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St. Patrick’s Day is coming up which makes collectors think about how lucky they have been in terms of collecting. Upper Deck is well known for packing out great hits from the game’s biggest stars in our packs and we love to hear about fans scoring great pulls! For Throwback Thursday today, we want to hear about your best Upper Deck pull in the last year!


Show us how you got lucky this year with Upper Deck and you could score!

To participate, email your name and address to us at along with your story (no more than two sentences) and a jpeg image of you holding that memorable Upper Deck card. We will select one fan to score a full box of 2014-15 NHL® Upper Deck Series Two which is a product fans have been pulling tons of big hits out of.


Show us an image of you landing a big hit from Upper Deck in the last year and you could grab a FREE box of Upper Deck trading cards!

Important Promotion Guidelines:

  1. You can only submit one photo per person/email address. Please state give your full name, address and up to two sentences on your story of your pull in the email.
  2. Photos are moderated so keep them clean and in good taste as we have a lot of youngsters on these pages. Photos deemed inappropriate will not be posted or eligible to score the box.
  3. You have until Friday morning, March 6that 10:00 a.m. PST to submit your photo before this promotion is closed.
  4. Upper Deck will review the photos submitted and select one (1) fan who we believe has the best story and best image showing their excitement with the pull.
  5. The customer selected will be contacted via email after the promotion is closed.
  6. Upper Deck reserves the right to show off these submissions and stories in a future blog post.


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When is a trading card more than just a trading card? When it has the power to do good. When it can be a source of inspiration to the person holding it. When just purchasing it can help to raise funds for a worthwhile cause. A trading card is more than just a trading card when it is Lauren Hill’s Heroic Inspirations rookie card from Upper Deck.

When we first heard Lauren Hill’s story back in November, the Upper Deck team looked immediately to what we could do to help. We reached out to the family, the school and The Cure Starts Now Foundation to see what could be done. Having had success with Heroic Inspirations campaigns for others suffering from the similar conditions like Jack Hoffman, Jaclyn Murphy and Jack Miller, we knew we could do something special for Lauren.

We got to it and today we were so happy to announce the cards were available to the public with all the proceeds benefiting The Cure Starts Now Foundation. Her regular rookie card can be had for just $10 and it shows her making her memorable lay up for Mount St. Joseph University.


What’s more powerful perhaps are Lauren’s own words on the back of the card which provide incredible inspiration to anyone who reads them.


And to make things even more special, Upper Deck was able to have Lauren sign a limited amount of autograph labels that were affixed to rare parallel versions of her rookie card. Given the tight time constraints in getting these cards to the market, using these labels made it easier for Lauren to sign before the cards were completed. Rare autograph versions of her rookie card can be had for just $50 on The Cure Starts Now website.


Upper Deck would like to thank Lauren Hill for her inspiration and for the opportunity to bring these special collectibles to fans of her story.

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As we saw fans sharing images with us from their National Hockey Card Day experiences, we noticed a nice trend with significant bump in the amount of young female hockey collectors. Many were collecting with their families and we were very happy to see so many passionate female hockey fans out there.  Here were some of our favorites!










National-Hockey-Card-Day-Happy-Girl-NHCD-Canada-Lots-of-Cards-with Dad



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Many collectors keep their favorite Upper Deck cards in a closets, displays, safety deposit boxes and safes. There are some collectors however who like to take their favorite cards with them wherever they go and share them with those they meet. The industry term for the cards these types of collectors carry is the wallet card (#walletcard).

During Mardis Gras this year we saw a collector on Twitter who goes by the handle @Teejnola having a lot of fun with his 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card in New Orleans. We asked T.J. to share his story on his wallet card along with some of the fun pictures he took during the annual Mardis Gras party and parade. This is his story:

“Being that I live in an especially photogenic city I like to get pictures and having my favorite card in the photos seemed like a no brainer. For my wallet card I chose what is universally considered among the greatest modern-day baseball cards ever produced; Ken Griffey Jr.’s 1989 Upper Deck rookie card. I catch a little flack for picking a card with real monetary value as my wallet card, but I just couldn’t imagine using any other card.




“I live in New Orleans, but my most popular wallet card post so far was that from my trip to the Canadian Yukon where my wife and I went in search of the Aurora Borealis. I have shots of the Griffey on a snowmobile, ice fishing, miles above snow-covered mountains, and with the world’s largest collection of Donald Duck figurines. We finally got a glimpse of the Aurora on our last night there, and while the pictures are a little blurry (photographing the Aurora is hard, it turns out) you can tell it’s the Griffey.


On the chair is T.J.’s Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. rookie wallet card that he takes with him EVERYWHERE!

“Only weeks later began the Carnival season here in NOLA which is just the sort of thing wallet card was made for. You probably know that this season is defined by massive parades and weird traditions that culminate in the big party on Mardi Gras Day. This year was unique in that I was actually riding in a parade for the first time in several years, but I did manage to make it to sixteen other parades including the ‘superkrewes’ of Endymion and Bacchus.



