Resolve to Add One Great Memorabilia Piece to Your Collection in 2013 & Score!


It’s a new year which means it is time to make new years resolutions. Working in the sports industry I frequently see amazing memorabilia items that I would love to add to my man cave, but I just say to myself, “someday.”

Let’s make this the year we drop the hammer and make the move by resolving to add one great sports memorabilia item to our collections from Upper Deck Authenticated. Let’s save up, plan and make “someday” happen in 2013! And we are going to reward five (5) of you who best share what item you would like to add to your collection. Here’s how it works:

  1. Take some time and peruse upperdeckstore.com and take a look at all the great items available.
  2. Pick the Upper Deck Authenticated memorabilia item you would like to add to your collection in 2013.
  3. Share what that item is in the comment section below and why you would most like to add it to your collection in 2013 by Monday, February 14 at 10:00 a.m. PT. Please keep it to four sentences or less.

The five collectors who most skillfully craft their four sentences or less to most passionately convey why they want to resolve to add the collectible they describe to their collections in 2013 will be awarded with a FREE 2013 Upper Deck Authenticated calendar. These high-quality, full-sized calendars are not available in stores and feature a beautiful image of a different UDA memorabilia piece for all twelve months of 2013. Also you will find athlete birthdays, keys sports dates and trade show information included in the calendar. This is a must-have for the die-hard sports fan.


It is FREE to participate in the promotion and which five collectors who will receive the calendars right here on Monday afternoon! Upper Deck Authenticated brings collectors the world’s greatest memorabilia. Which piece do you most want to add to your collection this year?





Have waited years to be able to add an authenticated piece of this athlete to my collection. Will more than likely be this one: Rory McIlroy Autographed Picture ‘Top of the Tower’. Sensational picture of a sensational location, and maybe one of the greatest golfers of all time.


I would love to own the blown-up Michael Jordan signed rookie card. I’d have it framed in Bulls colors and hang it on the wall as a centerpiece. The original card is an iconic part of sports collecting, and I think it would be great to own a large copy, signed by the man himself. Upper Deck did a great job with the look of it as well.


I love upper deck you guys make amazing cards I hope you guys can get back and make cards for the NFL I think you guys would blow them out the water. I love collecting cards and have been doing it sense the early 90s.


I would love to purchase a Sweet Spot auto of Frank Gore. It is a must have in my collection which is missing the best rb in Niners history.


Tim Thomas Vertical ‘Curve’ Display with Autographed 2011 Stanley Cup Hockey Puck Limited to 50. Hands down one of the best looking items in the UD collection. A true center piece to any collection.


The Legends of the Game picture is by far the best item you have and the one I would most want. Not only are the three athletes on the picture the very best of their sports they also were very important in African American history! This is an example of why Upper Deck is the best when it comes to sports memorabilia, I don’t think any other company could pull this off. Thank you for the opportunity to win.


I would most like to add more hobby boxes of the University of Alabama trading cards.I’ve been a HUGE Alabama fan since birth and love opening those cards. They bring back so many memories.


I love upper deck you guys make amazing cards I hope you guys can get back and make cards for the NFL I think you guys would blow them out the water. I love collecting cards and have been doing it sense the early 90s. And I would anything that you would be willing to give away I am a collector of any sports I live in El Paso tx its hard to get any memorable down hear so I will not be picky and would love anything you send thank you sooo much from along time collector and support of you guys. Hope to hear from you guys soon


i would have to go with the veritical curve bobby orr auto puck. bobby started the term offensive defenseman and was a fiece competitor that is exemplified by the pose scoring the goal. one of the most memorable moments in hockey history. bobby is a tough autograph and would i would greatly like to add to my collection and nothing finer than this piece it beats the lame autograph cards.


That “someday” is a flash-back to Feb. 6, 1988 and as one of MJ’s biggest (and youngest at the time)fan’s, I got to see my idol rise above the rim and dunk like it was nobody’s business at the 1988 NBA Slam Dunk Championship.

Of course, Michael Jordan won the title on the strength of a final dunk that made me say “wow, I wanna be like Mike)ALL THE WAY FROM HALFCOURT!

I’d love to have that signed picture on my wall and relive that moment everyday from a time when living was easy and MJ was KING!

Walking by it everyday would be an awww moment and a great piece with a story that I lived.

