Brag Photo: T-Rex Tooth


One of the cooler items I’ve seen with the Brag Photo of the Week was the collection of dinosaur bones that came with the 2008-2009 Champs Hockey set. It was back in May that I held one of the fossils myself (not to mention a full spread of the dinosaur bone cards), but today I was made aware that the big one is still here: the Tyrannosaurus Rex tooth.


About 65 million years ago, if one of these dug into you, it’s a safe bet to say you were a goner. Luckily for us, the T-Rex is no longer with us, but we can still admire his (or her!) teeth from a safe vantage point.

The tooth by the way, and the card itself, are huge. Here’s a better shot to do this some justice:


The best part? Only one of these exists, and the redemption card for this one is still out there in a pack of 2008-2009 Champs Hockey . . . so you may want to pick up a few in hopes of having this brag item come into your possession.

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