Get a First Look at Upper Deck’s 2014-15 NHL® MVP!


The first hockey card release of the year sets the table for a new season of collecting and Upper Deck thinks fans are going to love the return of the MVP series. The hobby version will be loaded up with cool content while entry-level collectors can get in on the product without breaking the bank at retail with a 99 cent price point pack. Back are many of the aspects of the set that made it a favorite with collectors like the 2-on-2 jersey cards, ProSign autograph cards, along with Silver, Gold and Super Script cards.



MVP Souvenirs are back as well with a new look and a dual jersey version that collectors will really enjoy!





One of the new additions to the MVP product is the Colors & Contours insert set where we utilized stunning gold, purple and teal foil board to create a beautiful new type of card that fall 1:4 hobby packs. There are three types of die-cuts as well for a total of nine different cards with different levels of rarity. It is important to note however that there are not nine different parallels, rather just one card for each player in the 300-card set. Here is a breakdown on the rarity levels and a look at some of the cards.

Teal Die-Cut 1 – 1:96 packs

Teal Die-Cut 2 – 1:72 packs


Teal Die-Cut 3 – 1:8 packs


Gold Die-Cut 1 – 1:36 packs


Gold Die-Cut 2 – 1:24 packs


Gold Die-Cut 3 – 1:172 packs

Purple Die-Cut 1 – 1:60 packs


Purple Die-Cut 2 – 1:144 packs


Purple Die-Cut 3 – 1:520 packs

Don’t miss 2014-15 NHL® MVP when it releases on August 6!

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Hi I preordered two hobby boxes for the ’14-’15 MVP set and they are great but it can’t find an explanation of a white script card of Teddy Purcell #185… There’s no pics of this type of card or insert card in the set and I thought I’d ask. I’d appreciate the help.


That was an isolated printing error that affected a small portion of the run. These are considered error cards. It only affected Purcell.


Found the 99 cent retail packs in the US as well as the $4.99 34 card retail pack.

Whoever wrote “300 cards to collect” on the front of the retail box when the last 100 are “short print” superstar level players… AKA “Base Series SP’s” on the back of the packaging in tiny print… should be given a dictionary to look up the word ‘misleading’.

After spending $30 plus tax at retail we have 8/100 200-300 level “SP” cards.

Seems one would have to order online for a hobby box or three (instead of buying retail) to even complete all 300 cards without dropping hundreds of dollars.

The better news is your randomization is decent as we have found exactly 33 doubles/triples and collected 139/200 base.

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