The Wild West Comes to Life with 2013 Goodwin Champion’s Museum Collection Relic Cards


Collectors have been fascinated about Upper Deck’s Goodwin Champions Museum Collection relic trading cards ever since they first appeared in the 2011 set. The cards feature museum quality relics in a shadowbox trading card presentation. They are available as exchange cards in the product given the fact that many are oversized and would not fit into packs. Last year Upper Deck themed the set to the Civil War which was a big hit and the theme for this year is the Wild West.

The cards are nearing the end of the production process and should be available for shipping very soon for collectors lucky enough to pull a trade card from 2013 Goodwin Champions. Take a look at some that we have recently received in from our vendor:


There are actual pieces of gold glued inside of this card along with sand from the American River near Sutter’s Mill.


Dice made from actual bone from the late 1800’s.




Antique playing cards inside a trading card, now that’s a new concept.


Worthy of note, the railroad caboose shown is the actual caboose this sample came from.



This 3-dimensional image gives some insight with regard to the thickness on some of these cards.

There are three cards that appear live in packs in the gamblers vest (card MR-GV), the Chuck-A-Luck layout (card MR-CL) and the National Bank of Topeka money bag (card MR-MB) with the odds of pulling those falling at 1:3,587 hobby packs. The rest of the cards are available via trade cards and the odds of pulling one of those from 2013 Goodwin Champions is 1:1,022 hobby packs. Below is a checklist for this set along with print run information on the trade cards available which will be sent out randomly to best replicate pack opening experience:

Group F odds 1:2

MR-AW Native American Arrowhead
MR-CB Southern Pacific Caboose #644
MR-CN Chuck a Luck Number
MR-GM Great Mogul Playing Cards
MR-PC Poker Chip
MR-WC San Diego and Arizona Coach #239

Group E odds 1:4

MR-CI Southern Pacific Caboose #644 Interior
MR-MOP Chinese Gambling Counter
MR-PD AmericanRiver Pay Dirt
MR-RS San Diego and Arizona Railroad Spike

Group D odds 1:6

MR-BB Buffalo Bill Chair Wood
MR-BD Bone Dice
MR-CA 1876 Calender
MR-NC National Card Co. Playing Cards
MR-RM Russell and Morgan Playing Cards

Group C odds 1:22

MR-CH Card Holdout
MR-SM Slot Machine Token
MR-ST Saloon Token

Group B odds 1:25

MR-4J Four Jacks
MR-4K Four Kings
MR-4Q Four Queens
MR-BH Billiard Hall Token
MR-DM Dead Man’s Hand
MR-RF Royal Flush
MR-TD Texas Dolly

Group A odds 1:349

MR-4A Four Aces

Upper Deck is planning to continue this series in 2014 with a very compelling theme for World War I and we have already begun collecting artifacts for that product. Stay tuned for more details on that, but in the meantime enjoy the Wild West cards in 2013 Goodwin Champions releasing on Tuesday, July 16!

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