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When I tell people I work for Upper Deck the first thing they ask me about is baseball cards and usually the 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card. Upper Deck and baseball go together like mustard on hot dogs. So it has been disappointing for so many here at our corporate headquarters that licensing changes have greatly hindered Upper Deck’s ability to put out new baseball products. We have had some successes however like 2011 SP Legendary Cuts Baseball which was a product that consisted almost entirely of imageless cards, but we were able to come up with compelling designs to make it work.

We have a very passionate group of creators just busting at the seams to produce new baseball releases and when we first shared the idea of 2012 SP Signature Edition Baseball with a small group of distributors and shops, we received a favorable response. With autographs from 50 Hall-of-Fame players (including some who are now deceased) and a bevy of current stars and prospects, we believed we could build a checklist with a lot of fire-power for collectors. And with ZERO redemptions in the product, we knew we were coming up with something collectors would appreciate. Unfortunately we were not able to promote the product before release, but take a listen to Upper Deck’s product manager Grant Sandground as he shares what it took to bring this set to market and why 2012 SP Signature Edition Baseball provides an exciting pack opening experience.

The folks at Beckett recently had their opportunity to get a chance to check out 2012 SP Signature Edition Baseball as well. Take a listen to what they thought and what they pulled:

And there have been some pretty significant cards pulled from the product giving collectors a reason to smile.

2012 SP Signature Edition Baseball Koufax

A collector smiles after pulling a Koufax autograph card!

We frequently hear at shows that fans miss seeing new Upper Deck baseball products and we have seen many going back to older releases just to get the value and content they miss. Additionally, we have also seen independently created groups like this one on Facebook who are rallying to see Upper Deck back in baseball. We appreciate that a strong fan base for Upper Deck’s baseball products still exist and to thank fans for their support and to give them a chance to experience the first stand-alone baseball release in over a year.

We want to give you a chance to open a pack of 2012 SP Signature Edition Baseball and try it out for yourself for FREE! All you need to do to participate is to review the short print checklist from the set and share in the comment section below which baseball player is your favorite in the set and why you would love to pull an autograph card of them in three sentences or less. We will give out twelve (12) packs to fans who most skillfully submit a compelling comment by 2:00 p.m. on Friday, July 13. We are using most of our sample packs with collectors here for this product as we truly want the fans to experience 2012 SP Signature Edition Baseball for themselves!

For those who score a free pack, let us know how you do on the Upper Deck Facebook page or on Twitter!

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Even though I am an Indians fan first, I would be absolutely ecstatic to pull an autograph of my favorite player, Randy Johnson. Growing up as a kid in the 90s, Randy was by far the best pitcher in the league to me, between his huge height, powerful fastball, intimidating looks (and of course the wonderful 90s hair). While I might be able to save up and buy an autograph of his individually, pulling one from a pack would be by far my favorite pull ever.


Sandy Koufax is my favorite player in the set and I would love to pull him becaus he is a legend and his autographs are scarce.


I would be thoroughly excited for the chance to pull an Avila/Castellanos/Turner triple auto. All three will have a HUGE impact on the future of the great Detroit Tigers organization and a card like that would look great on the shelf at home!


Matt Wieters.
Been waiting forever for more of his cards to drop!


While I would love to pull a Nolan Ryan (always), I think I’d rather have a Jeff Bagwell. He signs so rarely anymore that it’d make me giddy to pull something of his.

Although that said? I would have loved a Biggio/Bagwell dual.


Randy ‘The Big Unit’ Johnson
Id love to pull an autographed card of fireballer Randy Johnson. I was a lifelong Montreal Expos fan and when he pitched for us it was almost a guaranteed win. The card is from Seattle but thats cool he will always be an Expos to me..


Growing up in the Midwest, people always wonder how I became a Rangers fan living in southeast iowa. One vacation, we went to texas and my first game was the rangers vs the bluejays where I instantly became a rangers fan. Still chasing after a nolan Ryan and a josh Hamilton autograph which would mean a lot from a guy who grew up a rangers fan in iowa.


jeter because im a long time yankee fan


For me its Derek Jeter…UD spokesman and the best..I said …the best shortstop to ever play the game. He is a tremendous player, incredible athlete, and a champion.


When I was a small boy growing up in New Jersey, I needed to pick a team to root for, and although most of my friends picked the Yankees or Mets, I just loved watching Mike Schmidt play the game, and became a lifelong Phillies fan. I used to drive with my father to games in Philly, and even though he passed away over 10 years ago, I always think of him when I watch the Phillies play. Michael Jack Schmidt epitomized everything right with baseball.


I would love to pull a Danny Espinosa autograph. A few years back when he was playing in the Cape Cod Baseball League for the Chatham A’s, I talked to him for a good long while about everything baseball. It was really cool to see him get drafted and now starting for the Nationals. It was especially great to see him take Cliff Lee yard twice in a game last year! It would be really special to pull an autograph of his from this set.


My favorite card by far is in Group E- 1:1.5 packs CHW-2 Frank Thomas “BIG HURT” BABY. First baseball player I ever liked, only one I still super collect. Go White Sox


Locally we have a minor league team the Princeton Rays and the two most important people who have came out of the team here was the outfield duo of Carl Crawford and Josh Hamilton. Those two were the best out fielders Princeton has had and Josh would sign for all the fans and wouldn’t complain. But i own zero autos of Josh Hamilton and pulling one from a pack would be the highlight of my year!


I’d love to pull a Ron Santo autograph so I could give it to a huge Cubs/Santo fan who’s a friend of mine. With Santo now no longer with us, it would mean a lot to her. I’d enjoy giving away a great gift much more than keeping a personal favorite card for myself.


Gary Carter is by far what I would like to pull the most. I always enjoyed watching him play and after meeting him as a child have never stopped collecting items revolving around him.


It has to be Derek Jeter. He’s the consummate professional, and has been the cornerstone of the greatest franchise in American sports for fifteen years. I’m a casual collector, so a Jeter autograph would likewise be the cornerstone of my collection.


Growing up in Canada we didn’t watch a lot of baseball but that being said Nolan Ryan was always a huge favourite of mine. He was just dominating on the mound and pulled me in to watch baseball and got me into collecting baseball cards as I wanted to see if I could get some amazing Nolan Ryan cards. Would be an awesome card to add to my collection to pull an autograph.


I would love to get a Joe Carter Auto for sure! I remember when I was 11 years old sitting in front of the TV with my Grandpa (Passed away last year), watching Joe hit that Bottom of the 9th 3 Run homerun off Mitch Williams to win the World Series. GO JAYS GO!


I grew up watching the Atlanta Braves with my Dad. I remember cheering for Glavine, Maddux and Chipper Jones with him. Out of the checklist I saw, I would love to get a Chipper Jones Auto the most and that would probably be one of the best cards I have in my collection.


I would love to pull a Brett Lawrie card of any kind because I believe it would kindle a new collection of baseball cards along with my collection of hockey.


I would love to pull a boyhood idol of mine, will the thrill Clark, cause he’s a great all around mans man and ima long time giants fan since diapers. It may be short and sweet but the auto product looks great and there’s a bunch stuff I wouldn’t mind pulling! Thanks for opportunity!


As a baseball fan in general, I really enjoy watching the game. I’ve had the opportunity to visit multiple parks in the midwest area where I am from, and by far the college world series in Omaha is the best. Not many baseball fans had the opportunity to visit, let one know about, rosenblatt stadium which is dissapointing because the baseball experience was by far the best. In 2010, the last year at rosenblatt, Trevor Bauer made a name for himself. I would love to receive a Trevor Bauer card because I had the opportunity to watch him play the game before he made his diamondbacks debut and it would really mean alot to me.


Long time Mets fan, the 86 world series team was great. Not much Dykstra stuff out there would be cool to pull one of him. The whole checklist of players is great.


Sandy Koufax was one of those players my Dad used to go on and on about. Since my father was the type of guy who would give me the last $5 in his pocket to get me a pack of cards, I think it would be fitting to pull an auto of one of his all time favorites. He would probably just look down at me, shake his head and say ” Eh, it’s no Jackie Robinson…” :)


Bo Jackson – is one that I’d like to pull, as a child of the early ninety’s Bo played in two major sports leagues; football and baseball. Bo Knows…


The card that i would love to pull out would be the Bryce Harper/Stephen Strasburg dual auto. Watching these kids do the things they do at there age still amazes me because i can’t believe how young they are.Both of them have cannons built right on there hands and Harper’s range on the field “WOW”, They are gonna be legit all stars for a long time.


When I was 6 years old I saw a rookie card with a kid on it named Ken Griffey Jr. With that beautiful sweet swing that noone could ever match I started collecting baseball cards and tried to collect as many Griffeys as I could over the years as I grew up watching him play. That special card revolutionized the sports card industry and there will never be anything like it ever again.


MIL-3 Geoff Jenkins – First saw Geoff play with the 1994 US National team when they trained in Millington TN and was a big fan. Followed him throughout the minors and became a Brewers fan when he hit Milwaukee. I think I voted a hundred times for him on the All Star Game Final Vote in 2003 and despite not being a Phillies fan, was thrilled to see him finally pick up a ring in 2008!


I live in Pittsburgh and havent seen a winning team here since I was 13, with this years team it gives me hope that they can finally catch up with the penguins and steelers. Id be thrilled to pull an auto of the pirates or of my fav player Josh Hamilton. This years pirates team along with Josh has renewed my love of baseball.


From the SP list I’d have to with Lou Brock. I’ve met him on numerous occasions and he has been a class act every time. I was very disappointed in this product, but I do have to give you Kudos formthe giveaway.


I honestly don’t even know how to narrow it down to one player. I looked at the checklist, and there are way to many great names to pick just one. I would love to pull an Ernie Banks, or Ron Santo. I am a huge Cubs fan, but I would absolutely love to pull a Jim Thome. He is one of my all time favorite players. He plays the game the right way, and is a great guy. Fantastic job on the product Upper Deck. Welcome back to baseball!!!!


David Eckstein. I am a season ticket holder of the Lowell Spinners and Eckstein was the first former Spinner to really make a mark on the majors (even though it was as an Angel and not a Red Sox). Was so happy for him to win a WS ring in LA. He was one of the hardest working grittiest players I have ever seen.


I would love to pull an autograph of the Bryce Harper/Stephen Strasburg card. Talk about two future greats that would make my collection priceless. It is a card like that which makes collecting one of the most fun hobbies to take up.


My favorite player in the set is Nolan Ryan. My younger brother is named after him and my three brothers and I have tried to get as many Nolan Ryan cards as we can and to this date we have never been able to pull an autographed card of him. This would definitely have to be the coolest pull ever if I was to pull our first Nolan Ryan autographed card out of this pack!


Easy choice. As a Jays fan I have wanted to add an auto of Joe Carter since the ’93 World Series. Adding the TOR-2 Joe Carter card to the PC would be a dream come true. Who wouldn’t want a Carter auto (except maybe the Wild Thing).


I am a huge, huge tigers fan. I was browsing the checklist and this caught my eyes: (Alex Avila/Nick Castellanos/Jacob Turner) I would go crazy to get autographs of these young talents, but choosing just one guy, an all time pull i would foam at the mouth for would be Tigers Legend Al Kaline. The checklist is just superb, I cannot wait to get my hands on these.

