Brag Photo: No Stickers Here; Finally Hard-Signed Jimmy Graham Autograph Rookie Cards


When it comes to collectors, and I’m talking about the true hard-core collectors, they prefer their signed rookie cards to actually have been touched and autographed by the athlete rather than having a signature label slapped on the card. The problem is, these hard-signed cards are very difficult to get done and can take a long time before they are completed. Upper Deck has been working diligently to get two such cards completed and we are happy to report they were finally signed this week.

For fans of the Miami Hurricanes and the New Orleans Saints, these cards are sure to be in high-demand. There are quite a few Jimmy Graham autograph rookie cards in the market, but almost everyone you will find is slapped with an autograph label. These have been signed on-card by Jimmy Graham and will be shipping to collectors who redeemed them very soon! We apologize to collectors for the lengthy delay on these cards, but we believe bringing a hard-signed version of his cards was something we had to do. We hope you find it worth the wait!


Jimmy Graham’s SP Authentic Signed Rookie card will be heading out to the lucky collector’s mailboxes who redeemed them very soon!


Collectors who redeemed this card from 2010 Exquisite Collection Football will receive this card: 2010 EXQUISITE FOOTBALL EXQUISITE ROOKIE SIGNATURES Z #’D TO 65 CD #158

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Is it true that less than 100 of the 2010 SP Authentic Jimmy Graham cards were released?

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