Brag Photo: Classical Art Masterpieces Reimagined for Upper Deck’s Release of 2013 Goodwin Champions


Upper Deck’s annual release of the Goodwin Champions brand is the company’s opportunity to debut some innovative and unique new trading card concepts to fans. The 2013 set that is scheduled to release mid-July will definitely deliver an impressive lineup of new inserts sets the likes of which have never been seen before like new Museum Collection Relics, the Elements and the End of Days insert sets.


Randomly inserted into packs of 2013 Goodwin Champions will be the impressive collection of “Art of the Ages” hand-painted trading cards.

One of the most impressive new insert sets found in 2013 Goodwin Champions though is definitely the “Art of the Ages” cards which are each one-of-one, hand-painted replicas of classical art masterpieces. The artists Upper Deck commissioned to create these works of art each autographed the back of the cards as well. There will be close to 300 different cards available from such legends as Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet and many more.

We received the cards in house recently and the building was buzzing as staff tried to take a gander at these one-of-a-kind masterpieces that truly are a much different take on a traditional artist sketch card. The attention to detail on a canvas just 2 ½” x 3 ½” is amazing to behold and it is likely collectors lucky enough to pull one of these cards will feel like they belong in a museum. Enjoy a small assortment of live scans of the “Art of the Ages” cards that can be found in 2013 Goodwin Champions.







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This is right up my alley…..although you can never really duplicate the masters works because of technique and textures and medium (most made their own paint)I still must commend Upper deck on the fantastic inclusion of these pieces of art….just trying to duplicate the masters works on a card is quite the task as I often dabble with art on decoy’s I know first hand on how difficult it can be……I can tell by the mini paintings displayed here that there was a lot of effort in completing these mini Masterpieces…Job well done!


This is easily now one of my favorite inserts from Upper Deck.

While earning my Graphic Design degree I minored in Fine Art and I love that Upper Deck is willing to step away from the status quo and bring in artists to recreate some of the world’s masterpieces. I am sure they will end up costing a pretty penny on the secondary market but I can always hope to pull one.

Will a checklist be released? I am hoping to see Van Gogh (Starry Night, Starry Night Over The Rhone or Cafe Terrace At Night), Edvard Munch (The Scream)and maybe Umberto Boccioni on the checklist.

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