Matthew Kohlmeier
July 10th, 2012 at 12:15 pm

Just so you know a little bit about me, I am a huge Chicago Cubs fan living in Milwaukee, WI. The card I would most love to pull from this product would be a Ron Santo. My grandpa was a die hard Cubs fan and always loved watching him and listening to him on the radio throughout his life. My grandpa has passed away, but I will forever hold onto and cherish the memories of Cubs baseball in his living room down in Illinois. He and Ron Santo are a huge part of why I am a Cubs fan today, and why I will be one until the day I die.


iam a big red sox fan i have been since i was born since i heard my dads cousin works for the new england teams any one on the soxs i love and collect


Ernie Banks is and was the consummate professional. The fact that the odds are so good to pull someone of his caliber is nice. They stopped making players like him a long time ago. Class act the whole way.


My favorite player in the set is Cal Ripken, Jr. and to pull an autograph of him would be very fulfilling because he was so dedicated in his 21 seasons. It was similar to how Michael Jordan came back and played at an older age, not because of what people would say about him, but despite it. I enjoy the products like these with no redemptions because even years later, you can bust them worry free.


Gary Carter….I was drafted by the Mets on my first little league team, caught, wore #8, and even copied his stance!!! 27 years later, I still root for the Mets and ” The Kid” has always been my favorite player (RIP)!!!!!!!!


I would love to pull a Carp auto. He gave the Cardinals his heart and soul in last years playoff run, while costing himself his 2012 season. He was amazing to watch and I wish he would get more respect in the baseball world than what he does.


I remember my youth being full of sitting down in front of the TV with my Dad to watch Maddux, Glavine, McGriff, Jones (Chipper and Andruw), and many many others. One year, I had saved up all my money to go out to the card shop and I bought every single Braves card I could with what I had to give to my Dad that year for his Birthday and he still has all those cards. Out of the checklist, I would be the most happy with any of the Braves in the set, but more specifically Chipper Jones and that would probably be one of the better items in my collection.


Set looks great and boy do I miss collecting. Its tough these days to collect since theres not any extra money to spend on hobby products. Anyway, love the fact that Jose Canseco is in the set. I followed him for many years and collected most of his base cards. Sad to say though that I don’t own a game used or an autographed card of Jose. If I win a pack I will be grateful. Thank you Upper Deck for giving me a chance to win a pack of 2012 SP Signature.


As a Polish Red Sox fan, I’d love to pull the Carl Yastrzemski. It would remind me of a better time when players actually spent their entire career with one team and didn’t chase the almighty dollar from team to team.


For me it has to be Ken Griffey Jr. i met him in seattle at a mariners game it was my first game as a fan and i was eight .all i got to say was hi but he was an awesome guy i never got an autograph though. my dad had a ton of mariners autos except for Ken’s i would proablly give it to him thanks UD.


Joe Carter! Being a 10-yo baseball player with my dad halfway across the country, Blue Jays baseball brought us together. I still remember his home run off Mitch ‘Wild Thing’ Williams to win the series (a well-inside inside pitch clobbered to left field) and the announcer proclaiming: “Well hit down the left field line, way back annnnd GONE!” The only thing better than jumping all over the house screaming was the phone call I received, not more than 30 seconds later, from my dad.


I would love to pull a bryce harper. Even though all the hall of famers in the set are great. I would prefer to pull a great future hall of famer.


I would say that the checklist for this set looks like it offers plenty of bang for the buck. I myself plan on purchasing a box or two if my LCS is able to get any. I would like most to pull a Nolan Ryan autograph. As a little league pitcher I always wanted to be like Nolan. I remember being a child and being more into football than anything and seeing Nolan Ryan kick the crud out of robin ventura and thinking to myself, maybe these guys are pretty tough afterall. I gained immediate respect for Nolan and followed him for the rest of his career and even now as an owner of the Rangers. GO RANGERS!!!


Bo knows…. Was thinking about Bo Jackson with all of the AllStar activities going on this week. What could have been? I was glad to see his name on your redemption list. He played an epic all star game back in the day and I thought he was well on his way to both the football and baseball Hof. I wish more athletes played with his intensity and heart these days…


Derek Jeter.
Mainly because I would love to be able to give it to my sister. She bought a Derek Jeter autographed eight by ten and it turned out to be a fake. I know that it is fake and she does not so I would love to have a Jeter autograph to give her and throw out that junk autograph.


Back in 2004 as a member of the Jr. Jays Fan Club, I had the great opportunity to have lunch with Roy Halladay when he was with the Toronto Blue Jays. Mr. Halladay was one of the nicest and most personable professional athletes I have ever met and really took the time to get to know me as well as sharing his story with my dad and I. Unfortunately, I was so caught up in the moment that I had forgotten to get his autograph so I would love to pull one from a pack of 2012 SP Signature Edition Baseball!


I think it would be great to get an autograph Carl Yastrzemski card. I feel he is one of the best players from my favorite team.


I would love to pull any NY Met, but especially Gary Carter. One of my all-time favorite players on my favorite team. He was a great person taken before his time.


I’m a hugs Reds fan,and my collection of cards goes back to the 1950’s, so any of Cincinnati Reds Autos would be great, and if the Latos is in a Reds uniform, I’d love to hit that one to add to my collection.


Gosh there are so many on the list, and while he wasn’t the greatest player on the list (or even my favorite probably as it’s hard to beat pudge or Ryno for me) I love Bo Jackson for the amaizing athelete he was. I really believe that had he been able to stay healthy that man could have done anything. He was a competitor and could put his mid to anything. I’ll never foget in his first game back for the Sox the monster HR he hit. He could run the bases in sub 13 seconds, he was unreal, oh and baseball was his “2nd sport” which made it that much more amaizing. I’d love to get my hands on a Bo knows graph!




Wade Boggs! I once traded a Ken Griffey Jr. 89 UD Rookie straight across so I could get my hands on a Wade Boggs rookie. Call it a bit regretful, my Dad sure chewed my ear off, but I still love Boggs and would love to pull his Autograph! In the end, being from Seattle, I ended up a die hard Griffey fan. Funny how things work out. Thanks for the chance!


Sandy Koufax, the undisputed greatest Jewish athlete of any sport in any era. About a decade ago now, as a Jewish adolescent, I received my Bar Mitzvah. While money certainly made for a great gift, no single item that I received that day left more of an impact on me than an autographed Koufax baseball that a close family friend gave to me. Less than a year later, I used some of my money to double my collection- I purchased an autographed Sandy Koufax 8 x 10. I put the two in a shadow box that I have proudly hung on my wall to this day. As an aspiring Jewish athlete at the time, I clung to the few Jewish athletes that have left an impact within their respective sports- namely Mark Spitz with his record-breaking Olympic performance, Shawn Green with his four home run game, and Hammerin’ Hank Greenberg. But none left more of an impact on me than Sandy Koufax- the man whose strength and dedication led his team to the greatest stage in baseball, only to push it all aside in order hold on to his Jewish beliefs by sitting out a World Series matchup that fell on Yom Kippur- the holiest day of the Jewish calendar. Today, I proudly wear his jersey as a reminder that anything is possible. While I may have long left behind my aspirations to become the next Ryan Braun, Hammerin’ Hank, or even Jason Marquis as a handful of the few Jewish baseball players that have had an impact on the baseball world, I choose to carry on Sandy’s legacy for my future generations that not just Jews but rather people of any race, religion, or creed can accomplish their dreams without compromising their beliefs. That is why I am a huge Sandy Koufax fan, and that is why I proudly carry his legacy within me.


I would love to pull a Carlton Fisk card. Be able to watch him play at Comiskey Park he became my all time favorite player.


Growing up in Iowa, the Minnesota Twins were my favorite team. Pulling a Rod Carew autograph would be a thrill, they didn’t have autographs in packs when I was a kid.


My favorite player is Sandy Koufax. My son always gives me a box of Upper Deck baseball cards for my birthday and one of my best hits was a Koufax autograph card found in a box of Artifacts! I’d love to pull another.


My favorite would have to be Bo Jackson. Before there was Michael Jordan hysteria there was Bo Jackson. He was a do it all athlete in baseball ,as well as, football. Had he not gotten hurt he could quite possibly have been the greatest running back of all time. Even now people remember the “Bo knows” campaign. I had the privilege of seeing him play in college and still consider him as not only one of the greatest players of all time, but also a wonderful human being!


I don’t have a snowballs chance in Corpus Christie, that said…

I still don’t own an Albert Pujols auto. bought a fake once(they were good)but given his contributions over the last 10 years, that’s the one I’d like to add to the PC


As a long suffering Padres fan, I would love to pull a Yasmani Grandal autograph card. With a constantly changing roster, I’m hoping his fast start is the beginning of great things for him and the franchise. The Padres are in dire need of a superstar, and with a farm system loaded with talent, I’m hoping he’s the cornerstone of a team that can emulate the 90’s Indians for years to come.


Branding Phillips
I’m a life long Reds fan. Growing up watching reds greats like Barry Larkin. It’s great to have a player like Phillips to bring us back to the bigtime.


I would love to pull a Glen Perkins card. He hasn’t had any autographs in Upper Deck products in a while. I was surprised to see he had made it in, but I was more than glad, as I am a huge collector. Upper Deck has produced some of his better cards in the past few years and I always love adding them to my collection!


I would love to pull a Clayton Kershaw from the set. I remember being at his last Double-A game in Zebulon, a few other collectors were waiting for an auto but he never came out dressed. I saw someone walking with bags, and made the connection, he was more than happy to sign a ball for me as he was on his way to the show.


When I was young my Grandparents were huge Braves fans and took me to see them in the 70’s. My Grandmother loved the Braves for years after and I would always watch on tv with her or would call her and talk about the game. she loved it but always called the pitching staff wrong names-Maddux,Glavine,Smotltz was Madrux,Gavine and Shultz. I would love to pull any Braves auto from a pack of these cards. It would be great for my collection andf memories.


Would love to pull a Bo Jackson auto. Truly one of the greatest athletes of our time. If he had remained healthy he could have potentially been a first ballot hof’er in 2 sports!


Wade Miley. My son and I got to meet him and his parents at a Mobile Baybears game last year.


Oh, even though its not a rare pull, it’s gotta be Ryne Sandberg. The best second baseman, and overall terrific person. As a kid, I cheered for Sandberg whenever he was on the MLB Game of the Week (TV viewing of the Cubs was limited in Canada). The guy always carried himself with class, honour and integrity and was my favourite ballplayer. A Sandberg auto would be the gem of my collection.


I would love to pull an autograph from Whitey Ford (NYY-1) from the 2012 SP Signature Edition. It was an honor to meet him when I was a 10 year old boy at a baseball card show, where he took the time to have a conversation with me while signing my baseball. Pulling an autograph card of Whitey Ford would be an awesome way to help remember that special day.


I would love to pull any of the players that were former Montreal Expos. With such a proud heritage and a great list of players, any player that played for the Expos would be a welcome addition to my collection.


