Upper Deck Releases Short Print Information on 2012 Marvel Premier


When Upper Deck debuted 2012 Marvel Premier this week, there were a lot of questions about how the market would react to such a high-end set of entertainment trading cards. Based on how many of these cards are selling in the secondary market on sites like eBay, it is clear fans are excited by them and willing to pay big buck for them. There have been questions however about two of the more unique inserts in the set with regard to the Classic Corners and Premier Shadow Box cards. There are different rarity levels to these cards that has been previously unreleased; until now.

Upper Deck is pleased to share the short print list for these two inserts in 2012 Marvel Premier.

2012 Marvel Premier Classic Corners
Group A: 1:33.3 packs


CC-4 Super Heroes Secret Wars (Vol 1)
CC-5 Amazing Spider-Man (Vol 1)
CC-25 Amazing Spider-Man
CC-29 Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2
CC-43 Howard The Duck

Group B: 1:10.4 packs


CC-27 Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1
CC-28 Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy
CC-30 The Amazing Spider-Man (Vol 1)
CC-37 Black Goliath
CC-38 Nova
CC-40 Night Rider
CC-44 Invaders (Vol 1)
CC-46 Marvel Two-In-One
CC-49 Marvel Spotlight: Warriors Three
CC-50 Marvel Spotlight: Deathlok

Group C: 1:5.7 packs


CC-10 Deadly Hands of Kung Fu
CC-14 Defenders (Vol 1.)
CC-20 Tomb of Dracula
CC-22 Black Bolt and the Inhumans (Vol2)
CC-23 Amazing Adventures The Beast
CC-24 Amazing Adventures The Beast
CC-26 Western Gunfighters The GR & AK
CC-32 The Avengers (Vol 1)
CC-34 Adventure into Fear – Man Thing
CC-35 Wolverine (Vol 2)*
CC-36 Beware
CC-41 Luke Cage, Hero For Hire
CC-42 Jungle Action (Vol 2) Black Panther
CC-45 The Human Torch (Vol 1)
CC-48 Marvel Spotlight: Ghost Rider

Group D: 1:3.2 packs


CC-1 X-Men (Vol 1)
CC-2 The Avengers (Vol 1)
CC-3 Fantastic Four (Vol 1)
CC-6 CaptainAmerica(Vol 1)
CC-7 Incredible Hulk (Vol1)
CC-8 The Amazing Spider-Man (Vol 1)
CC-9 Daredevil
CC-11 Amazing Spider-Man (Vol 1)
CC-12 Journey Into Mystery (Vol 1)
CC-13 Sub-Mariner (Vol 1.)
CC-15 Tales to Astonish (Vol 1.)
CC-16 Strange Tales (Vol 1.)
CC-17 Silver Surfer
CC-18 Monsters on the Prowl
CC-19 Iron Man (Vol 1)
CC-21 Inhumans and The Black Widow
CC-31 Amazing Spider-Man Ann. (Vol 1)
CC-33 Fear
CC-39 Nick Fury, Agent of shield
CC-47 Marvel Tales

2012 Marvel Premier Shadow Box
Group A: 1:41.7 packs


S-3 Spider-Man Vs Punisher
S-9 Dark Avengers VS Avengers
S-11 Ultimate Wolverine VS Ultimate Hulk
S-30 Moon Knight Vs Bushman

Group B: 1:13 packs


S-5 Magneto Vs Wolverine
S-29 Iron Fist Vs Hydra Foot Solders
S-35 X-men Vs Brotherhood
S-36 Namor Vs Hulk
S-37 Spider-Man Vs The Lizard
S-38 Iron Man Vs Mandarin
S-39 Spider-Man Vs Firelord
S-42 Professor X Vs Magneto

Group C: 1:6.1 packs


S-8 Red Hulk Vs Hulk
S-14 Spider-Man, A. Venom Vs Carnage, Venom
S-16 Sentry Vs World War Hulk
S-19 Thor Vs Hercules
S-23 Captain America Vs Baron Zemo
S-24 Vulcan Vs Black Bolt
S-25 Thor VS Iron Man
S-26 Iron Man Vs World War Hulk
S-27 Thanos Vs Earths Heroes
S-28 X-Men Vs Dark Avengers
S-34 Fantastic Four Vs Doctor Doom
S-40 X-Men Vs The Avengers

Group D: 1:3.2 packs


S-1 Spider-Man VS Green Goblin
S-2 Galactus Vs Fantastic Four
S-4 CaptainAmericaVs Iron Man
S-6 Daredevil Vs Bullseye
S-7 Thor Vs Hulk
S-10 Avengers Vs Skrulls
S-12 Spider-Man Vs Kraven
S-13 Iron Man Vs Iron Patriot
S-15 CaptainAmericaVS Red Skull
S-17 Wolverine Vs Lady Deathstrike
S-18 Thor VS Silver Surfer
S-20 X-men Vs Sentinels
S-21 Deadpool Vs Taskmaster
S-22 Thing Vs Hulk
S-31 Thor Vs Frost Giants
S-32 Thor Vs Loki
S-33 Silver Surfer Vs Galactus
S-41 Wolverine Vs Sabertooth


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I pulled a very nice Ghost Rider sketch card from a 2012 Marvel Premier pack, but I can’t identify the artist’s signature. It looks like ArtoRsin. I have seen other cards with this signature selling on-line with the artist listed as Unknown. Is there an updated list of artists? Any idea whose signature this is?


Jon, post an image on the Upper Deck Entertainment Facebook page so we can review. Here’s the link to get there:


Thanks. I posted a picture of the card.


Jon, I hope you found your answer. If you didn’t, I believe the artist you have is Virginia “Artofsin” Kakava. I am currently scouring the web & ebay trying to identify a signature and the artist’s style (with no luck so far). After seeing the signature of an artist, I remembered your question. I went to the link above, but I did not see your post/picture (maybe I am not looking in the right spot at the link above).


I think I finally found my artist…Brian Kong. Woo Hoo!

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