Collectors are Clamoring for More Trading Card Shops


Recently Upper Deck ran the company’s National Hockey Card Day promotion in Canada and the United States. Tens of thousands of fans made it out to score their free hockey packs, but hundreds reached out to Upper Deck upset because they didn’t have a hobby shop in their immediate area.


Upper Deck’s National Hockey Card Day promotion was a great event for those who had a participating retailer nearby!

Upper Deck was positioned like no other manufacturer by having a great group of Authorized Internet Retailers to help in situations like this. UD provided their shipping addresses to some Authorized Internet Retailers who in turn sent those fans National Hockey Card Day packs at no cost.


This future collector was thrilled to get some FREE NHCD packs in the mail from an Upper Deck Authorized Internet Retailer.

Still, we couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by all the feedback we heard from fans hoping someone would open up a trading card shop in their area that participates in promotions like National Hockey Card Day. Here is just a small sampling of remarks we heard from fans throughout North America:

I wish we had a card shop in my town so that I could share my hobby with my son better. – Jennifer in Elk Point, AB

I would like someone to open up a trading card store in my area so that I can purchase individual cards without driving long distances to complete a series. - Daniel in Sarnia, ON

The hobby is more fun when you can get to a shop! - Derek in Antigonish, NS

I’m a huge hockey fan and have a collection of thousands of collectable cards; I would like to see a store open up in my location to help me with my addiction! -Tyler in Brandon, MB

I would love a hockey card store nearby so I can have somewhere to hang out and “bust packs” while watching the game with other collectors!!! - Pete in Three Hills, AB

I think someone should open a card shop near me because there are a lot of kids in the northern part of the city who really eat, sleep and breathe hockey. Having a store that provided Upper Deck cards will allow us to get in the game. – Fabio in Innisfil, ON

I would love for someone to open up a card shop nearby because it would be a great opportunity to have a place where fans and card collectors can meet, check out new product, make trades, and make deals to help finish sets. - Andrew in Stittsville, ON

I would like someone to open up a card shop in my hometown so that I can relive some of the many great experiences I had growing up. - Keith in West Chester, PA

If someone opened up a trading card store in my neighborhood, it would allow me to share my hobby and meet fellow card collectors. – Chris in Monrovia, IN

I want someone to open up a trading card store in my hometown so my Dad & I can spend time together doing something we both enjoy. – Nick in Erie, PA

I’d love a card retailer in my area as my son is growing up and I’d like to introduce him to the hobby of card collecting. – Carrie in Bethel Park, PA

As a collector who has come back to the hobby I would really like the convenience of a local hobby shop to fulfill me collecting needs. – Charles in Frankfort, MI

I’d like someone to open up a trading card store in my hometown because I’ve collected trading cards for over 35 years and would love to be able to purchase them in person. – Darin in Monrovia, IN

I would love for someone to open a card shop in my hometown because when I was a kid I went to one every other day. I made a lot of good friends and just loved hanging out at the shop. - Chris in Neponset, IL

We need a sports memorabilia store in our area so fans like me have somewhere close by to support our hobby of collecting and trading. - Dennis in Barnegat, NJ

I would really like to have a card store in my town because I really want to start collecting hockey cards. – Christian in Modesto, CA

I’m just getting back into collecting and would like a local trading card store so I don’t have to buy online all the time. - Kyle in Frackville, PA

I would like a store opened up in my area because the trading card experience is more personal in a shop environment. - Weldon in Pine Bush, NY

I would LOVE to have a trading card store in my town so kids can have the same great memories like I did of going to the card shop and opening up a new pack of cards. - Chris in Blue Springs, MS

Upper Deck has been working to provide entrepreneurs looking to chase their dream of opening a trading card shop with the tools they need to be successful through a series of informational stories on how to have open a trading card shop. Anyone who opens a shop in the communities we heard from above are likely to be sure to have some great customers the minute they open!

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