Brag Photo: History Channel’s ‘Pawn Stars’ Features Upper Deck George Washington Hair Cuts Autograph Card


The History Channel has a hit on their hands with the show “Pawn Stars” where collectors visit a Las Vegas pawn shop to have the staff make offers on their rare collectibles. In the episode “Hair Force One” which aired for the first time last night, a collector comes in with one of the most-unique collectibles Upper Deck has ever released. He was looking to sell his Upper Deck George Washington autograph hair card.


From the 2008 SP Legendary Cuts Baseball product, Upper Deck had ten total trading cards produced of notable names like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Geronimo, Andrew Jackson, Alexander Hamilton and Babe Ruth that featured a cut signature from the personality and an actual encapsulated strand of their hair. All ten of these cards have an authentic cut signature and hair strand. Each is numbered 1/1, making them a true, one-of-a-kind collectible.

When the product was first released, there was a huge “buzz” about these cards in the market and still to this day there is tremendous interest in them because they are so different. Shortly after that release, Upper Deck put out another series of “Hair Cuts” cards in 2008 A Piece of History Baseball with strands of hair from more personalities like Napolean Bonaparte, Lord Nelson, King George III and more!



After the episode aired, many fans of the show who had never heard of cards like this rushed to the internet to talk about the card. We saw posts like this on Twitter:

This dude spent 1100$ on a strand of George Washington‘s hair… WTF?

upperdeck is into george washington cards and had his hair and signatures guy try catch 65,000 off there rockers or serious old school

Dude on Pawn Stars had an Upper Deck Hair Cut Signatures George Washington 1/1, wanted 75k, Rick offered him 4k, dude kicked rocks

This guy on pawn stars seriously just tried to sell George Washington‘s hair for $65,000

How you gonna ask $75000 for one piece of George Washington‘s hair?

Had no idea Upper Deck sold cards with George Washington‘s hair #PawnStars

And while the two couldn’t get together on a price to make the transaction happen, it was neat to see the card and have it talked about during the show. These cards are absolutely real and were carefully assembled by hand here at Upper Deck headquarters in Carlsbad, CA. While it is different and weird, it’s important to remember that getting a lock of a celebrities hair used to be a big deal. Before people actively collected autographs and trading cards, locks of hair is what people collected from their favorite stars and war heroes. There is provenance to where these samples came from and it is just pretty unique to have a collectible like this. Take a look at some more of these cards from the set:






Upper Deck continues working to innovate trading cards with every new release. Just in the last year Upper Deck continued to press the envelope on trading card evolution by releasing cards like the Exquisite Dimensions card where the autograph appears to be floating in air, the Exquisite Choice cards that allow collectors to assemble their perfect multi-signed autograph card, the “It Came From Space” meteorite cards and even the Goodwin Champions Museum Collection cards that housed authentic artifacts from the Civil War. Upper Deck has also released video trading cards and continues to refine that technology. As a company, we look forward to continue bringing fans the type of trading cards that get them excited and talking. What do you think will be the next big thing Upper Deck brings to trading cards?

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