Item#: 20671 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


I already know the item and think this is a great New Years RESOLUTION! I have already been checking out the Bobby Orr puck for awhile, the link to the page is even saved on my Favourites List. This is will be a special gift to my dad to add to his beloved Bruins Collection which is missing his all time favourite player’s autograph on a puck! Collect the Best, Collect Upper Deck!


I would love to have the Mike Tyson Autographed Picture ‘Bullied’ 16×20. Mike brought boxing back and was a highlight of my youth! Everybody was talking about “Iron Mike”! The roundhouse is an awesome piece as well!


I would choose the Legends of Sport Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan & Tiger Woods Autographed Picture. It contains the signatures of three of the greatest athletes of all time. It would look so sweet hanging on the wall of the man cave.


I’m saving my change for the Landon Donovan Breaking Through piece. I have yet to own a soccer piece and the Breaking Through series would be the piece to own. To me Donovan is the USA’s answer to Britains Beckham.


We are a simple family whom love collecting. My kids and I love Ken Griffey JR and would love ANY authentic autograph (Mariners) item for our family room. We all 3 have the 1989 UD rookie card and it has sparked many stories of trips to Seattle as a family. Anytime you can get a 10 year old girl excited about baseball and collecting, I am in!


Wow what a great product I would love to have one. Would be great to add to my collection. Has a great look. Hope I get one.


I have always been eying one of the signed Bobby Orr items. I have always like the display case with the signed puck. That, alone, would become a prized possession.

That would get a special place on my shelf of game-used equipment and various hockey memorabilia.


Alright boys, step aside and let a lady in here!

Our “Man-Cave” is also a “Ladies-Cave” and I too love my sports.

Of course like every girl who played basketball growing up in the 80’s, “I too wanted to be a WNBA superstar” that is, until reality actually kicked in of real life..

Soon after I ended up watching my Celtics and Bulls and loving my Larry Bird and Sir Michael Jordan! I saw your Michael Jordan Autographed ‘Wings’ Breaking Through framed pic with the ball hanging out and said “I’VE GOTTA HAVE IT” Holy Coolness! Item#: 61120

If there were any Upper Deck items that represented EPIC by Adding just one great memorabilia Piece…THIS IS IT!

Plus, my husband would also have to say, “sorry guys, that’s my wife’s” HAHA


If I were able to pick any from the site it would be the Steven Stamkos Breaking Through, I’ve been following him since he was in Sarnia with the Sting. An awesome sniper to watch I’ve always wanted to add that one big thing of his to my man cave. I’ve started a small collection of his cards for my son and my favorite card in my collection is my BGS 9.5 UD Young Gun of him, destined for the Hall for certain.


The Piece I would most like to add to my collection is the Legends Of Sports Platinum Edition. The piece embellishes three of the greatest athletes of our time on a single piece and each is representative of the ideal for their respective sports. It is very difficult if not impossible to have all three signatures on a single item and I just love the way the red jumps out.


Want more hockey product with retired players signing and relics. I love the product that is currently out on the market. I look forward to the new products that are coming on the market . I think that upper deck ha done a terrific job with the products out there. I really like the black diamond.


For sure the Bobby Orr Autographed “The Goal Narrative Variant” 16×24 Photograph (Framed). This is such an iconic image in hockey history. The number 4 is the number 1 d-man of all time! Upper Deck NAILED this one.


As a kid I always wanted the Michael Jordan “Wings” poster but was unable to afford it unlike many of my friends. Instead I collected cards with my paper route money and built my collection one pack at a time. Now as a father and avid collector, that poster is within reach and would look great on my sons wall to serve as a reminder that anything is possible.


Mike Tyson was incredible to me His 44 KOs are the memories I have comparing his stats to every other fighter, who is greatest boxer? I was always amazed to read his statistics anytime I looked at my poster of him. The autographed framed poster would be great to reminisce about. I would choose the Mike Tyson signed piece for my collection.


Michael Jordan & Scottie Pippen “20th Anniversary Championship Pound” Autographed Photo (Framed): I would love to add this to my collection because I got the honor to grow up watching these two change the face of basketball. They both inspired me & every other kid in my neighbor to play the game to the best of our abilities. They showed the world that true champions are still out there.


We are looking to move this year to a big home cause our family has out grown our home now so when looking I have been hoping for a cave too and already have my 1st item in mind to hang. It’s the legends auto picture. MJ, Ali,Woods. I would love to have that as a house warming gift to myself. No matter if you like those guys or not they each changed their sport for the better.


