Brag Photo: Paula’s Sports Cards in Hawaii Loves World of Sports


One of my favorite people in this industry is Paula Nakata of Paula’s Sports Cards Etc in Honolulu, Hawaii. She just always has a positive vibe to her and customers in Hawaii all love making their way to her shop. She has really created a great community in her shop and many collectors make it a point to visit her store if they ever vacation in Hawaii. Since she has such a strong following, collectors end up breaking a lot of boxes in her store. And the product they all seem to be enjoying right now is 2011 Upper Deck World of Sports.

We couldn’t be happier for Paula or her customers for having success with the product. It is definitely a different trading card release, but it offers a lot of exciting items for fans of all sports. At the low price per pack, it is pretty exciting to see some of the high-end cards that can be pulled. Usually we are showing off the cool cards and bragging about them here on our blog, this time it’s Paula’s turn. Check them out below:

An MVP candidate and some ladies with plenty of Olympic medals

From Michael Phelps to Sidney Crosby, there were plenty of happy collectors in Paula's after pulling these cards

This is a great example of one of the different kinds of cards available through World of Sports

Take a look at this beautiful autograph jersey card numbered to 25 of Derrick Rose who just beat the Heat last night

Oh Yeah! A Michael Jordan Autograph was pulled at Paula's!




Very nice, I pulled a Lebron Auto at Paula’s on my Honeymoon. She is very friendly and made me feel like I was at my local shop back in NY. Make sure if you ever make it to Honolulu, you stop by, you will not be disappointed. Even if you wanted to see the Tiger Woods Exquisite Jersey Auto and she mailed it out the morning you got there…lol.


Liking that Buffer/Couture cards. Pretty cool combo.


that d rose one is sick D ROSE FOR PREZ!

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