I would like to pull the Frank Thomas. I got to meet Thomas at a card show back in 1991 and collected him ever since. My favorite Frank Thomas card of all time is his 1991 Upper Deck. at one time I had every Thomas card from 1990-1998. Thanks for the opportunity.


I would love to pull a Ferguson Jenkins card.
My dad grew up in Chicago and Fergie is his all time favrotie player. I grew up listening to stories about his greatness


As a Cardinals fan, I would love to pull an Albert Pujols card. I hold no ill-will for him as he led St. Louis to 2 World Championships and gave us 10 incredible years. Plus, he’s going into the Hall of Fame.


I would love to pull a Bo Jackson autograph,as watching him grow up as a kid,I always wanted to be like him and be able to not 1 but 2 sports,he is a true legend in my eyes.


My favorite all time player would have to be: Group A: TEX-1 Nolan Ryan,
as my dad and I would travel over 200 miles to see him play when he was with Houston in the early 80’s, Ryan gave me the baseball bug!!!

Patrick McManaman
July 10th, 2012 at 12:37 pm

Andre “the hawk” Dawson is who I would love to have an autograph from. He was my childhood hero growing up. One of six players to record 300 hr’s and 300 sb’s!


Carlton Fisk would be the one id love to pull. Him waving the walkoff homer in the 75 World Series is a huge event in Boston sports history.


I would love to pull this card
PIT-2 Bill Madlock
PIT-11 Jameson Taillon
PIT-14 Pedro Alvarez/Gerrit Cole/Jameson Taillon

I am a Pirates fan and this would be a great card for any Pirates collection.

However, My two all time favorite players are Chipper Jones and Jr. I have never pulled a Chipper Jones auto and would love to pull one of his as well. He was the first play i really liked in the MLB and to me he was the face of MLB for years with his positive attitude and his overall positive persona he had around the sport.


Without a doubt, my favorite player on the list and of all time is “The Big Hurt”! Frank Thomas is the reason I fell in love with baseball and am now a life-long fan of the White Sox! I would love to pull his autographed card because I gave my 10 year old son my Frank Thomas rc card to get him into collecting a few years ago and would love to pass this to him as well, and my birthday is on July 14th!


I would love to get my hands on the WAS-11 Bryce Harper/Stephen Strasburg card. I think those two names would speak for themselves

Daniel Lowenthal
July 10th, 2012 at 12:40 pm

Bo Jackson represents the ultimate sportsman, an athlete who could perform at the highest level in multiple sports, without skipping a beat; besides baseball and football, Bo was an exceptional track and field star before he committed to his other sports full time. But his greatest accomplishment was not achieved on the field, but rather in the locker room during interviews: a lifetime stutterer, Bo vanquished his lifelong disorder by referring to himself as “Bo” instead of “I,” because he had an easier time saying it, and for that reason I would love to pul a Bo Jackson short print.


I would love to pull the Edgar Martinez auto because he is my sister’s favorite player and I would love to give the autograph to her.


I would love to pull a Chipper Jones Auto. He is my baseball idol and he is what Braves baseball is all about. Plus I would get to share and pass the card on to my daughter.


Bryce Harper because he is a new young phenom in the major leagues and plays for a future world series contender. The kid has a bright future and is potentially a future HOFer.


Bring a Texas Rangers fan, I would love to pull a Nolan Ryan or Josh Hamilton autograph … but being an overall baseball fan, I would love to pull a Sandy Koufax auto!


So awesome to see Johnny Pesky with an auto in this set. He doesn’t get very much hobby attention in the hobby world but to Red Sox fans he is like a favorite grandfather. Pulling an auto of him would be a thrill, and I’m glad to see that cards of players like him are still being produced.


As a lifelong Cubs fan, I’d love a chance at a Billy Williams, Ernie Banks or Ron Santo auto. Cubs fans suffer every day, but in the end we will prevail! I’m raising my kids as Cubs fans knowing someday they’ll get to the promised land! Believe! There is always next year!!


The Ryan Express, Nolan Ryan, would be my dream pull. Ryan embodied the spirit, athleticism and class of a true professional over the course of an amazing 27-year MLB career. A true gentleman (except for a short and lively incident with Robin Ventura) on and off the field and a person you would want your kids to call role model!


Being a die-hard fan of Los Angeles sports, any of the Dodger legends would be great. Koufax, Newcombe, Erskine, Snider, Baker, Cey, Garvey… Any, and all, of those names belong in a true Dodger fan’s collection. Although I have to admit the ultimate one to own would be a Jackie Robinson, but we all know how difficult that is to obtain.


Being in college the hobby of collecting quality cards has been extremely slow and almost non-existent. But as growing up a cardinals fan in south Texas my dad passed along his love for the team to me so the chance to pull anyone of the current, former, and legendary cardinals is a true excitement. Busting a huge pack would bring back the exhilaration of my younger years with my dad at card shows and hoping to pull that one card that reminds you that its all worth every penny and all the yards i mowed to pay for the boxes upon boxes of cards.


I would love the chance to pull a Tom Glavine autograph in the 2012 SP Signature Edition. I look up to him as an athlete as he was both a great baseball player, and also was a skilled hockey player (he was drafted by the Los Angeles Kings). Hockey and baseball are my favorite sports, so Tom Glavine is one of my favorite athletes.


Chipper Jones!!
Chipper has been my idol since I was a kid, I collect his cards religiously, and would die to pull his auto in this product. Hope I have the chance!!


Rocky Colavito was a favorite player of my grandparents who helped get me hooked on the great game of baseball and he has very few cards or autographs in recent sets that would mean a lot to me to have.


Derek Jeter would be a great pull for me. Ever since my mom and dad cane to north America , Derek Jeter had become their favorite player. If I pulled his auto I would give the card to my parents.


I would love to pull a Chipper Jones card. He is the reason I grew up loving the game of baseball. As much as I love my father he wasn’t huge into sports, so I wasn’t influenced by him to gain a love of America’s pastime. The memory that influenced me the most was watching ESPN as a little boy and seeing them interview Chipper after the 1999 World Series and his MVP season. Even though the Bravos lost to the Yankees, Chipper was still humble and I connected with his down home country attitude toward the game like I had not experienced with anything else in my life. It was through him that I could see that, to those that loved baseball, it was more than a game, it was life.


A multiple signed Mets card would be huge…perhaps one with Seaver and Ryan and Doc and Straw commemorating 69 and 86….


I would like to pull the BAL-2 Cal Ripken Jr. in Group E. Ripken Jr. was the whole reason I got started in collecting baseball cards, not to mention he is an amazing player! I am a huge Orioles fan, and even have the Orioles logo tattoo on my arm. There may not be many Orioles fans out there but I am one and I am proud to say that pulling my favorite player (Ripken Jr.) would probably be one of the best pulls of my life!

Kristian Pierson
July 10th, 2012 at 12:56 pm

I would love to pull a Bo Jackson card. My dad played football with him in high school and told me all about how great of a person he was on and off the field.


Growing up as a Pirates fan in the 1990’s it was rough for collecting after Bonds, Van Slyke, & Bonilla all left. There was a void for MANY years of talent and collecting wasn’t fun anymore. The Pirates have rebounded (as you can tell by the division standings thus far) and have drafted well in recent years, so my player(s) would be the triple auto of Alvarez, Cole, & Taillon.


I reviewed the checklist and was like wow! This is the best autograph series to ever be assembled. With names like Ryan Sandberg, Nolan Ryan, Ernie Banks, and Mr October Reggie Jackson. This set is sure to hit a grand slam with collectors. I started schooling my son early about baseball and all of the stars. He is now 10 years old and It will be very nice to open up this product. Thanks Upperdeck for such a great product for a father and a son to collect!


how could you not want a jim thome? one of my all time favorite indians!! it broke my heart when he left, still one of the best power hitters!!


Mr. Cub Ron Santo would be an excellent piece of history. Not just a legendary player but an excellent announcer. I am a Cubs fan would truly appreciate an autograph Ron Santo card since I caught a walk off homer at Wrigley which Ron Santo called.


It would have to be Gary Carter. I became an Expo’s fan because of his playing days with them. The Kid was first-class on and off the field.


I am a San Francisco Giants fan. I think having one of these packs would help stop the bleeding that the giants have been giving me lately. When you get beat 13-2 in the last game of the first half that is rough. I did notice in a box break video that there are chances of a Will “the thrill” Clark autographed card. Would love to have that.


I would love to pull a Tino Martinez Auto.. When he replaced Mattingly he wasnt given much respect, but then he earned it as a classy player on and off the field and having many “Yankee Moments”.


i would love to pull tino Martinez because he was very inspirational for me as a young Hispanic American by his work ethic and skill in the pro baseball world


I would love to pull a Chipper Jones! I’m a huge Braves fan and watch every single game. I wear my Chipper jersey during every game but I don’t have his auto at all, and this is a great chance at winning one.


I think I would like to pull the Nolan Ryan card. My son is named Nolan Ryan Tate. Plus, it would make my Dad really jealous since it is his favorite player of all time.


Stan (The Man)Musuial not only because of what he has done on the field but for the hundreds of other contributions he has given to the community, and the world. He is a one of a kind guy who truely cares and is one of the best role models to ever grace us as fans.


My favorite player from the list is Trevor Bauer. Because I believe he is the next big thing in Arizona Diamondbacks franchise.


i would love to pull the quad auto card with reid brignac & david price of the tampa bay rays. my daughter and i are rays fans, her fav player is brignac and mine is price. we could share this card together!


Me and my brother have been collecting cards since we were little, and this year is the last year before I go off the college. We are really close, and cards is a special hobby we share together. It would be amazing to Have a chance to try these cards out. Thanks.


Tony Gwynn. Always a great hitter and I feel underated as a player. Saw him play in Walla Walla, Washington as it was close to where I grew up and fell in love with his swing. Followed his career with the Padres and would love to add his auto to my collection.


I’ve always been a fan of athletes who have that special combination of talent and pure hard work, who play at an elite level because they put the time in to get there. Those select few are who I pick for my role models and show to my kids so they can see what they can do if they get down and work, and that’s why I would love to pull an auto of the ironman, Mr Cal Ripken, Jr.


I would be ecstatic to pull a Nolan ryan auto. He was my fave player growing up and I missed a chance for his auto at old municipal stadium when my dad and I stood w rangers families after the game, but he left out the back. I have over100 of his cards but zero autographs.


I would love to pull a Tim “roc” Raines, went to a card show to get his auto 20+ years ago when I was 12. They told me I was too late, Tim’s manager heard this went and told Tim, He spend an hour with me, way to go Tim ur always a HOFer to me!!!’n


We all hope UD gets their license on not MLB but with the NBA. The challenges you guys put on with others makes the hobby.


I would love to pull a Nolan Ryan Auto, the first baseball game i saw was him pitching when he was with the Astros and I was hooked. I’ve been collecting Baseball cards for 30 years and I never pulled a ryan auto that would be cool.


I would love to get an auto of Fergie Jenkins being he was a great pitcher for the Cubs and is the first Canadian player to be in the Hall of Fame. Hopefully soon there are some other Canadians joining him in the Hall!

