Ask UD: 2011 NHL Parkhurst Champions Short Prints, Expired Redemptions, NHL Fall Expo and Biography of a Season


My goal as Upper Deck’s Customer Care Supervisor is to help educate our collectors and fans so they can have a better experience with our collectible products. I’ve found that we get a lot of similar calls into our call center so it is beneficial to share what those questions are and provide answers in a public format here on the blog. You will find some really great information about our industry just by going through some of these “Ask UD” segments here on the blog. If you have questions yourself, please feel free to leave a comment and “Ask UD!”

Ask Upper Deck: I pulled an expired redemption, can you still honor it?

Gregg Cacioppo: We have talked before about why redemption cards expire and all the things Upper Deck does to avoid using redemption cards in the first place, but there are circumstances where fans may come across expired redemption cards.

This is a pretty frequent question as of late because due to licensing changes many fans are going back to older Upper Deck products for MLB, NBA and NFL to get the value they have come to expect from those products. Unfortunately because of those licensing changes, our hands are really tied on expired offers for those sports in particular. We cannot honor those cards any longer and we have worked to get most of them out into the market through redemption exchanges. Additionally we are working diligently to clean out some of those older MLB, NBA and NFL redemptions to get collectors taken care of on them.

We really want to caution our fans to be careful when purchasing packs, boxes and cases of those older products. You can get a good deal on them in most cases, but it is usually because the sellers realize that if there are issues with damaged, insert ratio or expired offers, there is little we can do to help unfortunately. If you are purchasing older Upper Deck product, please understand you are purchasing it as is. Any special offers contained therein are no longer valid and cannot be honored.

Are there exceptions to the rule? Yes. Should a customer pull a recently expired redemption card from a product line we still have a license for (NHL, CLC or Soccer) we may be able to help. Customers can contact our Customer Care division after the first of the year at (800)873-7332 and we will review your situation to see if we still have the card in stock or may be able to assist with at least a little something. We will assign fans a case number and work with them on a resolution. Given the amount of claims we are currently processing, we will not process any new claims on expired offers until after the first of the year to give us time to work through existing claims.

For fans who currently have a claim in with us on an expired redemption card and have received a case number, please be patient. Our main priority is getting our current redemption cards and turning around replacement requests on current product for our customers. Processing expired requests come after those projects and those projects will keep us very busy as we head into the holidays.

Ask Upper Deck: There are some great autograph cards in 2011 NHL Parkhurst Champions. Will you be sharing a short print list for them?

Gregg Cacioppo: We are really happy with the initial feedback on the product. It is a set that autograph fans in particular are really enjoying. We are not sharing exact print runs on the autograph cards in the checklist, but are releasing group ratios with odds on pulling some of these cards. The breakdown on the 2011 NHL Parkhurst Champions autograph cards is listed below:


