Brag Video: Upper Deck Las Vegas Industry Summit Black Packs


Every year Upper Deck wows attendees at the Las Vegas Industry Summit with the company’s special gift packs for dealers who attend the company’s corporate address. This year was certainly no different as UD pulled out all the stops to make a memorable pack for attendees. In each of these black packs was at least one single signed autograph card, but there were also some packs with an additional Mike Trout Fleer Precious Metal Gems promotional card celebrating UD’s return to baseball (red, blue and green variations available in packs).


There were three versions of the Trout Fleer Precious Metal Gems cards produced for the Las Vegas Industry Summit numbered to 100, 50 and 10. It should be noted that not every pack would have one of these cards in them.

A full checklist of the autograph cards that could be found in packs is listed below:

Player name


Bobby Clarke #d to 30
Bobby Hull #d to 30
Bobby Orr #d to 30
Doug Martin #d to 30
Steven Stamkos #d to 30
LeBron James #d to 23
Alexander Ovechkin #d to 21
Landon Donovan #d to 20
Vince Carter #d to 20
Hulk Hogan #d to 17
Mike Tyson #d to 10
Tim Tebow #d to 10
Michael Jordan #d to 5
Wayne Gretzky #d to 5
Joe Namath #d to 4
Tiger Woods #d to 2
Joe Namath/Roger Staubach/Dan Marino/Joe Theismann #d to 2
Wayne Gretzky/LeBron James/Michael Jordan/Tiger Woods #d to 1

And check out these videos of retailers opening the packs and reveling in what they find:

You’re probably thinking, “That’s great, but how can I get one of those packs?” This show was all about helping hobby shops grow and thrive. If you’d like a chance to score one of these special black packs, we’d like to ask for your help in doing that. Just visit an Upper Deck Certified Diamond Dealer sometime between now and Tuesday, March 26 at 5:00 p.m. Take a picture at that shop holding an Upper Deck pack and email it to us at Include just one sentence about why you love this particular shop and/or Upper Deck products. The customer who most skillfully shows they are enthusiastic about Upper Deck and that hobby shop will score a FREE 2013 Las Vegas Industry Summit black pack.

For those customers who do not have a shop nearby them, we will have another giveaway next week for another item from the show you can qualify for, but for these packs we want fans to get out and visit a shop this weekend.




I love Upper Deck and have collected them since 1989. would love to have a black pack. thanks for the opportunity. ;)

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