Taylor Wilkerson
July 10th, 2012 at 1:17 pm

It would be an absolute thrill to pull out an autograph of the unsung tiger Al Kaline. Kaline is very under appreciated by common fans due to the fact that he played during the same era as Musial, Mantle, Williams, and Mays, who just overshadowed him. This card would go great with my other Kaline cards, including the 1955 Bowman of his I picked up at a flea market last week for a $1.


BOS-16 Dustin Pedroia would be the ultimate pull after a rough half of the season for the Sox and Sox fans! To bigger and better things in the second half.


Jim Thome, because last summer, my best friend Rich was losing his battle with cancer, and Jim talked with him over the phone. That meant the world to my friend, and I will forever be a Jim Thome fan!


The card I would most like to pull from the SP checklist is definately Nolan Ryan. A truely worth SP card as he was even more difficult to hit off of in real life then in this product. I hope I don’t strike out in this contest but if I do, why not to the king of the no-hitters?


I would love to pull a Ken Griffey Jr Autograph (SEA-3 Ken Griffey Jr.). He is the reason I started collecting baseball cards at a young age and I’ve been hooked ever since! I still to this day have not pulled a Griffey autograph, maybe this is my chance! I sure did miss Griffey while watching the Home Run Derby last night.


I would love to pull Mike Schmidt. If it wasn’t for him I would never have liked baseball and started collecting, growing up in Philly with the Phillies in the mid 80’s were bad times.


I would love to pull this card (WAS-11 Bryce Harper/Stephen Strasburg) as I’m sure so would many other collectors. But, for me, being a Mets fan, it’s like a do-over of Gooden & Strawberry that hopefully leads to much more fulfilling careers. And I love every second of it!


I would be excited beyond belief to have the distinct pleasure of pulling a Harper/Strasburg dual auto from a pack of SP Signature. These two phenoms are the future of baseball and although I’m a die-hard Yankee fan, these two young superstars have me looking at the Nationals in an unpure fan kind of way. Not to mention, I would be the envy of all my baseball card collecting buddies.


My mom’s boyfriend coached Kyle McClellan of the St. Louis Cardinals as a child. He never had children of his own, so he has always been particularly proud of Kyle’s Major League success. He may not be the most valuable autograph in the set, but scoring Kyle’s card would make for an awesome gift for him!


The card that stuck out for me was the Rod Carew card, because he was my favorite player to imitate when I was batting as a kid. His batting stance was the most memorable when I was playing with friends at the park and even playing wiffle ball! Also, I would pretend to have chewing tobacco like him, too.


When I was a kid, we had only three channels we could pick up with rabbit ears. One of them was the local ABC channel which broadcast occassional Red Sox games. Even though the Expos were the local team, I fell for the Sox thanks to Carlton Fisk (waving that homer over the fence… classic!) and later Rocket Roger (way before steroids muddied the waters). I even collected Fisk when he was with the ChiSox, but owning that Red Sox multi-signed beauty would be a possession I’d treasure.


I would love to pull a Will Clark Auto! I am a Die-hard Giants fan and have never pulled any Giants players autographs. Will “The Thrill” is one of my all time favorite Giants and he has a Great looking signature and would love to add it to my collection.


I really let my heart do the talking, and its Bo Jackson, hands down. As a kid growing up, he was my real-life superman, and “Bo Knows” was something that you could grab on to, because there was always a chance he COULD do anything he tried. I was a member of Club Bo, have every poster, and every known possible card produced of him, of course displaying my Upper Deck ones prominently in my collection.


As a Cardinal fan from the early 80’s, Keith Hernandez really stands out. The day he was traded to the Mets of all teams was a dark day in my childhood. Having his autograph on a Cardinal card would be great.


Depending on how I was collecting, for future value, I would choose the Harper/Strasburg Combo. For all-time great players, I would choose Koufax and if it was for personal, I would choose Bo Jackson – I grew up with Bo Knows and it just brings me back to my childhood.


Great to see Bo Jackosn on the list. Has the br the greatest athelete of my generation. His card would hold a very special place in the family display case.


As a longtime Pirates fan, it HAS to be the “Maddog” Bill Madlock ! An absolute hitting machine. Somehow the Buccos were able to acquire him in the 1979 season, and he was the final piece of the puzzle. Adding him to Dave “The Cobra” Parker, Willie “Pops” Stargell Mike “The Hitman” Easler and the rest of that team, it propelled the Pirates to the World Series, and eventually, World Champions !


Absolutely Bo Jackson. As a long time Royals AND Raiders fan, you can imagine what it was like having him play for two of your favorite teams.


I would love to get my hands on a Chipper Jones card because I have been lucky enough to have season tickets for the braves the last 5 seasons, and have loved watching the way he plays the greatest sport on Earth, baseball. Also I traded my Hank Aaron rookie card to get my hands on a Chipper Jones rookie card, because I could already tell Chipper had first ballot Hall of Fame talent.


Without a doubt, it would be Ryne Sandberg and his always excellent signature. Ryno’s defense made him my favorite player when I was a young player. He’s still at the top of my list, so much so that my wife I named our son Ryne.


Sandy Koufax. I would love to pull a Sandy Koufax Auto. I have been wanting a Koufax autograph for years and years. Sandy has always been a favorite of my family, and I can’t afford to buy a Koufax auto. So pulling one would be amazing!


For me, Bo Jackson is the coolest player on that list. His 1987 Future Stars card is one of my favorites of all-time, and I have to agree with Dick Sahaap who called Bo one of the greatest athletes who ever lived.


Great video guys, also great product as well great varation of cards, koufax would be an awesome pull, one of my fav pitchers!


Mike Schmidt, because i got his ball glove when i was four and he has always been my favorite player. Pulling his autograph would mean alot to me and be a huge cornerstone to my personal collection.


I would love to pull a Nolan Ryan (TEX-1) card. As a kid I grew up watching him play for the Rangers and would cheer every time I saw him play. It’s been a huge dream of mine to one day own an autograph card of his, and why not make it from one of the best products in the world, SP Signature Ed?!?!


Being from Canada. my team during the 80’s and 90’s was the Montreal Expos. I still hate the fact that we had the best record in Baseball in 1995 and a great chance for a World Series Ring. But the strike robbed us of that chance. To be able to pull the Vladimir Guerrero SP auto would greatly help ease my pain.


It would be absolutely awesome if I could pull a Luis Aparicio card because I am a longtime white sox fan and he is one of, if not the greatest player in franchise history. He was the “strength up the middle” that the sox used to propel them to the 1959 world series.


Vladimir Guerrero has been my favorite player for the entire 16 years of my life. He is a pure hitter, who can hit for average as well as power, and in his younger years seemed to do everything well. Most importantly he seems like a great guy, who has come from humble beginnings, and isn’t flashy or arrogant.


I think it is phenomenal the advances in card printing technology from Griffey’s rookie year. Suffice it to say that if I were lucky enough to pull an auto, I would love a Yaztremski auto. One of the most beloved outfielders ever to don the Red Sox uniform.


I would enjoy the Mike Schmidt auto the most as I have been become very nostalgic in my advanced age. My favorite Phillies player when I was young(er) and have been unable to obtain a reasonably priced one…so far.


Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra, would have to be my choice. Not only one of the greatest catchers of all time, but a beloved yankee!(and HOFER!)….every time I hear his name it brings back fond childhood memories of watching “the Yogi Bear show” as a kid….””Hey there, Boo Boo!”” LOL

Along with the void of a Yogi Signature in my personal collection, he’s getting up there in age and I need to track down an autograph before it’s to late.

Thanks for the contest UD!

I’m cheering for you to get a MLB/MLBPA license back SOOOOON!

cheers, Geoff


My favorite player is Tony Gwynn. I admire a player who plays their entire career with one team. Especially when that team was not very good. He never hit below .309 in any full season. Very impressive.


I would love the Dan Hudson/Wade Miley/Micah Owings because of my love for the Dbacks. They are my favorite team, and the ONLY player who I don’t have an autograph of on the whole team and coaching staff is Miley. I know that this card doesn’t have a lot of monetary value, but it’s sentimental value would outway everything else.


I would to have a Bob Gibson cars autographes. Is m’y favorite player.


My favorite player in the set, that I would want to pull is Lenny Dykstra. I always loved the way Nails played, and I modeled my game after him when I played growing up and now as I age into slow pitch old man softball. He may have turned into a terrible human being, but he was always one of my favorites to watch on the field.


I would love to pull the Carl Yastremski auto. Yaz was one of the first players I found who shared my birthdate and he instantly became my fav player when I was a kid. Still remember wearing my Red Sox cap with a #8 drawn on it.


I was mesmerized watching Ken Griffey Junior since the 1st time I saw him play. Grew up a Giants fan and still am. But Griffey is the card I’d love to pull because he made me fall in love with the game itself!


I am a Derek Jeter fan and don’t have any card autographs of him just one baseball He is sure to be in the Hall of Fame once he retires. Also the duo of Bryce Harper and Stephen Stratsburg. These guys are going to be super stars as they gain experience in the Major Leagues.


When I was a kid, Darryl Strawberry was my favorite player. When he left the Mets, I was so crushed that I threw all my Strawberry posters, cards, shirt and autograph in the trash. Now, I wish I had it all back. Opening a pack would go a long way to healing an old wound. :)


Who wouldn’t want to own a piece of Nationals future. Whether Strasburg or Harper and especially the card with both they are winners. Harper the youngest player in the All-Star game is having a great season like Strasburg is.


I want the Sandberg but I would be pleased to pull any and all the Cubs available. Including Junior Lake who I saw play here in Peoria when he played for the Chiefs- a Cubs minor league affiliate.

Brandon Fermoyle
July 10th, 2012 at 2:40 pm

I have been a fan of Strasburg for a long time. He is one of the many reasons why I love baseball. To have his autograph would make me the happiest person on earth considering that it isn’t a good time for me right now because of a very tragic death in the family.

Aaron Berthiaume
July 10th, 2012 at 2:41 pm

My favorite player in the set would be Bob Gibson. He was an incredible pitching legend and World Series champion!


I would love to pull a card from the “Kid”, Gary Carter. Being a Huge Mets fan growing up he was a fan favorite. With his unfortunate death earlier this year, this will definitely be a signature to hold onto.


I would be siked if I snagged a Carlton Fisk card. That “wave it fair” moment was one of the most significant moments from my childhood, watching it live I remember thinking I would never miss a Red Sox game again. That moment should go down as one of the top 10 moments in Red Sox history.


Autographs from any Cardinal players are awesome, but a Lou Brock, Bob Gibson, or Joe Torre would make my day! Also a huge Frank Thomas fan, that auto would be great! I just love autos. of any baseball!


Ron Santo

I have been a huge baseball fan since I was a girl and I became obsessed with the Chicago Cubs. Ron Santo is my favorite because he was not only a great player, but a fighter off of the field. He also is my dad’s favorite player and my dad never got to get his autograph before Ron Santo died (My father’s birthday is coming up soon and I would love to surprise him)


i`m a big pirate fan anything from 60`s world series up yankees old-timers new pirates including cole/alvarez/etc nolan ryan/nats strasburg/b.harper!!thx for the chance!!appretiate it!!