“Simply put, Mardi Gras is a two-week city-wide party. The day before Mardi Gras (Lundi Gras) the King of Rex literally asks the Mayor to suspend law, tax, and business for one day in the name of frivolity, and the mayor ceremonially obliges. Of course the parades last for weeks before that even happens. It’s so ingrained in our culture that I was ten before I learned that this was not a national holiday.




T.J. shows off his Griffey wallet card at Mardis Gras!

“Each parade is put on by a ‘krewe’ and consists of floats, bands, marching groups, and fleets of shriners in dune buggies. Highlights include the Budweiser Clydesdales, The Citadel, the U.S. Marine Corps marching band and color guard, and countless jazz bands, horses, cheerleaders, and fire-wielders (which we call flambeaux).




“Of course Mardi Gras is probably best-known for the float riders hurling free stuff into the screaming crowds. Go to any parade and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to go home with a bag loaded with beads, candy, trinkets, doubloons, clothing, and even rubber dog poop. At least I hope it was rubber.


Don’t throw them the Griffey card T.J.



“In the two weeks of Carnival I took 1,500 wallet card photos, not counting the much bigger number I deleted. I’m now in the process of whittling them down to a digestible group to be showcased on my card blog, The Junior Junkie ( The blog has been on a bit of a hiatus (understandably) during the two-week Mardi Gras season. I’ve also posted a lot of #walletcard shots on Twitter on my account and I will continue to do so all year long. So make sure you give me a follow so you can see where Griffey goes next before he heads to Cooperstown in 2016!”

Thanks T.J. We love this idea and want to encourage more fans to have an Upper Deck wallet card and share images of it using the hashtag #walletcard and tagging us @UpperDeckSports on Twitter and Instagram. Think you can outdo T.J.? We’d love to see you try. Pack up your Upper Deck wallet card, have some adventures and share what happens with us. You could score an Upper Deck Random Acts of Kindness mail day for your efforts!

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Collecting trading cards has been a great hobby for families to enjoy together. However, with younger kids, sometimes they are not all that interested in sports so parents who enjoy collecting cards have to wait until their kids get older to share the hobby with them. One thing that kids do enjoy is dinosaurs, especially boys. From books to television shows to movies, kids gobble up dinosaur content and this summer youngsters will enjoy “The Good Dinosaur” movie from Disney & Pixar and older kids will find “Jurassic World” from Universal Pictures totally polarizing.

Upper Deck has produced some trading card sets that feature dinosaurs in the past that cater to youngster and the young at heart. Fans have absolutely loved them. Here’s some feedback on what collectors have thought about these dinosaur themed trading cards from Upper Deck.

“I got a Wooly Mammoth molar, I love the design! Thanks Upper Deck.” – Brian Koester


The 2008-09 Champ’s Hockey had rare fossil artifact cards that included a piece of a prehistoric fossil.

“I think these cards are awesome. I think people get tired of regular sports cards and they need something special to shake them up a little. These cards sure do that!” – Matt Coudriet


The Champ’s fossil inserts were so popular, we continued using them for the next few years.

Pretty unreal what you are doing with cards now. Very cool that you’re able to share history like that.” – Luke LePlant


Less expensive dinosaur cards were available in Champ’s that catered to younger fans for educational purposes.

“I think this is a great idea and you guys have always been known for pushing the envelope and being one of the best most innovative card companies around! I would love to pull one of these unique cards! “ – Nick Gauder


The theme for the Champ’s fossil cards was, “Where the Ice Age meets the Ice,” as these cards could be found in a hockey release.

“I love these cards!” – Dustin Heino


These prehistoric artifact cards were pretty rare and some sold for several hundreds of dollars in the secondary market.

“These cards are just amazing. It’s like owning a museum piece…” – Derek Chaiken


Champ’s cards that featured fossils of teeth and claws from dinosaurs were, and remain, incredibly popular.

“It’s great to have something to get my kids excited with the past. Great job Upper Deck!” – Ernie Villalobos


Animal Kingdom & Origins of Species patch cards in the Goodwin Champions brand from Upper Deck are incredibly popular too. This card sold for over $200!

Another summer blockbuster featuring dinosaurs will come courtesy of Upper Deck where the entire set will include content from the world of dinosaurs called appropriately enough; 2015 Upper Deck Dinosaurs. The product will have something for everyone with a version in a collectible tin catered to the youngsters and a hobby version primarily for serious dinosaur collectors.



Here are some of the key cards and inserts to look for from the set!


Look for incredible original art with tons of fun facts about the different types of dinosaurs who once ruled the earth.


Kids will love dinosaur stickers randomly included in packs!


Shadowbox cards on creatures from the sea will have a 3-dimensional look.


Cool patch cards for the dinosaurs are colorful and rare!


Now hear this! There will be booklet audio cards that feature the sounds of these ancient beasts when you open them up.


Super rare fossil cards will have actual prehistoric dinosaur fossils embedded in them.

Artists are creating incredible one-of-one sketch cards that will be found in packs with different themes. These cards are designed primarily for a younger audience, but they are pretty incredible that an artist can create works of art like this on such a small canvas (a 2.5” x 3.5” trading card).

Don’t miss 2015 Upper Deck Dinosaurs when it arrives in stores in May 2015!

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