Overall Odds 1:14

Group A Odds 1:696

Group B Odds 1:523

Group C Odds 1:206

Group D Odds 1:110

Group E Odds 1:56

Group F Odds 1:28

Card # Player
1 Wayne Gretzky C
2 Gordie Howe C
3 Bobby Orr D
4 Mario Lemieux A
5 Patrick Roy A
6 Bobby Hull A
7 Jean Beliveau A
8 Mark Messier A
9 Guy Lafleur A
10 Ray Bourque A
11 Phil Esposito A
12 Stan Mikita A
13 Mike Bossy A
14 Denis Potvin B
15 Ted Lindsay C
16 Bobby Clarke C
17 Brett Hull A
18 Red Kelly B
19 Larry Robinson B
20 Jari Kurri C
21 Marcel Dionne B
22 Johnny Bucyk B
23 Gilbert Perreault C
25 Joe Sakic A
26 Peter Stastny C
27 Grant Fuhr A
28 Andy Bathgate B
29 Cam Neely B
30 Claude Lemieux D
31 Tony Esposito A
32 Luc Robitaille B
33 Denis Savard B
34 Darryl Sittler C
35 Steve Shutt B
36 Borje Salming B
37 Ron Francis A
38 Milt Schmidt E
39 Dale Hawerchuk C
40 Doug Gilmour C
41 Dino Ciccarelli C
42 Johnny Bower C
43 Glenn Anderson B
44 Adam Oates E
45 Clark Gillies C
46 Guy Carbonneau E
47 Ron Hextall B
48 Igor Larionov A
49 Rogie Vachon A
50 Alex Delvecchio D
51 Wendel Clark A
52 Neal Broten C
53 Joe Mullen B
54 Brad Park C
55 Richard Brodeur D
56 Bill Ranford D
57 Reggie Leach F
58 Bernie Federko C
59 Terry O’Reilly C
60 Harry Howell D
61 Bill Barber F
62 Anton Stastny C
63 Rick MacLeish F
64 Ken Morrow D
65 Tony Twist F
66 Wilf Paiement E
67 Doug Wilson F
68 Dave Schultz C
69 Ken Hodge F
70 Thomas Steen D
71 Duane Sutter E
72 Mike Liut D
73 Bernie Nicholls F
74 Brent Sutter E
75 Dave Taylor D
76 Ron Sutter E
77 Rejean Lemelin F
78 Steve Larmer D
79 Don Beaupre F
80 Darryl Sutter E
81 Mark Howe F
82 Russ Courtnall F
83 Tony Tanti C
84 Tim Kerr F
85 Mike Foligno E
86 Marty McSorley D
87 Danny Gare F
88 Basil McRae F
89 Brian Sutter E
90 Rich Sutter E
91 Stan Smyl E
92 Al Iafrate F
93 Jim Neilson E
94 Pat Stapleton F
95 Mike Gartner F
96 Rick Middleton A
97 Willi Plett D
98 Gilles Villemure F
99 Wayne Gretzky A
100 Gordie Howe A


Overall Odds 1:354

Group A Odds 1:2,145

Group B Odds 1:1,247

Group C Odds 1:642

Card # Player
101 Wayne Gretzky B
102 Mario Lemieux A
103 Gordie Howe C
104 Bobby Orr C
105 Brett Hull A
106 Mark Messier A
107 Patrick Roy A
108 Luc Robitaille C
109 Marcel Dionne B
110 Bobby Clarke C
111 Ray Bourque B
112 Denis Potvin B
113 Red Kelly C
114 Phil Esposito A
115 Johnny Bower C
116 Mike Bossy B
117 Ted Lindsay C
118 Larry Robinson B
119 Jean Beliveau A
120 Wendel Clark A


Overall Odds 1:2,093

Group A Odds 1:24,000

Group B Odds 1:2,293

Card # Player
121 Larry Robinson/Dale Hawerchuk B
122 Brad Park/Bill Barber B
123 Wayne Gretzky/Gordie Howe B
124 Mark Messier/Jari Kurri B
125 Gordie Howe/Johnny Bower B
126 Bobby Hull/Stan Mikita B
127 Ted Lindsay/Gordie Howe B
128 Tony Esposito/Bobby Orr B
129 Phil Esposito/Bobby Clarke/Bobby Orr A
130 Phil Esposito/Johnny Bucyk/Bobby Orr A


Overall Odds 1:614

Group A Odds 1:11,993

Group B Odds 1:1,353

Group C Odds 1:1,241

Card # Player
131 Wayne Gretzky B
132 Bobby Orr C
133 Gordie Howe B
134 Mario Lemieux A
135 Brett Hull A
136 Patrick Roy B
137 Mark Messier B
138 Guy Lafleur B
139 Stan Mikita B
140 Mike Bossy B
141 Bobby Hull B
142 Bobby Clarke B
143 Ray Bourque B
144 Dale Hawerchuk C
145 Cam Neely B
146 Rogie Vachon C
147 Peter Stastny C
148 Darryl Sittler C
150 Gilbert Perreault C


Overall Odds 1:3,214

Card # Player
151 Patrick Roy
152 Bobby Orr
153 Guy Lafleur
154 Phil Esposito
155 Mark Messier
156 Jean Beliveau
157 Bobby Hull
158 Gordie Howe
159 Mario Lemieux
160 Wayne Gretzky


