Off the Clock at Upper Deck: The 7-Eleven Chili Dog Challenge


A lot of people ask me, “When Upper Deck staffers are not making the best trading cards in the world, what are you up to?” Alright, nobody asks me that, but I’m sure a couple collectors out there wonder. Here’s a small glimpse of what happens when Upper Deck staff are off the clock.


How do Upper Deck staff spend Free Slurpee Day? Check this out.

When not working, many Upper Deck staffers spend time with their families, doing charity work or engaging in hobbies of their own. One such hobby for Upper Deck Athlete Relations Coordinator Chris Jaime is semi-competitive eating. He’s not ready to give Joey Chestnut a run for his money quite yet, but on “Free Slurpee Day” at 7-Eleven today, Chris took on a challenge many here at Upper Deck wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot chili dog. The bet was to see if he could eat five (5) chili cheese dogs without stopping and check out to see if he was able to make it happen.



The last chili dog is the toughest!

Please forgive the formatting on the video, I don’t normally use this to device to record.

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