The Elements Return to 2014 Goodwin Champions!


One of the more polarizing insert cards potentially ever created came in last year’s Goodwin Champions set in the form of a redemption card. The reason being is that the cards were so thick that they could not fit in a pack and production delays kept them from being completed for quite some time. It was one of the more grandiose ideas Upper Deck’s product development team had ever tried; to actually include elements from the Periodic Table into a booklet trading card.

Don’t just think about the challenges of actually getting these cards done, just imagine what Upper Deck’s legal team said to the brave souls in Product Development when they shared the concept of these cards. The legal team was adamant the samples be secured in some type of chamber or acrylic to keep people from potentially being exposed to them. Oh, and they shot us down right away on putting Plutonium in a trading card.

The group worked through countless challenges to ultimately deliver a strong representation of the Periodic Table to customers in the 2013 Goodwin Champions The Elements set. Collectors were extremely fired up when they started to receive these, taking to social media sites to share the news. And NEW cards for The Elements set are back for 2014! We actually produced them all at the same time so the new cards for 2014 Goodwin Champions are ready to ship right when collectors redeem them. They truly are some incredible cards. Take a look at the checklist for both years along with some of the cards!



2013 Goodwin Champions The Elements

E-BI Bismuth
E-B Boron
E-CR Chromium
E-CO Cobalt
E-CU Copper
E-ER Erbium
E-FE Iron
E-MG Magnesium
E-MO Molybdenum
E-NI Nickel
E-PT Platinum
E-SM Samarium
E-SI Silicon
E-AG Silver
E-S Sulfur
E-TA Tantalum
E-TI Titanium
E-V Vanadium
E-Y Yttrium
E-ZR Zirconium


2014 Goodwin Champions The Elements

E-AL Aluminum
E-C Carbon
E-IN Indium
E-PB Lead
E-RU Ruthenium
E-SE Selenium
E-SN Tin
E-W Tungsten
E-YB Ytterbium
E-ZN Zinc
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I would like to see U-238….uranium 238 would be neat

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