Overall Odds 1:80

Group A Odds 1:1,645

Group B Odds 1:808

Group C Odds 1:413

Group D Odds 1:334

Group E Odds 1:191

Card # Player
2 Denis Savard B
3 Stan Mikita A
4 Adam Oates E
5 Alex Delvecchio E
8 Don Cherry B
9 Andy Bathgate C
10 Borje Salming B
11 Clark Gillies C
12 Dale Hawerchuk D
13 Denis Potvin C
15 Duane Sutter E
16 Gilbert Perreault D
17 Jari Kurri D
18 Cam Neely C
19 Larry Robinson C
20 Marcel Dionne C
21 Red Kelly E
22 Scotty Bowman A
23 Rogie Vachon B
24 Ted Lindsay D
25 Terry O’Reilly D
26 Doug Gilmour C
27 Johnny Bucyk C
28 Luc Robitaille B
29 Tony Esposito A
30 Steve Shutt B
32 Mark Howe E
33 Darryl Sittler B
35 Igor Larionov A
36 Ron Francis A
37 Willie O’Ree E
38 Wendel Clark A
39 Ron Hextall B
40 Glenn Anderson B
41 Joe Sakic A
42 Ray Bourque A
43 Peter Stastny C
44 Johnny Bower D
45 Grant Fuhr A


Overall Odds 1:1,115

Group A Odds 1:12,005

Group B Odds 1:2,183

Group C Odds 1:2,814

Card # Player
46 Bobby Hull B
47 Patrick Roy A
48 Mark Messier B
49 Brett Hull B
50 Bobby Orr C
51 Phil Esposito B
52 Bobby Clarke C
53 Mario Lemieux A
54 Guy Lafleur B
55 Mike Bossy C
56 Gordie Howe B
57 Wayne Gretzky B

Ask Upper Deck: Will Upper Deck be attending the Fall Expo and running your Priority Signings wrapper redemption program and have other fun giveaways like you have in the past?

Gregg Cacioppo: Yes, we will be attending the 2011 Sportscard & Memorabilia Fall Expo in Toronto on November 11, 12 and 13. We will have our popular Priority Signings program taking place as well, but fans will need to make sure they are purchasing their boxes of 2011 NHL Parkhurst Champions, 2011-12 NHL Artifacts or 2011-12 NHL Upper Deck Series One from a Certified Diamond Dealer in attendance at the show. Those retailers will be providing customers with special vouchers they can redeem at the Upper Deck booth for Priority Signings cards as customers open up packs. We will be sharing a lot more information on this show the week before it takes place.

Upper Deck has a lot of great activities at the Expo to keep fans fired up throughout the weekend. Don't miss it!

Never been to the Expo before? Take a look at what you can expect if you make it out by clicking here.

Ask Upper Deck: I’m excited about the new Biography of a Season program, but I’d love to see some of the actual cards. Especially the card of Ryan Nugent-Hopkins!

Gregg Cacioppo: We love that we have been able to engage our fans and have them help contribute to the cards that will be found in the 2011-12 NHL Biography of a Season set. We did run into one issue with regard to one of the cards we planned to produce which was a tribute to the former NHL players who passed away in the offseason. There was no way to really showcase all the players who passed away and do justice to them on one trading card. Additionally there were other licensing challenges we were faced with. We had to replace that card with a card highlighting the NHL’s return to Winnipeg which we think collectors will enjoy since that is such a huge story. We apologize to fans who were looking forward to seeing the commemorative card, we just were not able to pull it off. In the meantime, check out some of the images of some of the other cards in the set!

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What will UD if anything about dealers that live in areas with no store fronts that do shows but have to wait the 3 months and by then the supply is either dried up or the prices are too high to buy and resell. As a collector I can’t even get The Cup, UD,SP game used in my city. I am 1.5 hours from toronto 1 way and in my city Peterborough I can get tons of cards if I collect magic and other non sports but can’t afford to collect when no The Cup available here and SP Game Used is $50 a pack before tax and $7 a pack for reg UD. I have been collecting UD since day 1 and have been waiting to see if there is something in the works before I am forced to goto the dark side “panini” or if there will ever be anything done. I can’t even go from selling packs to selling singles as pack prices are too high here and ordering online is either costly or they are out of stock also.


Maybe a good option for an ‘in memory of’ card in the next round of BOS cards would be an Ovechkin/Malkin card featuring the ceremonial faceoff from the Caps/Pens game in honor of Lokomotiv… and highlight the continued rivalry between those two teams.


When do these cards start being released?


I got wire card #106 Mark Messier with the NY Rangers on the front of the card, but on the back it says, “Edmonton Oilers” is this card an error card?


do any of the upper deck hologram cards have a substantial value?

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