I would love to own a pair of the Lebron James Game Used Autographed Shoes. My daughter won an autographed Lebron James ball in a Mothers Day contest and they would go great together.


I would absolutely cherish a Landon Donovan inscribed team USA home jersey. I have grown up as fan of Landon and FIFA soccer because he is the biggest name in American soccer. When it comes to soccer in the USA, I thank him for opening my eyes in to the world of such a beautiful and often under appreciated game in the states. I am proud that he is someone that gives us a good name in global competition, and owning a piece of his memorabilia would be the closest I would probably ever get to meeting one of my favorite athletes.


I would love to own Michael Jordan “1992 Dream Team” Original art piece. The Dream team polarized not only NBA fans, but the average individual as well. The Dream team had an almost visible passion to be the best, just like The Upper Deck Company. It would be my “dream” to own this piece of art signed by Michael Jordan.

Daniel Quintanilla
January 10th, 2013 at 9:06 pm

I would be in sports memorabilia heaven if I was able to own the Michael Jordan Autographed Picture: Gatorade Slam Dunk Contest. One of the most iconic dunks of all time, from the greatest to ever play the game. I have been collecting Upper Deck cards since I was a kid, and it is my lifelong goal to eventually pull a Jordan auto!


I would love to buy the Landon Donovan Autographed “Game Winning Goal vs. Algeria” Photo this New Year 2013 from Upperdeckstore.com. It was, for me, the single greatest sports moment of all time! I think I shed a few tears of happiness when he scored that goal! I love all sports, but soccer is my favorite.


I would most like to own the Michael Jordan Autographed Hand Print. It would just be so awesome to put my own hand up against his and be that close to touching greatness every day. My wife is a big Jordan fan too, so she would probably let me hang it up in our bedroom. I better start saving now, so that by the end of the year I might be able to afford getting one.


The piece I hope to add this year is a numbered to 23 pair of Air Jordans signed by MJ himself. It would go great with my 50 plus non signed Air Jordan collection. Last year I was able to pull my first Jordan auto from Exquisite thanks to the greats odds. Heres to 2013 and for UD to keep making the best products out there.


I would absolutly love to ass this Bobby Orr Autographed NHL Puck in Commemorative “The Goal” Curve Display Item#: 76285 to my collection. I am extreamly excited that the lock-out has ended and right now I don’t care who’s faul it was. I just love hockey and my home town Boston Bruins. One thing I would like to say about your cards of authentic pieces or the autograph cards is that I think you should have them numbered. It would be nice to knowhen I get a card from your company, that it has a chance of being rare on not from a large lot. I think it would add a lot of value to your cards and the collectors would appreciate it greatly. Thanks for reading.


Bobby Orr “The Goal”. Timeless classic, of a man who represents the sport on and off the ice. Not a one time hero, but a legend, regardless of your favorite team, or even favorite sport. Although a small and/or copied version of this adorns every Bruins household, a classic, large, room-altering, authentic version is rare.


As a die-hard Philadelphia Flyers fan the Brayden Schenn & Sean Couturier autographed Philadelphia Flyers Home Jersey. It would be an outstanding framed piece to have hung in my office to show off to everyone! Both Sean and Brayden are up and coming stars who will take the NHL by storm this season and for many to come.


Anything sighted by Eayne Gretzky. He his one player I have never pulled in a pack of cards. It would be a dream pull.


I would love to add Patrick Kane ‘Curve’ Display with Autographed Chicago Blackhawks Hockey Puck to my collection. I would love to have this as my 10 year old son is really getting into collecting sports memorabilia and cards. He was so excited when he got his first Patrick Kane Card, because Patrick Kane is from our “Neighborhood here in Buffalo” he stated. Seeing him so excited and happy for a card of him, I can only imagine that he would jump through the roof if we were to add this to our joint venture of collecting.


Anything with Michael Jordan or Lebron James auto on it. The framed pieces such as the blown up Jordan card really stand out. So do the calendars come with the actual pieces inside signed ;)


Nothing would tickle me pink more than adding any type of picture of “The Goal” by Bobby Orr. The man is a legend even for somebody like me who didn’t even grow up in his era of excellence. I would giggle like a young Irish lad if I could have one of your calendars put up in the wall right above my racecar bed. Thanks


With the NHL returning soon id really enjoy a Steven Stamkos signed item. Would be a cool piece to add to my collection.


