Finally a Credit Card that Rewards Sports Collectors


Professional leagues and franchises have offered sports fans credit cards with rewards for years now, but one important segment of the sports community has been forgotten until now; the collector. Upper Deck recently announced a strategic partnership with Dynamics Inc. to provide sports collectors with a new type of rewards experience where they can collect digital trading cards of their favorite players and earn exclusive physical packs.

Upper Deck Dynamics ePlate Credit Card Device

What makes this really exciting for collectors is they will be offered a new brand of cards called UD Infinite that are only available through the Upper Deck Experience™ rewards program on the ePlate™ credit card device. They will be offered in a foil pack format with randomly inserted autographs of top stars like LeBron James and Tiger Woods.


Another compelling aspect of the Dynamics ePlate™ credit card device is that it is battery powered and affords users with tremendous flexibility with regard to which of the company’s many reward programs they can choose, up until the point of purchase. If the Upper Deck Experience™ is selected at purchase, the user will immediately be informed they have received new digital trading cards on their smart phone or computer through the Dynamics Inc. ePlate™ application. Collectors can earn one digital card for every $10 in purchases they make. Once collectors complete a set of either football, basketball or golf digital trading cards, they can earn an exclusive physical foil pack of the UD Infinite cards that corresponds with the sport of their completed digital set.

Consumers can apply for a battery-powered Dynamics ePlate™ card at The ePlate™ credit card is subject to a credit approval.

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Interesting concept. Will this be coming to hockey at some point?


Yes, we are working on that now!


Is there a site to trade duplicates ?

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