At Bracket Town for the Final Four, Upper Deck is Making Dreams Come True


As a young kid I remember playing basketball on the driveway for hours saying in my best broadcaster voice, “5 seconds on the clock, down by 1, Carlin with the fade-away jumper, good if it goes…” CLANK!!! I’d retrieve the ball and run the sequence all over again. Today not much has changed. I still love pretending I’m making that game winning shot, but am well aware my dreams of making the pros were just a dream. And having my own basketball card? That seemed like something that could never happen.

This week in Atlanta for the Final Four however, Upper Deck is making dreams come true for the fans who visit Bracket Town and the Georgia World Congress Center by creating their very own personalized Upper Deck cards. Fans have been loving this opportunity to strike a pose and see their one-of-a-kind collectible made within minutes courtesy of UD. Many have been sharing images of their “rookie” cards via Twitter and Instagram as the show got underway this week.


Fan visiting Bracket Town are going through a full photo shoot for just a $1 pack purchase and getting their very own basketball card made from Upper Deck!

Upper Deck is the only manufacturer that brings these types of experiences to fans around the nation on the show circuit and it is a lot of fun to bring trading cards to life with potential collectors. Take a gander at how these personalized cards look:



This may be our favorite thus far. The cool thing is you don’t know if he may grow up to be the next LeBron James so this card could potentially be priceless. But either way, it already will be to his family.


Speaking of dreams coming true, even Upper Deck’s mascot Coach Cardman is getting into the act. Today he had a tryout with the Harlem Globetrotters at Bracket Town. Based on how well Coach Cardman’s hockey tryout went however, we’re not holding out much hope for his chances of making the team.


Will Coach Cardman’s dream of becoming a Harlem Globetrotter come true? Stay tuned!

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