Brag Photo: A Wow Gallery of Wayne Gretzky from 2012-13 NHL SP Authentic


Fans seemed to be pretty excited about the additional content set to be delivered in 2012-13 NHL SP Authentic in the way of SPx and Upper Deck update cards. But in reality it is really the SP Authentic elements that will make the product a big hit with collectors. Take the autograph patch cards for example. Recently we caught up with Wayne Gretzky at the Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational in Las Vegas and had his sign these beautiful cards from the set. These will be live in packs and should be a big draw for collectors, enjoy this sneak peek.


Card 10/10 in the set has a ridiculous patch!!!

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WOW…love the fact that there’s variety in the patches. 10 cards, 2 are LA Kings patches and one (10/10) is the nicest of the bunch. I wonder where that patch is from?


awesome cards but sloppy autos he must have had a few to many into him at this point…


I agree, some of those are very sloppy for Gretzky

Howie Feltersnach
April 10th, 2013 at 3:41 pm

Beautiful cards except mixing in Kings swatches with Oilers photos. Just doesn’t work.


nice cards, but i agree it looks like wayne had very little time and signed them very rushed.. sad :( not like him really once u sign those cards and let go it will stay that way signed.

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