I would have to say any of the Cleveland Indians players. My 12 year old son is trying to start a sports card collection of his own and he loves the Indians.


Micah Owings. Don’t laugh. I collect pitchers who can rake with the bat as well.


I would love to pull a Mark Grace auto because i love My girlfriend and her middle name is grace. I don’t have any autos of him for my collection either and I would love to add a new auto of such an amazing great to my collection.


I would love to have the (WAS-11 Bryce Harper/Stephen Strasburg) card. These are 2 of the most exciting young superstars in the game today. I can see them winning MVP and Cy Young Award in the same season, wouldn’t that be AWESOME!!!


I would love a signed Edgar Martinez. This guy knew how to do it. Fielding was for the birds, just let me hit the dang ball!!! My favorite player.

From Pedro

A Mariners fan who lives in Arkansas


I would absolutely love to add a Josh Hamilton autographed card to my lifelong collection of sports cards. I’ve read Josh’s book 10+ times and it has absolutely changed my life. His story is the most inspiring thing I’ve ever heard: how all he had left was his Gramndmother and God yet he was able to fight back against all odds and prove all his doubters wrong by becoming the best player in the world.


I would love to pull a Schmidt. Growing up, the first two athletes I even remember being aware of were Dr. J and Mike Schmidt. Schmidt was and is still in my mind, the face of the franchise from its first and only golden era. He reminds me of childhood and of my parents’ stories of sharing season tickets to the Phillies during the late 70’s just before I was born.


I would pick Jim Thome. He has always been one of my favorite players ever since he played with the Indians. Thank you for your consideration.


For me, I’d love to pull a Lou Brock because it would remind me of my childhood in St. Louis. I was born in Mo. and since moving to Canada I don’t get to see many baseball games, especially in being able to see the Cards play on TV unless they’re in the world series!


Frank Thomas Haiku.
The Big Hurt is a large man.
Long Swing, Autograph!


Personally, I would love to pull a Will Clark auto. I grew up in the bay area and as a kid my favorite player was Will the thrill. I loved his hustle and the way he played the game, so he would definitely be an awesome pull for me.


As a San Diegan born and raised, I would love to have a Tony Gwynn auto. As a kid, I had a couple that he had given me personally, but unfortunately they did not survive the test of time and several moves. My daughter, on the other hand, would love a Bryce Harper because he is so dreamy.


wow i would love to pull the first world series back to back champions north of the border of any of these few cards
TOR-2 Joe Carter
TOR-10 Asher Wojciechowski
TOR-13 David Cooper/Brett Lawrie
TOR-15 David Cooper/Brett Lawrie/Andrew Liebel/Asher Wojciechowski
great players from past and present
keep baseball in canada bring more teams here……..


I would Love to add the Chipper Autograph being that is his last year before retirement. Being that he grew up here in Jacksonville, FL, I have followed him from HS Phenom to a Future Hall of Fame Major League Star. I will truly miss watching him play!! Go Chipper and Go Braves!!


I would like to pull Bo Jackson. Be a royals fan he was a hero of mine growing up.


Fergie Jenkins is my pick. Being the first generation born in this country, it was very hard for me to get into most sports growing up since it was study study study. Since my Father was at work most of the day it was just my Mom and the siblings and it is amazing that my Mom really enjoyed watching the Cubs on the old Channel 9, WGN back in the 70s. Our Mom would pick us up from school at 2:30 and get home fast enough to only miss only a couple of innings. Watching the Hall of Fame pitcher was like magic. As the game would come to a close we would all watch on the little TV all while Mom would be making dinner. It’s the memories that the Cubs make that stays with you.


Chipper Jones, because he was one of the best players of his generation, even though his career was injury ridden. He’s also a class act, being that he had to play in the peak of the steroid era. Also, 2012 has been a tough year, help a guy out!


I would love to have the PHL-3 Mike schmidt card…there is not a person out there in the world who does not know him and what he has accomplished..if i get this card it will never be sold,only passed on!


My favorite player in the set would be Tom Glavine. I’m a huge Braves fan, and Glavine is one of my favorites. Not only because of his great talent, but because he is a good role model and cares about the sport and the fans.


This one is easy… Ken Griffey Jr. He has always been the player that I have searched for in packs since I was a kid. Chasing after his UD RC and watching him represent the town of Seattle makes this a very easy decision. Would love to see that card show up in a wax attack.


id love to full the kc-15 aaron crow/eric hosmer dual auto as they are my 2 favorite royals guys currently.those 2 will be a part of future royals success for years to come.thanks upper deck for a chance at a pack.


I woould like to add a Sandy Koufax auto to my collection. I have been a Dodgers fan since I was a kid. Out of all the greats in Dodger history, he has to rank as one of the greatest.


Hands down, it has to be Don Mattingly!! I am a YANKEE fan because of this man, and Derek Jeter is a close second to Donnie Baseball. My new collection would be Josh Hamilton, but nothing beats pulling a New York Yankee autograph from a pack!!!!!


Sandy Koufax is my favorite player in the set, I would like to pull his autograph. I’m a huge Dodgers fan, he is a true Dodgers legend. He was the first pitcher to pitch four no-hitters and is a very rare signature.


I am above all a die hard CUBS fan. Love the fact that there are 15 plus cub cards to choose from. To choose one is a difficult task but I would have to go with Mark Grace. If a picture is worth a thousand words then these autographs must be worth a million. Absolutely spectacular, way to make the best of a less than perfect situation. GO CUBS!


I love how every tier has great players. Griffey Jr tiered at 1:1.5 packs? Are you kidding me? Love the blend of newer stars and stars from yesterday from the 90’s on back. Great idea with the multiple player pairings too. I’d love to get my hands on the Bryce Harper/Stephen Strasburgh and hold onto it for a few years but on a purely collecting point of view, my favorites would be the Frank Thomas, Ken Griffey Jr. and the Nolan Ryan.


Without a doubt is Vincent Bo Jackson! Waaaaaaaar Eagle!


Baseball sucks. Seriously. But if I pulled a Joe Carter I promise not to tell anyone!


Bo Jackson. As a kid I used to love the Bo knows sports commercials. I’ve always been a huge Montreal Canadiens fan and the sight of Jackson in the Habs jersey with LeBo on the back would make me laugh hysterically. Too bad his careers were cut short.


I would love to pull a Nolan Ryan autograph. When you think Texas, you think Dallas Cowboys, Big Tex, the Alamo, & Nolan Ryan. Since he played for both Texas teams, he is a true Texas treasure.


Chipper Jones would be a great auto to pull. One of the first treasured RC’s of my collection was his 91 UD Rookie. 20 years later and he is still an All-Star and class act!!!


As a child growing up my big 3 were Bucky dent, Micky rivers and Greg nettles. So I would be thrilled to pull a Bucky dent auto although I surely wouldn’t be dissapointed with a jeter!!!!!


As a fan of the Royals I would have to say that I would love a Bo Jackson autograph, my favorite Royal after George Brett. Bo’s athleticism was just amazing to watch. It is too bad that his careers (baseball and football) were cut short by injury.


I have a nice collection. But one auto has eluded me. And its Sandy Koufax!


Cal Ripken Jr. Who else is there. 2632 consecutive games, I rushed home from school to see him break the record that night. It was incredible to see him hesitantly come out for a curtain call. Showed the class and sportsman ship of the game that had gone wayward to that point.


Ferguson Jenkins

Wow one of the best Canadians ever and i bet not everybody knows that besides being a Hall of Famer he also played for the Harlem Globetrotters.Now that would be a nice card


I would say Josh Hamilton. He and I are a lot alike in many respects. His ability to overcome the inner demons of alcoholism has been an inspiration for me. And he’s also shown that even though you may fall off the wagon, tomorrow is another day and the first day of the rest of your life. Thanks for your consideration…


I would love the Will “The Thrill” Autograph. Will Clark was my idol growing up and I remember writing to him when I was younger and he responded with a signed card in 1989. This card would be a cap on my large collection.


Gee this is tough but i would have to say Joe Carter. For the bulk of my life I have lived around Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Mr. Carter was such a important part of the Blue Jays being the first non USA team to win the World Series which sometimes forget these days. Om a side note I do not know if these 2 players on the checklist and if they are not I think if you another set they should be part of. The players are Dave Winfield and Kirby Puckett. DW cause he is a guy who would always make you a smile and even when he accidently killed a seagull rather then try to deny it he stepped up. As for Kirby like DW was a class act but alas was taken from the game way to soon and its a shame cause who knows what might of happenned if he did not pass.


I tihnk that royals quad card is PB& J


Strasburg and Harper. They are the new up and coming stars of the MLB and will be the FACE of Baseball for years to come !! The will have the Nationals in the World series VERY soon !


I had a baseball signed with some greats from the Macon Redbirds back in the early 1980’s. Vince Coleman signed the ball, but Lou Brock was there and signed the sweet spot. My parents dog used it as his toy, destroyed it, and Lou’s signature was gone forever.


For sure it would have to be Bo Jackson. Bo is as classic, dynamic and timeless as Upper Deck itself. Pulling a Bo Jackson autograph would bring me back to the classic days of Upper Deck baseball.


wow~ i always dreamed of a Nolan Ryan autogragh, and thought i may someday get an autogragh of Sandy Koufax, or Ernie Banks!!!!!
when i was a kid, i would spread my cards on the floor while i was watching the game!!!! GO CUBBIES!!!!


My favorite player in this set is Gary Carter. I would love to pull an autograph of him because he is one the bravest and most honest men to ever play the game of baseball. He always played his heart out and gave 110 percent, people will truly miss him because of his amazing character and positive influence in the game of baseball.


Mine would be frank thomas he is my hero and a man I looked up to when I was a little kid growing up playing baseball. I wanted to be like him and hit homeruns and do amazing plays. Go whitesox!


WoW! This set has an impressive checklist! I would love the chance to pull a Steve Garvey autograph!Thanks Upper Deck!


I would love to pull a Lou Brock autograph. He was fun to watch and was a classy player.


I am a big San Francisco Giants fan. So far, I’ve been unlucky in getting cards that are absolute beauties. The one card that I can say is a difference maker in this collection is the WAS-11 Bryce Harper/Stephen Strasburg card.


Jose Canseco
Despite all his current issues with baseball, as an A’s fan I remember going to games or watching them on tv and seeing line drives that he hit turn into home runs, or when he went for 40/40, or when he tried to pitch with his knuckler. He always Played like a boy in man’s body, and although not many people seem to remember him this way, I always do.


I would love to pull a signed Johnny Bench card. My dad and I are huge Reds fans, and Johnny Bench is a legend and one of the best catchers to play the game. We have lots of Reds memorabilia, but nothing would compare to pulling a card like that.


I would love to pull a Stan Musial or Ozzie Smith auto card. I am a Cardinal fan so they would be a great addition to my collection. Ozzie Smith would be a great one since I grew up watching him when I was younger and I have yet to get lucky enough to pull one of his.


