Upper Deck Throwback Thursday Create the Caption Promotion: LeBron James


Today we had a fantastic interview with CBS 8’s Kelly Hassesdal; covering all the great happenings that have been going on lately at Upper Deck. She chatted with our president Jason Masherah about all the exciting happenings around Upper Deck’s 25th Anniversary and how different it is to open packs of trading cards today.



Since it’s Throwback Thursday let’s go back through Upper Deck’s history and take a look at an awesome media day that we had with UD spokesman LeBron James. In July 2010, James gave an interview at his first-ever autograph-signing session with Upper Deck Authenticated (UDA) as a member of the Miami Heat, the beginning of a new chapter in his basketball career. With the 2014 NCAA® March Madness games starting today, I am sure we will see some memorable moments in several college athletes’ basketball careers!


So let’s put up a photo of that historic moment and see if our fans can come up with some great captions for Throwback Thursday! What might Upper Deck have been asking LeBron and what might LeBron have said to Upper Deck? Please share your comical caption to this card for your opportunity to score six (6) 2013 SP Authentic College FB packs AND one (1) 2014 Upper Deck 25th Anniversary Promo Set featuring none other than LeBron James!

Important Promotion Guidelines:

  1. You can only submit one comment per email address so think about it before you post.
  2. Comments are moderated so keep them clean and in good taste as we have a lot of youngsters on these pages. Comments deemed inappropriate will not be posted or eligible to score card set(s).
  3. Make sure to review other caption before you post. If you have the same comment as someone else or make slight improvements to it, the credit will go to the first person who posted the comment.
  4. You have until Friday morning, March 21 at 8:00 a.m. PT to post your caption before this promotion is closed.
  5. Upper Deck will review the captions posted and select one (1) fan who most skillfully shared a comical comment to coincide with this photo.
  6. Only the customer selected to receive the promo card set will be contacted via email, so please make sure to provide an accurate email address when you leave your comment.
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Lebron “Before we get started I’m just wondering if you have any bigger chairs? This one makes me feel like a giant”


UD: Why Miami Lebron?

Lebron: Have you seen Ohio’s beaches?!? Exactly! Hahaha


LeBron where were you when you opened your first pack of Upper Deck in 89?

Preschool after I dunked my milk carton over little Jimmy.


UD: “So, really, Miami Heat huh?” LBJ: “Ya, wanted to set the (card) world on fire with their logo on everywhere”


So Lebron, now that you’ve gotten your throne, what will you do next?


Lights, camera, act…WAIT! Before we start here…My question to you is if I retire from the NBA can I go to Michigan State and win a title? It’s not too late is it? I want to win everywhere I go! I’m KING JAMES!


Interviwer: “So Lebron, why Upper Deck? Lebron: “To be the best you have to sign with the best!”


UD: Why did you choose Miami as your next NBA team?

LJ: Because I wanted to add to their fire power and burn the shorts off the rest of the league using “THE HEAT”!


UD: Can you tell is where “South Beach” is?

Lebron: Miami Beach man, its warmer than Cleveland


UD:LeBron, as a child opening packs to pull your heroes of the game, how do you feel now that children will be opening packs to pull your card.
LeBron: if a child opens a pack and smiles when he gets my card, then I am truly a champion at that moment.

Nick Mikulicich Jr.
March 20th, 2014 at 1:07 pm

Upper Deck: “So, LeBron, which of your cards is your favorite?”

LeBron: “The one of me holding the championship trophy. You’ll be making it soon enough.”


Upper Deck: On a scale of 1-10 how excited are you to join the Upper Deck Team?

Lebron James: Not 1…Not 2…Not 3…Not 4…Not 5…Not 6…Not 7…Not 8…Not 9… A 10!


UD: Lebron, where are the best seats in the house.
LJ: The upper deck man, the Upper Deck


UD why are you soooo tall!!!
LeBron who said that?


ud:LeBron what is your favorite upper deck moment?

LeBron:When i got to meet all those cool members of the upper deck

diamond club,those guys do some serious ripping.


UD: Lebron can I ask you for a favor after the interview?

Lebron: What do you need me to sign you some autographs?

UD: No. Can you please stand up and change the light bulbs on the ceiling for us?

Lebron: Seriously?!?!?


“He once joined the Cavaliers as the first overall pick in the 2003 NBA Draft”
“He became the youngest player in league history to record a triple-double at 20″
“He played in multiple Olympics”
“He is one of the worlds highest paid athletes”
“He has appeared on the cover of Vogue”
“He has shook The presidents hand”
LeBron James “The Most interesting Man in the World”
“I may not sign everything put in front of me”
“But when I do it better be from Upper Deck”


UD: What was your opinion of the 2013 finals?
Lebron:The Spurs had a bunch of outside shooters. Unfortunately, all our games are played indoors.


Upper Deck: Lebron what is your favorite movie?



Congrats to Jim Catalano on his witty comments scoring him six (6) 2013 SP Authentic College FB packs AND one (1) 2014 Upper Deck 25th Anniversary Promo Set featuring none other than LeBron James! Thanks to everyone who participated!

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