Celebrate the Release of 2013 Upper Deck Football by Lending Your Caption to this Card


Football fans are fired up about the release of 2013 Upper Deck Football on Thursday, April 18. As most fans know, Upper Deck has been conducting a variety of signings with all the top draft picks over the last few weeks to get tons of live autograph content into the product. The efforts have paid off as 99.8% of autograph cards will appear live in packs with less than 100 total redemptions in the entire product.

Now 15 of those redemption cards are planned where the lucky collectors who pull them will receive an autographed base set of 2013 Upper Deck Football (up to 200 total cards) so while collectors typically dislike redemptions, these are redemption cards any fan would love to pull.

To celebrate the release we would like to share a skills-based giveaway with our fans! Please share your comical caption to the 2011-12 NHL Upper Deck Series One card of Alex Ovechkin for your opportunity to score a FREE box of 2012 SP Authentic Football!


What caption would you give this trading card? Share in the comment section below for your opportunity to score a FREE football box!

Important Promotion Guidelines:

  1. You can only submit one comment per email address so think about it before you post.
  2. Comments are moderated so keep them clean and in good taste as we have a lot of youngsters on these pages. Comments deemed inappropriate will not be posted or eligible for the box of 2012 SP Authentic Football.
  3. Make sure to review other captions before you post. If you have the same comment as someone else or make slight improvements to it, the credit will go to the first person who posted the comment.
  4. You have until Friday morning, April 19 at 8:00 a.m. to post your caption before this promotion is closed.
  5. Upper Deck will review the captions posted and select the fan who most skillfully shares a comical comment to coincide with this card.
  6. The customer selected to receive the pack will be contacted via email next week, so please make sure to provide an accurate email address when you leave your comment.
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WEll hey, if this doesn’t work out, i hear the Jets are looking for a quarterback!


I went to a Hockey game and a Football game broke out!


“The New QB for the Washington Redskins” Alex Ovechkin! I would say this is the “New” breed of Dual Threat QBs. Ofcourse only filling in why RG3 is out.


Pads..check! Jersey..check! Football..check! Ice..check! Hybrid sport crossover..CHECK!!


Alex Ovechkin crosses his fingers and hopes Geico will cover his medical bills after he throws his back out tossing the football down the ice.


During his time off between practices, Alex Ovechkin takes a few minutes to work on his passing technique in anticipation for his quarterback try-out with the Arizona Cardinals.


OVECHKINING – the process of throwing a football on ice – Still more effective than Mark Sanchez.


Let me get this straight… I get six points for one score if I use this weird ball? I am so all over that.

Bobby Wickersham
April 17th, 2013 at 6:35 pm

I asked my wife about this photo & she said; Is he about ready to score a Home Run?! Enough said:))


“No RG3? No Problem! Ovi8 is here!”


“I’m not sure how this new hockey/football hybrid sport is going to work out. The receivers are just too darn slow on the ice… if I have to wait any longer I’m looking at another sack – should have worn my helmet.”


It’s okay guys ill show tebow how to throw the ball!


What the Puck am I suppose to do with this thing?


Weird, this octopus has no arms…


“And all you thought I could do was pull off a hat trick? Really? I’ve got mad skills on and off the ice. I’m smooth like that!”


Ovechkin is throwing, and it’s long long long gone!


“If I take one in the face I shouldn’t lose any teeth, I mean anymore teeth”


“Hey Backstrom, go long!”


After entertaining fans during intermission, Alexander Ovechkin was notified by his agent that Roger Goodell was fining him $10,000 for violating dress code and throwing a football without wearing a helmet.


Maybe if i fall backwards..while on skates…and throwing left handed, I’ll be able to impress the Jets coaches enough to run the wildcat at only a couple million dollars a year. Who needs Tebow!?


Tom Brady’s long hidden monstrous evil twin finally escapes from the attic.


maybe if i use this the goalies will have a chance , or should i try a beachball , and how does one kick a football with skates on ?


“Coach told me if I keep practicing, then maybe I can be like RG3 when I grow up!”


Block this Brodeur.


this is how we play football in Russia….go deep!!!!


the truth is out there, Ho…ckey?


I’ll get one by you Fleury one way or the other!

trey lingerfeldt
April 18th, 2013 at 4:52 am

Bo knows hockey! Whatever…. Alex knows football!


Hey Goalie, let’s see you catch this!


How hard can it be using a football instead of a puck. GOAL!!!!


Starting at QB for your Cleveland Browns…


Wait, one pass equals 2 hat tricks.


The newest offensive innovation to replace the pistol and wildcat schemes


Holtby, go deep


Don’t fall, Don’t fall, Don’t fall…I wonder if that’s what Tebow thinks before he throws a ball.. Oh well..I still have hockey, what he have? Jacksonville?


hmmmm… If I throw the ball down the length of the ice and into the net I can have Sanchez’s job? Ok.. W elll I couldn’t do any worse..I haven’t butt fumbled the puck.. Lol.


“On any given ICEday”


In case of another lockout, Alex Ovechkin has been expanding his skill set.


“Alex Ovechinkin playing a game of PIG with RGIII who up in the 3rd level”


In Russia football throws you !


“Boy, it sure is a lot easier to dodge defensive linemen out here on the ice.”


Move over Broadway Joe, here comes Beltway Alex.


The ladies in Russia call me Ryan Leaf!


This one is for the scholarship money! I wonder if it’s a bigger scholarship since I’m on ice skates…


How many points do I get if it goes five hole?


What do you get when you cross an Ovechkin & a pigskin?


In an attempt to get football fans to crossover and support the NHL the NHL has decided to change the sudden death rules!


“It’s a three step drop then look for the open receiver…Got it, Tim?” “Tim, hello? Uh excuse me, Mr. Tebow sir, you got it, three step drop then throw!”


This years draft was light on talent, Ovechkin first QB to get picked.


“If RGIII ever gets hurt, I may finally get my chance.”


“Good thing linebackers cant skate!”


“Now, this is an Ice Bowl!”


Congratulations to Shane Kroeker with his submission, “Goal Post Route!” Thanks to everyone who participated in the promotion!


Go ahead and call me “Oven Chicken again” ……. Right between the eyes

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