March Madness Comes to a Close at Upper Deck


Everyone knows about what Upper Deck was doing out at the Final Four in Atlanta, but what most basketball fans don’t realize is there was a much more exciting competition taking place underground in Carlsbad, California.

Lunchtime at Upper Deck Headquarters has been a little stressful this March as most employees took part in an athletic competition the likes of which can only come along once a year; the Upper Deck Collegiate Sports March Madness Mini-Basketball Pop-A-Shot Challenge™ or the “UDCSMMMBPAS” for short.


And today we saw the field of 78 shrink all the way down to just two fiery competitors as Justin “I Hate Graphic Requests” Schmunk from our Pre-Press group took on Drew “I Hate Redemption Cards” Mills from the Athlete Relations team. The last lunchtime challenge took place in front of a full house today in the employee lounge which was transformed to Upper Deck Stadium for this memorable event. Take a look at who took home the championship (and lunch for their respective department) in this heated contest:


In the end Justin Schmunk was too dialed in for anyone to keep up with as he took home the title and lunch for his department. Congrats Justin!

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