Free Upper Deck NHL Cards Prove to be a Big Hit with Collectors


Upper Deck’s 2012 National Hockey Card Day has came and went, but the memories collectors have of visiting retailers to receive FREE packs will last with them for quite awhile. We asked fans on to share their experiences with National Hockey Card Day on our Facebook page. In particular we shared that we were looking for fans who had the biggest smiles and would show off their National Hockey Card Day cards. We saw some great pictures from the day and wanted to share them.

Lots of fans had to bundle up as it was cold out there!

These guys were so cute. It's so cool to see younger fans enjoying the cards.

It's a fact, couples that collect together, stay together. :)

An excited collector looks on as this fan shares his PK Subban autograph card he pulled from the packs!

If he's this happy now, just wait till he opens the pack!

You don't get much happier than this! We loved this one.

A Maple Leafs fans shows off his packs!

Now this guy is excited! So great!

This was definitely one of our favorites! We loved the smiles and how they got all bundled up to grab their cards!

Three Upper Deck NHL packs, who knows what's inside!?!?

Very smart, she's got her protective holders all ready to use with her National Hockey Card Day cards.

This young man was SUPER excited as well, we loved this!

We liked this one a lot. He made teeth to have a huge smile, very creative!

We really got a kick out of this sign, great prop!

Bruins fans were fired up about the promotion!

A great smile on National Hockey Card Day in the states!

This young lady was sick, but she still ventured out for a bit to grab her packs before heading back to bed.

What a collection this fan has of Upper Deck NHL products. He got a lot of consideration for the top prize!

Now that's a big smile and with all those cards, what's not to smile about?

We loved this one too!

This young lady was all fired up for National Hockey Card Day as well!

These fans made a huge Upper Deck cake at Wayne's Sports Cards. We hear it was delicious!

Our top two fans who were selected for having the biggest smile for the US and Canada are shown below. For their efforts, they will each take home a special autographed rookie helmet. Thanks to everyone who participated, we really enjoyed the smiles!

She gave us an ear to ear grin and thus will be taking home a rookie signed helmet. Congrats!

And here is another winning smile, it's almost like he is hoisting the Stanley Cup.

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Very cute and very nice pics. congrats to the young fans who are taking home that sweet auto helmet and will have something to look forward to when they are older.


I wish I could get some of those free cards . I live in a rural area the closest store is 2 1/2 hours away. Is there any chance someone from Upper Deck can send me some please. I’m a huge fan. Ron


Nope I didn’t get any :-( Guess I missed out on this one. Oh’s Well! BLTN! :-) Keep up the Good Work Upper Deck! WE love’s ya here in Massachusetts!

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