I would like to get Lou Brock,grew up watching him and thought he was a great player.


i would love to pull a pre 40’s hall of fame player. but for 60’s and above i would love to pull a sandy koufax. he is such a recluse. when you see him at spring training, he is behind a guarded fence. will not sign at all. some say he only will sign for money, not for the average collector who doesn’t resell. iv’e been a collector since the 50’s, and my son’s have collected since the 70’s and my youngest since the 90’s. we don’t sell our cards. we have an extra bedroom full of cards and collectables. would really love to get something real nice to pass on.

Linard (Kollectornet)
July 11th, 2012 at 5:00 am

I would love to pull a Mike Morse. The first time he came to Atlanta to play, he through me a baseball coming off the field. I wasn’t able to get him to sign it and I don’t have his autograph.


Derek Jeter by far! I am a Yankees fan and he is the reason why I started to collect Upper Deck trading cards!


Oh how I would love the chance to pull a Joe Torre autograph to give to my father. He got me started collecting some 30 years ago and Mr. Torre was always one of his favorite players and then coaches. My father is a man who loves to teach the game of baseball to children and a Joe Torre autograph given to him would be a most fitting show of appreciation.


Two words – JOE CARTER!! I still get shivers thinking back to Game 6 1993. Bottom of the ninth, 2 on, 2-2 pitch, and Joe smacks a huge walk off 3 run homer to win the World Series for the Blue Jays!!! I get a tear in the eye everytime I hear the late great radio announcer Tom Cheek’s radio clip from that game……”Touch ‘em all, Joe! You’ll never hit a bigger home run in your life!”


Since I could remember I have always been a huge Nolan Ryan fan. I seen him pitch many of games growing up for the Texas Rangers and was always in awh of his pitching ability. My father and I had a talk once while at a game together that when I have children hopefully two boys that I would name one Nolan and the other Ryan. Well who would of guessed that this would have really happened. I have two boys that are named after the best pitcher in the game Nolan Ryan. My two boys are young 9 years and 6 years and are avid baseball card collectors and is a pastime that I can enjoy with them. Being able to pull a Nolan Ryan would be a awsome experience not just for myself but something that my two boys would be able to experience all the excitement as well. Thanks for your time and hopefully my boys Nolan and Ryan and myself will be able to enjoy this excitement and pastime with Upper Deck. Thanks again


Would love to pull a Yaz auto. My dad’s all-time favourite player. Reminds me of attending Red Sox games with him whenever they came to Toronto.

Bill Christensen
July 11th, 2012 at 8:22 am

My favorite would be Randy Johnson as a big, intimidating guy he is actually quite sincere and a really nice guy in person. I met him at a card show years back and he was really into chatting with all the people in line to get his autograph and to have a real conversation where he cared what was said in the process!


My favorite would be Will “The Thrill” Clark. Growing up, I wanted to be like him. I was a left handed first baseman who batted left handed, and was number 22 on my little league team. I liked the way he played the game, and the fact that he still is involved with the SF Giants.


Well first of all i would like to say how awesome the checklist is, perfect mix of prospects, todays stars, and legends this is why UD needs their license back. I would love to pull a Joe Mauer auto because he is my fav player and one of the best offensive catchers in the game right now in my opinion. Thx for the contest.


Derek Jeter for sure!! He is a legend. growing up as a little girl the Yankees were and still are my team.


I would LOVE to pull the NYY7 card,to add to my Bucky Dent collection.My Grandfather introduced me to the hobby at around age 8,and his love of the Yankees (which I could watch locally on WWOR).That’s one of the many great things about collecting: it’s a lifetime of great memories harnessed in 2 x 3 pieces of cardboard!


While normally I want a picture of the player on a card, to own a Koufax autograph would have great meaning for me. Koufax not only started out as a youngster on the Brooklyn Dodgers, the city where I was born, but he is also Jewish as I am, and he wouldn’t pitch on Yom Kippor for which I gained tremendous respect for the man. Other Jews have played on this holiest of days, but not Koufax. A great pitcher, a great man, and a man of his convictions. I treasure him greatly.


My favorite is Paul Molitor. Molly was the best to ever play for the Brew Crew and helped us get to our only World Series. And on top of that the guy had 3,319 hits which is remarkable. I can’t wait only 538 days until Upper Deck can make MLB baseball cards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would love to pull an autographed card from my favorite player the Heater from Van Meter Bob Feller. He was my grandpa’s favorite and after hearing his stories he bacame my favorite. Plus i now live in Iowa and would love to have something from a local player.


Although I am more of a hockey guy, I would be thrilled to pull a Chipper Jones autograph. When I live outside of Atlanta at about the age of 5, we’d go out and see Braves games on occasion, and my dad used to call me the little Chipper Jones. “He’s no batter, he’s no batter!” he would call out, and it made my day every time we played–it brings back great childhood memories–and that’s why I’d love to hit him out of any other autograph, even being a Yankees fan. :)


I hate the yankees but i miss the days of when a player was with 1 team for his entire career. It takes tremendous loyalty and commitment by both the player and the team to not only eachother but to the fans as well. for that reason i’d love to pull a Derek Jeter or Chipper Jones


There’s ALOT of great names on the checklist but if i had to pick just one it would have to me Albert Pujols!! I know he hasnt had the best season so far but considering this is his first average season since he started in 2001, thats pretty amazing! The seasons only half way over so he could still be back at his best by the playoffs. He is one of the good guys in the game today. Im so happy you guys released a baseball product!! I really missed you guys at UpperDeck putting out baseball cards. Im glad i have something new to buy now! You guys at Upper Deck keep up the great work!!!!


Growing up in Montreal in the late 70’s & early 80’s brings back memories of the Montreal Expos playing at Jarry Park then the Olympic Stadium. That is why I would love to to pull an autograph card of Gary Carter in group C of the 2012 SP Signature Edition Baseball. God rest “The Kid”!!!


My favorite player is Ernie Banks. I never got to see him play but i met him one time at a Cubs game, one of the nicest guys ever, I wanted his autograph but neither of us had a pen. If i got one pack of these I have my shot. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to all!


Don Newcombe!!!! Most would laugh…. Until 2011 he was the only player in the MLB to win R.O.Y. , M.V.P. and the Cy Young Awards. He was a lights out pitcher and never got his accolades. Everyone wants Koufax I would take Newcombe.


I would be pumped to get the Jeter card. Not only is he my favorite player but he makes me proud to be a Yankee’s fan and baseball fan. He is what the game is supposed to be about and he is a hero for young inspiring athletes.


Luis Aparicio

When I first started collecting I didn’t have much money to spend on this crazy addiction.

I was looking for something at a low price.

I stopped by my LCS and the owner’s wife saw me admiring the cards in the case and we chatted for a while. She made me a deal. Choose a player in the case. I chose Luis. Then look up the player and come back to the shop with stats and any other information I could find on him. If the info was correct, she would give me the cards for free.

I was on it and did my fact checking. I have been hooked on cards since.


Even though I am a Reds fan, I would most want to pull YM-5 Gary Carter because Mr. Carter embodied everything that was good and right about baseball. He stayed late after games signing autographs, always played hard, never embarrassed himself, his team or the league, and he always had a smile for fans. I wish there were more Gary Carters playing MLB and it would be an honor to have one of his cards.


My favorite player to pull would be Jack Clark from the SF Giants. As a life long Giants fan, I remember as a kid having framed pictures of him and Vida Blue up on my wall with their cards in the corner. I think they’re still in a box in my parents garage, thanks for making me want to search for them now!


The card I would most like to pull would be the Jim Thome Card. When I was a kid I pulled a facsimile signature card of his out of a cereal box. I was so proud to have that card because I thought it was real and I had the signature of my favorite player. When I was told it was a fake I was heartbroken. Now my dream is to someday own his real signature.


I would love to pull a Carl Yastrzemsk auto from a pack. Me and my grandfarther have been collecting him for many years we are also from the Boston area. I would actually love to see my grandfarther pull it that would be the greatest moment ever.
– thank you -


Andre Dawson has always been my favorite player of all time, and if he hadn’t played on turf in Montreal I believe he would have even more impressive career stats than he ended up with. He played the game right, no steroids, and was a class act. I went to a Cubs game when I was 10 and saw him get hit by a pitch in the head, he stood at home plate even though both benches cleared.

Steve Semerdjian
July 12th, 2012 at 4:05 pm

Being a life-long Cubs fan (over 35 years) has caused me so much anguish and despair that I think I started to lose my hair after the 2003 “Bartman” implosion. But I still have hope that good things come to those who wait (so long as it’s not another 100 years), and pulling a Ryne Sandberg (my favorite player) autograph card from 2012 SP Signature Edition Baseball would be a wonderful consolation prize until such time as the baseball gods see fit to give my Cubs a championship. I will never forget Sandberg’s 1984 MVP season, even though that season was tarnished by Leon Durham’s “olé” of pinch hitter Tim Flannery’s ground ball to continue the Cubbie curse.


I would LOVE to pull a Yogi Berra card. Yogi is one of those guys that whenever I see makes he smile. He has also been a big part of history by catching the only world series perfect game and jumping up on Don Larsen.


As a reds fan growing up I would love to pull anything and everything reds, but looking at the list my first choice if I could pick would be Ken Griffey Jr. Griffey was trade to my home town reds in 2000 when I was 14 years old and at the time coming off 96 wins this trade elated me as much as anything in my life up until that point. As of 12:16 AM Tuesday July 10, 2012 I have officially had the most elation in my life as my first daughter was born; pulling this card and someday giving it to her and explaining what Griffey meant to her dad would mean the world to me and hopefully her some day as well.


I would have to go with Curt Shilling. I would choose him just because he is like a savior for Red Sox’s. I mean playing right through a terrible ankle injury helped the Red Sox finally kill our World Series drought.


The card I would select would be the Jack Morris Tiger Card because it would remind me of all the good times I had at Tiger Stadium with my dad


As a lifelong Oriole fan, I would love to get either the Ripken or F. Robinson card. My son is getting into collecting, and showing him pulling a great card is possible would probably get him more excited about the hobby. I would love to be able share this hobby with him.


My favorite would be Bryce Harper. So far I have pulled 0 Harper Autographs. And I him as one of the best prospects of all time. With him and Strasburg in Washington, they have the team of the future.


As a die hard Angel fan, how can I not go with one of the greatest Angels of all time, Albert Pujols, err… I mean Nolan Ryan. The Ryan Express was phenomenal to do what he did for as long as he did it. No one will ever be able to duplicate his accomplishments even with performing enhancing drugs.


Cal Ripken Jr – his autograph always makes a good break!


I would love to get the Rocky Colavito autograph and give it to my dad. Rocky was his favorite player growing up in Cleveland and it would make his day!


I would love to pull a Nolan Ryan auto from this product but not for myself but for my son who is 9. My son was just diagnosed with dyslexia and didn’t feel to good about himself but then we went online to find athletes who overcame this hurdle and first on the list was Nolan Ryan. I have given my son my Nolan signed ball I got as a child to help motivate him and I would do the same with the card.


I really would have liked to have seen what the Blue Jays could have done if they didn’t have 90% of their starting rotation on the DL. Opening a free pack of 2012 SP signature, would me get through the rest of the season.


