Brag Photo: Kids Love Upper Deck Mail Days


Every collector loves Upper Deck mail days when you receive a prize or redemption card from the company, but it seems like kids love them the most. I often here from parents about their excited child checking the mail each day or watching for Fed Ex in anticipation of receiving a package from Upper Deck. It’s exciting to get something special from your favorite trading card company.

And that is the case for Kristy Wilson-Tunstead’s son who recently took part in an Upper Deck promotion to score a FREE Wayne Gretzky autograph card. They were over the moon when they received news they were selected to receive the autograph trading card from “The Great One.” And the reaction he had when he got the card today was equally as exciting. Here’s what his mother shared with me after they received the Wayne Gretzky autograph card:

“Lane received the card today! He screamed when he saw the Fed Ex Truck and screamed again when he saw the card! Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. Here is a picture of Lane holding the card. Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you!!”


Bringing smiles to the faces of young collectors is a real thrill for all of us here at Upper Deck.

You are very welcome Kristy. It can be hard sometimes for parents to temper youngster’s expectations to wait on items sometimes and we certainly appreciate every parents help there. It is a real thrill to be able to provide this excitement with our fans though and giveaways like this are something you can expect more of throughout the Upper Deck Double Rookie Class year going into our 25th Anniversary next year. Now really is a great time to collect Upper Deck!

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Great card and it is great to see he is enjoying the Gretzky card so much. The next generation of collectors look strong!

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