Collectors Show Us Their Hits from 2013-14 Fleer Retro Basketball


In the world of Twitter, collectors enjoy checking out @ShowYourHits  and @BustingPacks to see what real collectors are pulling from real trading card products. And with 2013-14 Fleer Retro Basketball hitting stores this week, there have been some really cool images of the awesome cards available in the product posted on Twitter. If you haven’t seen them yet, take a look at what some collectors are scoring from the product:

Cavalier Cards ‏@CavalierCards

Wow MICHAEL JORDAN HOT BOX….nice product from @UpperDeckSports Fleer Retro


Jeffrey Detter ‏@jdetter23

@BustingPacks so out of 3 boxes, I hit 2 Green PMG’s! @UpperDeckSports #collect #FleerRetro


Bryan ‏@KAB_Bryan

Congrats Sae on the Michael Jordan auto from @UpperDeckSports 13/14 Retro


LaytonSportsCards ‏@RichLayton42

Just pulled at #LSC! Sick Teal PMG OF Michael Jordan!!! @UpperDeckSports @SHOWYOURHITS #BOOM


Dan’s Sports Cards ‏@danscardz

@UpperDeckSports 13-14 FleerRetro @KingJames Ntense insert Pulled in our break last night! @SHOWYOURHITS


BLOWOUTCARDS ‏@blowoutcards

@UpperDeckSports 13-14 Fleer Retro 2 box break. Nice Lebron!


Joe Quiros ‏@sportscardjoe

@UpperDeckSports nice hits for a few boxes of 2013-14 Fleer Retro


And then there have been a couple lucky collectors who have pulled a very special redemption card:

Kurry ‏@kurdawg19

Hey @UpperDeckSports Pulled this today & the mystery is killing me and my buddies any hints or e.t.a. on checklist?


So to help clear up any of the mystery, these cards will be good for a previously released Fleer basketball card that will be limited to just one copy. Unfortunately we received our allocation on the cards in late so they were not able to be signed in time and inserted into the product. After we conduct all the signing sessions they will begin shipping in the next few months. They will all be shipped randomly to collectors so it will be just like pulling them from a pack. The players that collectors may receive for these very special exchange cards are listed below:

Michael Jordan
Alonzo Mourning
Anfernee Hardaway
Antoine Walker
Eddie Jones
Glen Rice
Glenn Robinson
Grant Hill
Hakeem Olajuwon
Jason Kidd
Jerry Stackhouse
Joe Smith
Karl Malone

There are so many awesome cards in the 2013-14 Fleer Retro Basketball set we have not seen yet however that are just waiting to be discovered in unopened packs. Tweet images of any cool cards you pull to @UpperDeckSports, @BustingPacks and @ShowYourHits so we can share with our followers!

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I hit a redemption for a Career Highlight Michael Jordan Auto /5.

Do you know if they will be oncard autos or sticker?



Hey man, I pulled a 1 of 1 Veteran Buyback. I’m almost positive any of the cards # to 5 or less will be an on card Auto. Congrats on the Jordan, I went ahead a redeemed mine. Hopefully its a monster!!!


Just pulled a vet buyback and was wondering if anyone knows what cards have already been redeemed? Also pulled TWO jordan career highlights redemptions.

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