The card I would most like to pull is a Sandy Koufax autograph. It reminds me of the days I went to Dodgertown for Spring Trainings. There were always tales of people spotting Sandy Koufax, who showed up very randomly. I was never fortunate enough to meet him. Thus I would love this card!


Even though I am a HUGE Cardinals fan, my favorite player is and will always be Cal Ripken Jr. Ripken is the toughest and most dedicated athlete I have ever seen. To me, he represents strength, leadership, and determination which I hope I can one day pass down to my future children.


Micheal Jack Schmidt! Need I say more?…..I guess I do. In 1973 as a young boy I bought me first pack of baseball cards. In that pack was my first Schmidt. Since then I have collected every card of him I can, and afford. Adding another Schmidt to my collection would make this Super Schmidt collector, super happy!


Being a life long Cardinals fan and being only 16 most would assume I choose Albert due to his dominance in my life time. But after the last World Series and the swift departure of Pujols to the Angels last offseason, I would love to pull a Matt Holliday card. The way he stepped up in clutch moments during the last postseason and how he has led the team this year, he has earned my respect and has taken over as my favorite player in the MLB.


I would love to pull a Cal Ripken Jr autograph! Baseballs true Iron Man, No performance enhanced drugs needed.. played hurt, sick. Great human being as well as an amazing player!


My greatest baseball memory was going out to Coors Field to watch the first ever inter-league series between the Rockies and the Yankees. Roger Clemens was on the mound that day and was dominating, it was awe inspiring to watch. To have an autograph of Roger Clemens would be an incredible thrill for me!


I think it would be cool to pull a dual of Harper and Strasbourg as I think at the end of there careers they will be multi all stars and hall of fame guys


I would go with Nyjer Morgan. His series-clinching hit in Game 5 of the 2011 NLDS is the greatest moment in my time as a Brewers fan. His Plushdamentals were instrumental in the Brewers’ postseason success last season.


Despite being a Diamondbacks fan, one Chicago Cubbie holds a special place in my heart and in my collection. Back when I was very young, my parents bought me my first baseball card ever – a 1992 Upper Deck Ryne Sandberg, which might be considered next to worthless in today’s market, but which will always be priceless to me. However, I never have gotten a Sandberg autograph to accompany it in the many years since, and so I would be very excited to pull one from 2012 SP Signature Edition.


Nolan Ryan, I have most upper deck cards of him. Would love to add this to my vast collection of Ryan cards.Simply stated the greatest pitcher of my generation.


I would love to pull the SEA-3 Ken Griffey Jr. Autograph, Simply because he is a trendsetter for baseball card collecting and the main reason I started collecting when I was 6. Seriously, how could you not love a baseball player that has a swing that rivals Tiger Woods’!


As the most interesting card collector in the world, I don’t usually pick favorites. But when I do, I prefer Kent Hrbek’s 2012 SP Signature Edition. The Big Hrbowski and I, the most interesting card collector in the world, often do interesting things, just not together and with his autograph I could bring part of the Big Hrbowski with me without it being… weird.


I have never pulled a Bo Jackson auto out of a pack. He is one of my favorite athletes of all time. Also Kent Hrbek local hero and one of the most underated 1b of all time.


I’d have to say the Cole Hamels would be the ultimate pull for me. I have grown up watching Cole progress through the farm system and ultimately leading my favorite team, the Phillies, to the WS championship in ’08. So pulling that card would mean a lot to me, seeing as he has been the player I have seen the most growing up. I have watched him develop into one of the most dominant lefties in the game and I just hope that the Phillies can resign him.


Albert Pujols would be my choice. I believe he is the best ballplayer of the past 25 years. Not only does he hit for power and average and play exceptional defense, but he has maintained a high level of play throughout his career.


My favorite player is Joey Votto. With me being Canadian, Hes always been my idol. I would love to pull a auto of Joey, it woulkd help complete my collection and make me feel closer to my childhood idol/ best player in the league.

Travis Fitzgerald
July 13th, 2012 at 10:29 am

Easy – Ferguson Jenkins. For Canadian baseball fans like me, Fergie was the 1st Canadian to make an impact on an American game; for kids who played (and loved) baseball here in Canada, we FINALLY had someone we could really look up to, the player we all dreamed that we could one day become. I’m getting the shakes just thinking about pulling an Upper Deck Ferguson Jenkins card!


Nolan Ryan – I have most of his cards from Upperdeck and would love to add this to my collection. He was the greatest pitcher of my generation. I do not own a Nolan Ryan UD autographed card as of yet, hopefully I can pull it from my free pack.


The card I would most want to recieve the most would be the Chris Carpenter. I have looked up to him my whole life and want to be a pitcher for the Cardinals just like him. Sadly everytime I try to get his autograph he ends just before me.


I’d have to say Gary “The Kid” Carter. As a kid growing up idolizing him and the rest of the 80s Mets; he was the one who played the game with passion and all his heart and put everything he had into it. Just like a kid would. Its a shame that he left us so soon. He loved the game. After growing up and not collecting much I am now getting back into collecting to pass the hobby down to my sons a 3 yr old and a 1 month old never too young to start a collection. Collecting cards is like reliving your childhood and bringing back all those memories.


I would love to pull a Bryce Brentz auto. I met him and his family when he was playing with Greenville. Got to pull for the nice young guys.


I have collected cards since I was a child and trading with friends and local shops were my only way to build my collection of Nolan Ryan cards. I currently have 74 different Ryan cards and pulling another (especially a signature card) would be one of the greatest moments in my 30+ years of collecting baseball cards.


I have to say STL-4 Keith Hernandez…Just like to Jerry Seinfeld, Keith Hernandez is my idol and a favourite Mets first baseman…and he’s a Civil War buff…


When I head out to purchase a few boxes of the 2012 SP Signature Edition Baseball Short print at my local card shop, I am always hoping to pull an all-time great like Nolan Ryan, Ken Griffey Jr. and someone like Chipper Jones because they are what signify true sportsman, who gave their talents to something they love. And with that said, there are some exceptional players that are just starting their adventure in baseball and will be the players my daughter references, so I would have to say that I would love to pull the WAS-11 Bryce Harper/Stephen Strasburg card because they are baseball’s future. If I pulled that card, I would have to 1st post it on the Upper Deck blog page, but then I would get it graded and give it to my daughter as a keepsake to be the crown jewel of her collection so that she can watch and respect truly talented players who give their best each and every day that they put on their uniforms and are positive role models for future generations of athletes.


Any Oriole old or new would be great for me.
Thanks for the contest


Carl Yastrzemski. Growing up in the Boston area there were only 2 heroes in baseball, Ted Williams and Carl Yastrzemski. I was to young to see Ted Williams play ball but watched Yaz (mostly listened on the radio)Me and my older brother never missed a game.I have 3 Carl Yastrzemski baseball cards but I would love to pull an autographed Carl Yastrzemski card.


Speaking as Phillies fan, I’d love to pull the Curt Schillling card. He was such a dominate pitcher during the struggling years of the Phillies winning the NLCS MVP in 93 and named 3x all-star. The rest of his career speaks volumes, 3x world series champs, 3 more all-star appearance and shared world series MVP!


Trevor Bauer has only three starts in the majors, and he’s been my favorite player even before he was drafted! And don’t worry, I won’t long toss the card into a fire!


I would love any Cleveland card, but especially Bob Feller. For a sports fan of a city that hasn’t had a championship in any sport since 1964 (Browns, which I wasn’t even alive for), and probably won’t have a championship any time soon, a Feller auto would be the equivalent. Plus, he is the greatest Indian of all time in my opinion.


Cal Ripken JR., he was my favorite player growing up and his 1991 MVP season is the reason I won the only season of fantasy baseball I ever played. Also all the great memories tied in with Ripken, the 1983 World Series win, the streak, 2001 All-Star game.


Definetely Ken Griffey Jr. I have alot of great memories growing up in Seattle and watching him playing the the old Kingdome. He was the first Upperdeck original and one of the greatest players of all time!!!


Frank Thomas- The Big Daddy!!!!!!


The card that I would like is the Ryne Sandberg card. It would take me back to my greatgrandmas house. As a kid we would go to a smalltown call Cornell Ill. We would sit and watch the Cubs win or lose it would be a great game. I would here storys of when she and grandpa would take the bus to watch them. the look in her eyes would make me feel like I was there. Every Cubs card I have ever pull is in a box with everything I got from her. I think it would be great to pull that card. when she passed one of the true C ubs fan was lost.


Carl Yastrzemski, that would be the card I would want, I am born and raised in Boston and he is one player I would have loved to seen him with my own eyes, and his highlights are just awesome, the way he played balls of the green monster was great.


My favorite all time player in MLB, is Frank Thomas. I got out of collecting before autographs became common place in the industry. I would love to place an autographed card of “The Big Hurt,” next to my signed baseball.

Anthony Symcheck
July 13th, 2012 at 10:40 am

I couldn’t even imagine pulling an all time great or even a up and coming rookie autograph from this set. I have had my fair share of disappointments when it comes to autos from any manufacturer or set. My best pull is a G. Muresean from Rookies and Stars 2 years ago and I still haven’t received the card from Panini. I have almost given up hope on pulling that once in a lifetime that makes you want to enjoy the sport of collecting again.


I would LOVE to pull a Bryce Harper auto. This kid has so much potential and I can’t wait to see the numbers he produces after he has the chance to mature as a hitter in the Majors. BOMBS AWAY!!!


Whitey Ford, “the Chairman of the Board”, hands down was one of the greatest pitchers of all time. Ever since I was a small child watching him with the Yankees, I was amazed at his intelligence and confidence on the field. He had one of the best pickoff moves, and consistently low eras (lifetime 2.74) and a 0.690 lifetime winning percentage (236-106). They don’t make pitchers like him anymore.


I would love to pull a Nolan Ryan auto because of all the good memories of watching him with my dad who is now in Heaven. Nolan Ryan was and still is my favorite player from when I was a kid. My dad and I would watch the Astros and Rangers games when he pitched and we will never forget Nolan punching Ventura in the face when he charged the plate; Priceless.


Wow pulling out a Trevor Bauer, Bryce Harper and/or Brett Lawrie card would be a priceless feeling. Getting to see the next generation of great baseball players, and knowing that you could own a little piece of their legacy.


I would LOVE to pull the Frank Thomas card. I collected his cards for over five years and put together 1300+ different Franks. This would be a jewel in my collection if I got my hands on this card!!


I have been a Royals fan my entire life, and the team not having been to the playoffs since then is disappointing. But pulling an auto from a player on your fav team erases all of that and instills hope for the rest of the season. Autos from Bo Jackson or Bret Saberhagen would do that for me.


My favorite player in the set is Derek Jeter. I don’t own any of his autograph cards and I would love for my first one to be from this set. He is a living legend and one of the best baseball players in history!


My absolute favourite baseball player is Nolan Ryan. I remember fondly having in my possession a signed baseball from him many years ago, but alas, it got stolen. The next closest thing to getting that baseball back would be to pull a signed Nolan Ryan card from this new UD release!

