first ten cards were available at the 2014 Fall Sportscard & Memorabilia Expo and through Upper Deck’s network of Authorized Internet Retailers and Authorized Group Breakers:

UD25-DH Dominik Hasek Chicago Blackhawks
UD25-JQ Jonathan Quick Los Angeles Kings
UD25-KV Kris Versteeg Chicago Blackhawks
UD25-MS Martin St. Louis Calgary Flames
UD25-DG Doug Gilmour St. Louis Blues
UD25-TL Trevor Linden Vancouver Canucks
UD25-GC Guy Carbonneau Montreal Canadiens
UD25-DA Daniel Alfredsson Ottawa Senators
UD25-MB Martin Brodeur New Jersey Devils
UD25-CJ Curtis Joseph St. Louis Blues

The next group of five cards will be available in Upper Deck’s National Hockey Card Day in Canada packs on February 14, 2015 and through and through Upper Deck’s network of Authorized Internet Retailers and Authorized Group Breakers:

UD25-RF Ron Francis Hartford Whalers
UD25-PT Pierre Turgeon Buffalo Sabres
UD25-VD Vincent Damphousse Toronto Maple Leafs
UD25-TF Theo Fleury Calgary Flames
UD25-DH Doug Harvey Montreal Canadiens

The group of five cards will be available in Upper Deck’s National Hockey Card Day in the USA packs on February 21, 2015 and through Upper Deck’s network of Authorized Internet Retailers and Authorized Group Breakers:

UD25-CC Corey Crawford Chicago Blackhawks
UD25-JB Johnny Boychuk Colorado Avalanche
UD25-PF Peter Forsberg Philadelphia Flyers
UD25-CO Chris Osgood Detroit Red Wings
UD25-BL Brian Leetch New York Rangers

The last group of five cards will be available at the 2015 Spring Sportscard & Memorabilia Expo and through Upper Deck’s network of Authorized Internet Retailers and Authorized Group Breakers:

UD25-BR Brad Richards Tampa Bay Lightning
UD25-JW Joel Ward Minnesota Wild
UD25-MG Mike Gartner Washington Capitals
UD25-AO Adam Oates Detroit Red Wings
UD25-BP Brad Park New York Rangers
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Times have been tough for basketball collectors as of late with little options on new card products, especially outside of high-end releases. Luckily Upper Deck has a new product releasing in stores now called Letterman Basketball which has a variety of content for every level of collector at just over $10 a pack. Here are the top ten reasons you need to check out Upper Deck Letterman Basketball!

#10 – Homecourt Stars cards have awesome etched wood embedded in the card. A very cool set to complete!



#9 – There are not many licensed college basketball releases a year and this one is pretty reasonably priced at about $135 per box. It is worth checking out.


#8 – Collect the best Retired Numbers in college basketball with this unique set!



#7 – Celebrate those magic moments when your team won it all with the Championship Banners insert.


#6 – There are autograph parallels of those two sets and others featuring the best players in the game!





#5 – With a variety of parallel inserts, you have a great opportunity of scoring solid rookie stars!





#4 – Shaquille O’Neal’s first LSU cards from Upper Deck in a pack product!




#3 – Legendary Letterman cards provide fans an awesome opportunity to chase the athlete’s school name on signed nameplates!



#2 – Monumental Logos manufactured patch cards provide huge chase to complete super rare sets of school logos, mascots and crests. NOTE: sequential numbering on the front refers to the total number of cards with that particular patch.







#1 – The BIG HITS! It’s not very often in a product at this price range you have the opportunity of scoring super rare hits from these incredible (and exclusive Upper Deck) athletes. They are waiting to be found in packs. Who will hit them!?!?



Check out this hobby exclusive product today from your Upper Deck Certified Diamond Dealer or Authorized Internet Retailer. Here’s what fans are saying about the product on Twitter.

Mawk ‏@frzznh2o @UpperDeckSports love letterman cards! Thank you Upper Deck !!

tim yount ‏@skunkman1998 @UpperDeckSports Lettermen Basketball is SWEET!

Nick Gauder ‏@fadeawaybarber @UpperDeckSports @KingJames Letterman looks amazing! I wish could go to my LCS and buy a box right now! Hopefully next week, Fingers Crossed!

Sahib Buksh ‏@SahibBuksh @UpperDeckSports How can I buy these?

reg M. ‏@CuffsAndLadders @UpperDeckSports WOW! Wish I’d be getting a box or two of that under my tree!

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We found Eric (@Arrick77) on Twitter and we loved his passion for Deadpool. Recently from the Marvel Premier set, he chased down the Code Name Letter card set for Deadpool which is no easy task. Here’s his story on how he did it and what he did with the cards when it was completed!

“I’m a die-hard Deadpool collector. I bet I own 90% of the licensed Deadpool products and 99% of every Deadpool comic appearance.


Eric’s office is a tribute to Deadpool.


His Deadpool collection is vast to say the least.


When it comes to figurines, Eric has just about every licensed Deadpool collectible there is.


And how can you be a die-hard Deadpool fan without a tattoo? You can’t and he does!

