You Won’t Believe What You Can Find in New Upper Deck Hockey Packs


Almost every hockey fan has a collection of NHL cards in a closet somewhere in their house (usually in shoeboxes). Most keep those older cards safe for that day when they hope they will be worth a lot of money. But did you know you could open new Upper Deck packs and immediately pull rare insert cards that are extremely valuable right out of the pack? Cards with pieces of athlete-worn memorabilia or authentic autograph cards are randomly inserted into new Upper Deck hockey packs. What will you find when you open your next pack?


Super-limited autograph memorabilia cards can be found in new packs and command big bucks in the secondary market right out of the pack!

Recently our friends at CloutsNChara put together a video of some of the amazing cards they have pulled from their group breaks. You’ve got to see this!

For more information on CloutsNChara and their group breaks, visit their website.

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