Alex Szulczewski
July 13th, 2012 at 10:48 am

If I had to choose any player on that list, I would go with my boyhood favorite, Geoff Jenkins. Growing up a Brewers fan in the 90’s and early 2000’s, there wasn’t much to cheer for in Milwaukee. However, year in and year out, Jenkins was one of the Brewers lone producing bats on a team filled with mediocre players or guys not good enough to play in the MLB. It was great to see him go out a winner with the Phillies late in his career.


My favorite pull would be Mike Schmidt. Being from southern New Jersey I grew up during the late 70’s and 80’s and to this am a huge Phillies fan. Mike Schmidt cards back in those days inspired me to become a huge fan of card collecting. If I didn’t pull a Schmidt, my next choice would be of course a Steve Carlton. Both of these players as well as Pete Rose, Tug McGraw, etc. were all my major influences back in the day and I would love to have something to remind me of those days. Thanks for any consideration.


Ever since watching Strasburg’s major league debut with my dad on tv, I have longed for one of his autographed. I would love to pull an autograph of Steven Starasburg.


My favorite player is Sandy Koufax. I have always been impressed how he handled himself with the media and on the field. He was so dominant in such a short period of time and walked away on top.

George Sydenstricker
July 13th, 2012 at 10:51 am

I would LOVE to pull the DET-13 Alex Avila/Nick Castellanos/Jacob Turner auto card! I’m an insanely huge Tigers fan & these are 3 of my favorite Tigers!


Living in Round Rock, I got to watch Hunter Pence come up through the system. He was the one who got me back into baseball. The one game that I remember, I went with a buddy and told him that Hunter Pence is going to be a star one day. Moments after I had told him that, Pence cracked a home run. Later in that same game he had a grand slam as well. Since then he’s always been my favorite baseball player. He is the one I’d love to pull out of this product as it would be an instant PC piece.


I would love to pull the Dennis Eckersley. I remember when I was younger I was at an A’s game and he signed my glove. Well being that was my only glove second base consumed his autograph over the years as I used it in little league. I would love to have the card with his autograph on it will bring back alot of memories. Thanks Upper Deck for making some. Amazing cards.


Without a doubt Ken Griffey Jr. is and was my favorite player ever. His nickname “The Kid” exemplified what was so magical about baseball as a child. Making amazing catches, a picture perfect swing, and always a giant smile. No one has ever been a better role model for kids and adult alike.


I would absolutely love to pull a Derek Jeter! He’s the captain, a yank from day one, and just all around awesome regardless. I was born and raised in NY(state) and now live in TN where there are no Yankee fans, I need a Jeter auto for my collection and to help New Yorkify my home.


I feel that the checklist permits a fair amount of Hall of Famers along with the mix of prospects and stars. I would love to pull the Jeter auto. He is a class act in the game and I love the way he plays the game. He is from my home state and is the bright spot in that city. It might be one of the greatest feelings to pull an auto of such a classy player.


CHW-2 Frank Thomas is my pick. Always loved frank the big hurt Thomas


I have been collecting UD cards since you guys came out, the feeling of collecting is one that cannot be inter changed with any other. Having fund memories of the old time baseball So any players autographed card from the 50ies early years would put a smile on my face. Thanks again UD for the joy of collecting.


I would pick Jeff Bagwell, one of the greatest Astros of all time, great hitter, and was always clean. One of my favorite players as a kid. Future Hall of Famer. Was never mentioned when it came to steroids.


I would love to pull a Bo Jackson autograph. Bo Jackson was a great player who had a all star career in two sports that got ended too early. Bo knows baseball and rich knows he would love a Bo auto.


i would love to pull gerrit cole. he is playing in altoona and saw him pitch he is the real deal. i grew up a pirates fan and it has been so long since they have been good. i suffered though losing seasons since 1992. for once the pirates have bonified stars. i feel like i deserve a pack for all the suffering.


For me, breaking packs and pulling cards is a personal thing rooted in nostalgia and a connection. I have been a lifelong Cincinnati Reds fan, and I love Brandon Phillips. I would love to pull his card because frankly, I’ve not pulled many Reds autographed cards and this would be another way for me to realize that nostalgia and connection.


These are three I would like to pull and I have never had a chance to get something like this. Upper Deck is the best at securing Autographed memorabilia. What a new great product, plus it is my birthday tomorrow so this would be awesome if I won.

MIN-7 Josh Willingham

WAS-11 Bryce Harper/Stephen Strasburg

LA-4 Sandy Koufax


No question – Josh Hamilton. I respect everything that he’s done in his life – let alone in baseball – and feel like he’s one of the few, true rolemodels left in the sport. I have a jersey card and a couple beautiful inserts, the autograph would round out this mini player collection perfectly.


My favorite player is Dennis Eckersley. I would love to pull his auto because he was an amazing closer and now a hall of famer. Gotta love the old A’s world champions mustache crew!


I would love to pull Bo Jackson as he has captivated me ever since he took the sports world by storm. There will never be another athlete that made such a splash in two sports at the same time.


PHI-3 Mike Schmidt
Would love to pull this for my Mike Schmidt collection because he is the greatest Phillies ever!


I would like to pull a Dennis Eckersley autograph. I am an A’s fan and as a kid watching Eckersley I had an opportunity to get his autograph while at a game at Angels Stadium but I didn’t have a pen or sharpie and was too shy ask to borrow one. Pulling an Eckersley autograph would be sweet.


Sandy Koufax
I was born wearing Dodger Blue in 75 and even today you cannot have a baseball discussion and not include Koufax.

Michael Goldstein
July 13th, 2012 at 11:29 am

To be able to go back in time and grab Bo Jackson when he was with the White Sox Would have been awesome as well as Nolan Ryan as a Ranger…Now today getting a Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg dual would be insane and would be unreal. THis product is just too expensive for me to try and to have a free pack would be an awesome way to get people like me that cannot afford them into this product!!

Zyon Rounseville
July 13th, 2012 at 11:36 am

Ken Griffey Jr.
I would love to pull a Griffey Jr auto. Looking back as a young boy Griffey Jr reminds me of my childhood, playing ball, watching ball being with friends. Best way to describe it is like the movie The Sandlot. They way those boys loved baseball the passion that is how I feel when I think of Griffey Jr.


Kent Hrbek……… Growing up in Minnesota and watching the tapes of the twins winning the World Series gives me chills. Knowing that he was a big part in their wins makes me look up to him as a player and it would be great if I could get his autograph out of a pack of SP Signature Edition Baseball!


Hello , The choice for me was easy being a Bluejays fan , Joe Carter one of if not the biggest homerun in world series history , still gives me goosebumps everytime it is shown on tv


If I could have an autograph of anyone on your list it would be Bob Feller. Patchily because he was the best pitcher ever for the Indians and arguable the best pitcher ever. But I would want his auto because of his service in the Military I look to him as an example he left his great baseball carer so he could go oversea and defend our Country.


Kelly Shimabukuro
July 13th, 2012 at 12:14 pm

Nolan Ryan would be my favorite because that was my Dad’s favorite player to collect


KC-19 Christian Colon/Aaron Crow/Eric Hosmer/Tim Melville
HOLY CRAP! That’s a sick card!! If only it had Bubba Starling. Then it would be the MOAC.. Mother of all cards.


WOW that is a great checklist. For me it is an easy pick Nolan Ryan it was the First auto I ever pulled out of the box 1990 upper deck still my favorite card of all time only Ryan auto I ever pulled would love to pull his auto again.


ATL-3 Chipper Jones

I have been following the Braves since he was first called up. I have been an avid collector of sports cards about the same time. He is one player that I have never pulled and hopefully I can pull one of his cards before he retires.


I would love an Ernie Banks SP Signature Edition Cut. Faced so much being one of the first African American players in MLB and always stayed so positive. He could also smack the leather right off the ball!


As a life long Yankees fan, I have to go with Derek Jeter, although that Rizzuto/Ford card that was pulled by Beckett was awesome! Jeter IS the modern day Yankees with an unquestionable and unchallengeable career that should surely land him quickly in Cooperstown. I was fortunate enough to attend the 2001 World Series game where Jeter hit that walk-off Home Run in the early morning to become “Mr. November” so that card, NYY-12, would remind me of that amazing moment every time I look at it, which is one of the best things about collecting cards, their ability to take you back to those magnificent moments of your life.


Awesome chechlist…. going to buy tons to get some hof autos


For me, pulling an auto of Roy Halladay would bring back some great memories, watching him pitch in Toronto. He was my favourite Blue Jay and when he left it was never the same! Having his auto pop out of a pack of SP Signature Edition Baseball would be a sweet pull for me, gotta support the only Canadian team in the MLB!!


Cal Ripken Jr.My favourite player growing up and still is.Lastly….come one man……….it’s CAL RIPKEN!!!!!!


To have a chance to pull at Sandy Koufax auto in odds of 1 in 14 packs is truely amazing. These odds are unbelievable and I have seen some really as we call in the hobby “SICK PULLS”…….Yesterday at the shop somebody pull an autograph # /5 and it had SEVEN autos on the card two being Bauer and Hosmer. Thank you and grrrreat stuff UD!


I’m thinking Bo Jackson would be my favorite at the moment. What more can you ask for…2 sport superstar!


Pulling a Sandy Koufax autograph would be marvelous. He was one of my favorite players as a kid; one of my most heartbreaking childhood memories was when I lost a baseball with his (facsimile) signature on it down a storm sewer while playing catch with my father… Having the opportunity to land an authentic signature is amazing.


…….the best pitcher in the history of baseball: Sandy Koufax


I’d love to pull a Jeter Auto. I’m a life long Yankees fan and he’s one of the few baseball “stars” who’s been consistent throughout his whole career. Just seems to be a great card to pull for me!


the ultimate card for me would be the bryce harper auto. what more could you ask for with an exiting new release from u.d. than the most exiting new player. welcome back upperdeck. hope theres more to come.


I would like to pull a babe ruth or lou gehrig cause they aren’t in there… too bad!


I would absolutely LOVE to pull a Ken Griffey, Jr. autograph. When I was a kid, I sent him a Donruss RC with a short letter asking him to autograph it, and never got it back. Pulling one of his autos would totally make up for it!


Would love a Joe Carter auto. remember watching that game when he hit the massive home run vividly. Watching it with my cousins after a halloween school party and us all going crazy when that ball went over the fence !!


I’m thinking Bo Jackson would be my favorite at the moment. What more can you ask for…2 sport superstar!


Too late but will post anyway.
What a tough decision since Cal Ripken Jr. is my favorite player. But I would love a Louis Tiant auto. Growing up, my friends and I would immitate his windup with that complete turn to 2nd base.


I would love to pull the Cal Ripken jr. for myself. My boys would love to pull the Jeter! We saw our first Yankees game June 13th, and I will never forget the look on their faces.


Just out of curiosity, Have winners been declared for this generous contest? (If so, who were the lucky winners?)

Please let us know!

Thanks, Geoff


i would like to pull a sandy koufax because he is one of my favorite pitchers of all time, and because i am a dodgers fan since i live neer LA. I also want his card because he is a huge part of dodger history.


Cal Ripken Jr. the IRON MAN not only in baseball but in life it self.
never heard a bad thing about him, no drugs or law problems, always improving the community.

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