Upper Deck Surprises Washington Capitals Video Coach and Part-Time Goalie with his Very Own Upper Deck Rookie Card!


Brett Leonhardt has worked for the Washington Capitals as the team’s video coach for several years now, but he also is pretty good on the ice. In fact, this former goaltender actually suited up in an emergency situation back in 2008 and again this season. We thought Brett’s story was very unique as he pulls double duty for the team so we decided to create his very own Upper Deck Young Guns Rookie card. Recently the team presented a blow-up version of the card to Brett and he was very appreciative with the honor.


“Words can’t describe the surprise I was given when one of our players along with head coach Adam Oates presented to me the Upper Deck Young Guns blow-up cards  before our team meeting with my image on them,” said Brett Leonhardt. “As a card avid card collector my entire life, this was truly a dream come true. My father, brother and I attended many card collecting expos and spent countless hours through our youth collecting hockey cards and completing sets. You really created a highlight in my life by putting this together and I don’t know how to thank you enough!”

Happy to help a hard-working player/coach such as yourself Brett!

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Yo guys what would be a good hockey set to rekindle an old passion for hockey cards ? It’s not about the money it’s for the passion of the game !


[…] His career NHL stats may read 0 wins, 0 losses, 0 goals allowed, and a 0% save percentage, but Brett Leonhardt is now just like one of the guys. On Monday, Upper Deck announced that they had created the long sought-after Brett Leonhardt rookie card. […]


Glen – 13/14 Upper Deck Series One and Two. Not very expensive to hunt down and the chance for some decent inserts at a good price. Upper Deck’s flagship brand is always a great way for people to get back into collecting.

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