“When I first saw the Code Name Letter card listed on eBay, I knew I wanted that card and also to complete the set. I probably spent more on this set than any other I’ve done before. I won all the cards through eBay auctions. There were moments when I thought I may not complete the set. The letters ‘E’ and ‘A’ were very elusive.


“The letter ‘A’ was at auction from a seller in Hong Kong and I bid pretty high to make sure I didn’t lose out on it. The ‘E’ was the last letter I acquired and I was so excited when I won that auction knowing the set was complete. I knew from the start this set would look very cool framed. It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but the frame is shiny chrome and the red matting is actually fabric like the letter patch material.




“Everyone I have shown the piece to love how it came out. It is a very cool set to add to my Deadpool collection.”


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Sports collectors are no strangers to “want lists” as they look to put together sets throughout the year. During the holiday season however, they tend to share those lists with loved ones in hopes they may get some of their most desirable treasures. Recently we asked our fans on Twitter which items they are most hoping to receive during the holidays and here’s what they said:

David Krepps ‏@dnk900 – @UpperDeckSports The Cup!

NickZ ‏@NickZ2317 – @UpperDeckSports my first ever tin of the cup hockey if not that then any ud hockey box I can open

bruinsfan ‏@toews_yzerman19 – @UpperDeckSports the Cup would be awesome!


Rob Post ‏@Robski3030 @UpperDeckSports any @UpperDeckHockey @Barkovsasha95 cards I don’t have yet. Maybe a SHIELD from Santa????


Tucker Vasher ‏@tvasher12 – @UpperDeckSports some sort of football.

David Amos ‏@DavidAmos11 @UpperDeckSports any of the football

Aussie sports fan ‏@Ozsportsfan1 @UpperDeckSports football cards for sure


#1 Rory McIlroy Fan ‏@indianagolfpro – @UpperDeckSports Lots of Exquisite Rorys or Exquisite boxes or Rorys and golf boxes or Rorys or golf boxes or Rorys or Exquisite boxes. ;)


nathan ullevig ‏@njufreak @UpperDeckSports 1999 Baseball with Griffey top loader!!! Santa better search hard lol


Matthew Rappaport ‏@rappmatt @UpperDeckSports SP Game Used Hockey. Pretty pretty please


Ryan M ‏@BloodNBoness @UpperDeckSports anything upper deck hockey!

Lee Stalnaker ‏@magoo1966 – @UpperDeckSports As long as its #UpperDeck it doesn’t matter to me! Should it?!


Cowen4Captain ‏@AdamNadeau @UpperDeckSports Team Canada World Juniors. Gotta get some @CurtisLazar95


reg M. ‏@CuffsAndLadders @UpperDeckSports A 2014 Goodwin Champions Hobby Box (Or 2)

Tracy’s Box Breaks ‏@batcavelv @UpperDeckSports I haven’t ripped any Goodwin Champions yet this year. Maybe my wife will see this tweet.

Mawk ‏@frzznh2o – @UpperDeckSports Goodwin, Goodwin… Goodwin Champions


Mike-E ‏@HookEmMikeE @UpperDeckSports Exquisite basketball would be an awesome surprise. Would also like some more Quantum and Ultimate Collection cards!


QuantumLeapCoffeeMan ‏@markloftus9677 @UpperDeckSports Ahhhh..To just have any box to open on Christmas would be nice, but if I could really pick I’d take the SP Authentic.


The Breaks ‏@WatchTheBreaks @UpperDeckSports @markloftus9677 I’d ask to go back in time and get a MJ baseball auto from 95 SP #Collect


Bob Lancaster ‏@bowlinbob @UpperDeckSports Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey!!! Love those autographed puck cards and crystals.. #UpperDeck


Jamie McKenzie ‏@jmemcnz @UpperDeckSports More Black Diamond and hopefully a Trilogy, and maybe some 2007-08 Series 2!


Through Upper Deck’s Random Acts of Kindness program we are actually going to grant one of these gift requests to a loyal fan who engaged with us. It will be fun to see them be surprised when it arrives on their doorstep without them knowing this holiday season!

What about you? What Upper Deck collectibles are you most hoping to receive this holiday season?


When Upper Deck heard Martin Brodeur had signed with the St. Louis Blues, we knew it was a moment we had to capture. And more importantly, we knew we had to get his first cards as a member of the St. Louis Blues out into packs as soon as possible. The Upper Deck photography and prepress teams jumped through a variety of hoops to make his cards Blues available quickly.

We are happy to share fans can catch the first St. Louis Blues trading cards of Martin Brodeur in 2014-15 NHL® SPx slated to arrive on February 4, 2015. There will actually be two versions of Brodeur cards with St. Louis available in a base design and a throwback holographic design. Below are the final approved images Brodeur fans should be adding to their “want lists” now.


This is his base trading card that will be the first featuring Martin Brodeur with the St. Louis Blues.


This is the insert holographic version that can also be found in packs of 2014-15 NHL® SPx.

Brodeur performed admirably in his first start with the Blues despite a loss. His first saves were impressive, showing that there is still plenty of gas left in the tank. Check it out!

If you are a Martin Brodeur collector, are you excited to add his St. Louis Blues cards to your collection?

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