I have always wanted the Michael Jordan Autographed ‘Wings’ Poster. How can you beat a massive, autographed poster of the greatest athlete of all time??


I would like to add a few more Kirby Puckett cards to my collection.


Would love to add an Adam Wainwright game used jersey or an autograph to my collection . I love the Cardinals , have been a fan sense 1987 !


i must say honestly, upper desk has the finest memorabillia in the buisness. so there are so many it would be hard to choose from michael gordan to wayne gretsky. but all in all a muhamad ali would probably be the pinacle to me.


An autographed 24×30 picture of Ray Lewis living the Lombardi Trophy in his last game… Only a few more weeks


I have been a Rams fan for 40 years, and so far only have a UDA Warner 16×20 Auto, Fred Dryer 8×10 auto, and Jack Youngblood Mini helmet Auto. My resolution is to work earlier on my wife and kids for some great Christmas gifts to build up my Rams memorabilia collection. Hoping for at least 1 more of the following Bruce, Faulk, Holt or Bettis in Rams jersey. Unfortunately when I search the store and search Rams, i get Tiger Woods, and Jordan….Huh????


I would love a Michael Jordan framed autographed Jersey. It would be such a great conversation piece and would brighten any room. Or to have it hanging in my office at work. So anyone would visited me would be sure to notice.


I would love to add one or both of these UDA items: 1.) Michael Jordan autograph on an official game ball ( baseball or basketball), and 2.) a Sandy Koufax autohraphed official game baseball.


I would love an authographed photo of Kevin Garnett in a Celtics uniform where he is pulling the shirt out from his chest. I was at the game when he first did that and will never forget it. And if you can be an old collector and still have a favorite player, he is it.


I would love to own the Legends Framed photo with MJ, Tiger Woods, and Ali. That piece is history, 3 players that changed the world of sports FOREVER!!!


Michael Jordan 1986 Auto Fleer RC print. I got to see Jordan play live in 1987 at the old Boston Garden and I got his and Pippens autos. 2 months ago my house flooded and I lost 80% of my 40 year old collection including my only Jordan auto. I cry almost daily about the loss of my cards and autos.


I would love to add the Ali/Jordan/Woods Legends of Sport Triple Autographed Legends of Sport Platinum Edition to my collection. Putting the best ever from several different sports together on one piece is unbeatable – at least until you add more sports and make a Quadruple or Quintuple Autographed Legends of Sport. Plus, it’s a visually stunning piece. Now I just need to find a spare $6999.99.


Would absolutely love PK Subban “IceCharge Series” with Autographed Hockey Puck I am a massive Habs fan and would love to put that in my collection.


Upper deck made card collecting a true art form. I will never forget pulling my first 89 Griffey Jr rookie which is still my favorite card. you hit a home run when you created the company, in fact you knocked it out of the park. your cards will always remain my favorites and thanks for your classy work




Thanks to everyone who participated in this promotion. We really enjoyed your responses and appreciate the support. In the end we are happy to share calendars with the following participants:

Bryan – We could tell how much that goal by Landon Donovan meant to you!
Pat – Sorry to hear about the flood and your loss!
David – Your wife would let you hang a UDA Jordan piece in the bedroom? We love her!
Mark – Hopefully you can get that piece to close some deals in your office!
Lee – Go Flyers!

Look for an email from us if you are one of the collectors selected to receive a calendar! Thanks to everyone for participating!!!


I choose the Taylor Hall Auto Puck. Growing up in Edm I never couod afford togo to games, so next best was to collect Oil mem. but still @ 36yrs I dont have much. It would just be nice to have a puck signed by my sons hero.


I would choose the Tiger Woods Sweet Swing Autographed Framed Poster. This picture optimizes one of the sweetest swings in golf and the backdrop of the golf course and sky behind him is gorgeous. Then is capped off with his signature across the sky.


Since meeting PK back at the 2010 AHL All-Star Game, I have fell in love with his type of play. This piece, ‘PK Subban “IceCharge Series” with Autographed Hockey Puck’ is a dynamic work. The fact that it is limited to 25 copies makes it that much more collectible. Usually, I am not a fan of white space, but the radiance of the red really makes this collectable ‘pop’. :)

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